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How to Care Syngonium Plant in Pots

In the name of ALLAH I am your host Aqdas Rehman Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider Today we will talk about the plant named as syngonium variegated syngonium is the common name also known as arrowhead vine plant and also known as Rabbit plant talk about this plant first of all talk about its soil let me tell you about the soil for this plant this plant like porous soil soil should be like if you water your plant then water should filter out and not stayed in the pot for a long time if water remains in the pot for a long time its roots will rot and damage the health of your plant beside the porous soil lets talk about the watering schedules of your plant this plant likes moisture more so keep the soil moist so don’t let the soil dry too much or too much soggy if you make soil more sogy if you make the soil too soggy and water stays in the pot for a long time then its roots start rotting and leaves start wilting and ultimately die and your plant will also die How we come to know that if we overwatered our plant if its leaves turning brown and fainted then it means we overwatered our plant see let me show you the leaves of my plant they are lush green and they white prominent lines this is the symbol of varigated plant this plant have other species as well in which leaves are more lush green and dark in color when you overwater your plant leaves will turn yellow and start wilting and ultimately die there are 2 reasons of yellowing of leaves either underwater or overwater or one more reason may be if you see your plants leaves are burning from sides from here and here then it means your plant is getting more direct sunlight and is placed in direct sunlight you should change its position and place it in shades This plant grows best in shades/indoors this plant doesn’t need direct sunlight but it needs Bright light it grows best in bright light and its leaves remain lush green the stems of this plant is lengthy you can see and grow upwards If you want to grow your plant like money plant and want to make vine of your plant then you can use moss stick let me show you I have tied at bottom a small stick type block with my plant with this the stems moved upwards Like money if you use moss stick in this plant then this plant will grow with the moss stick and grow upwards and your plant will get height too if you want to make your plant bushy and you want more leaves on the lower part then cut the heighted stems so that growth increases on the lower side and make a bushy feel of the plant Instead of all this if we talk about its repotting, the rooting system of this plant is very good its roots grows very well and are very dense if your plant is in container/pot then it grows very well in the same container for 2 years and after that you can move your plant to bigger size container to avoid root bounding root bounding may be one of the reasons of plants death it would be great if you repot your plant in spring season because in spring season there is no harm of exposing roots of this plant your plant starts its growth from where you repot it you can place your plant indoor as well as outdoors but don’t place outdoors in direct sunlight specially in summers in direct sunlight in summers its leaves start burning and your plant will not survive place indoors you can place on your office tables also on the tables at your home you can also make basket of this plant if you want to make hang basket then your plant should be bushy for bushy plants use the same way as I mentioned earlier that remove upper stems of the plant so that lower part have more growth so that your plant get bushy look what is the season of this plant? this is a perennial plant and has no specific season your this plant grow throughout the year if you don’t overwater it most harm for this plant is overwatering if we talk about insects attack no insects attack this plant if they do due to its sour leaves they run away leaves are not good in taste and its self defence mechanism is very strong it defend itself from insects and all diseases against mites as well and don’t let them to harm itself you should take care about the watering schedule of this plant better watering schedule better growth NO OVERWATERING at all water it after one day break if you have done overwatering and the soil of your plant is soggy my plant is dry because I have not watered it you can see it is completely dry I will water it today if you overwatered your plant and soil is soggy then what is the way you can save your plant the way is you need to cut down all the bigger leaves upper most leaves cut them and leave the new growth on lower side younger leaves leave them as it is you can see this is the tiny new leaf the older leaves are big in size left the young leaves behind and let it dry for sometime don’t water it again then your plant will revive again this is a hardy plant because of its strong rooting system and second things is insects don’t attack this plant much This is it for now in this video if you have some queries you can ask in comment box this is a good plant give a good look on your table and this is the good addition in your home should bring this home and take care of this plant related queries to this plant could be asked in comments I will reply your queries like, share this video and subscribe my channel Go Green, Pakistan Green!

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  1. I got a new plant. That is as big as my finger. I kept it in my office desk in a small pot with porous soil. I feel the leaves are turning yellow and i am not understanding how much water it needs. It is turning yellow because of low temperature?

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