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100 thoughts on “how I workout & stay healthy! GET FIT WITH ME ☆

  1. let’s talk about body confidence, your journey, & share any
    tips you have 🌟 love u guys!!! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

  2. The thing is I loooove healthy foods it’s not like I don’t like them or something it’s just I’ll eat them but then always & I mean ALWAYS also want a cookie loool sos

  3. Body confidence story:
    This really sucks because I have barely any. I've been hate my body for so long that i don't know what else to do anymore! I'm not fat I'm pretty skinny tbh and my relatives have been judge me for being so skinny or don't eat enough, my brother force me to eat sometimes (I was chewing and spitting my food), and yes I kinda am anorexic but my body confidence actually improved this week and it feels amazing to love every single part of you! And I love the fact that you are so confident and ily for this! Thanks for being a confident queen

  4. finally a fitness video by someone with a body type I can relate to :') and the realness of you obviously trying your best, exercising, eating well, but still loving those carbs and pizza and stuff is so refreshing! it's so exhausting feeling like you need to be as healthy as possible 24/7 every single time you eat, I needed this validation that trying my best IS good enough lol. love ya ava! <3

  5. After watching this, I went and did 50 jumping jacks, 50 sit-ups, and three one minute planks! Thanks for the inspiration! You’re amazing!

  6. I’ve been working a lot on my mindset and perspective and seeing how you live your life in the best interest of your self and your health helps me remember that being healthy looks different on everyone and that’s ok 🙂

  7. I've been dieting since the beginning of the year and I see no difference in my body or health. It's very frustrating. I don't know wtf to do to get in shape. Your videos are amazing. And yes, I'm crying while I type😞♥️

  8. Thank you for this love. I've never felt proud or happy of my body to the point where i just want to hide in big shirts or wear caps just to avoid comments from the people around me. In this process of loving myself and skin, i just want you to know that you're big part of it. You inspire me so much and your words comfort me. Thank you so much, my ball of sunshine!

  9. Smoothies aren’t very healthy for you unless u put better ingredients with the banana and that much peanut butter it’s going to spike ur blood sugar like crazy

  10. ava heres a tip please see this, if u use weights on the russian twists youll get bulky squared off waist. when doing waist workouts dont use weights cuz that builds muscle instead of slimming down love ur videos tho

  11. i lost 10 lbs by
    1. cutting out dairy
    2. only drinking water/coffee (no juice,soda)
    3. give into cravings once in a while and not punishing myself (leads to binge eating)
    4. comparing results to MY past self instead of others

  12. I'm learning how to be more confident with my body. My friends used to tell me I was skinny and it made me want to be more thick n more defined in a way. I was constantly looking at myself in the mirror wondering why cant I have the "perfect body". 3 years later im 19 and I am in love w myself n body. Peoples comments on my body do not bother me as much as it did back then. I'm always glad to hear someone's body positivity and how they overcame their insecurities. Spread positivity!

  13. I love how you’re all for the environment and promoting reef safe sunscreen, ocean bracelets, and using less plastic but I would love to see you branch out on environmentalism and maybe educate your viewers in shifting towards a more plant based diet and not support eating fish as when you eat fish a lot of sea turtles and other marine animals get caught as bycatch. A plant based diet is the best way a person can reduce their carbon footprint which I think is an extremely powerful message that needs to be spread. You could also do things like sponsorships with thred up instead of fabletics Bc fabletics is the definition of fast fashion as their business model revolves hooking the customers to buying new clothes every month which is extremely unsustainable. Thank you for using your platform for good, these are just some more tips 🙂

  14. PLS MAKE MORE VIDS LIKE THIS!!! or maybe what I eat in a day?! I just love how u keep things simple and healthy but make sure to treat urself and it’s definitely so motivating to see u get so excited to workout


  16. Yes! I love that you talk about having confidence in ones self since it's something that affects many of us. Love your vids btw 😁💕

  17. I absolutely LOVE everything about this video!! just the vibe and the way you talk and put it all out there with the confidence that you seem to have is AMAZING and it makes the whole video so easy to watch, I really needed this thank you, such a great job!!!

  18. I love all the talk about self love and confidence! And I love that you don't workout to lose weight, or to break yourself to society's insane idea of perfect. You are an inspiration <3

  19. have u ever thought about making a video in which you try the curly girl method? I'm really curious about how your hair would look if you tried that since you seem to have naturally kinda wavy hair

  20. Just a tip I noticed that I have a very square body shape. I was there too! Some things that helped me with slimming down my waist was vacuums (you can look them up on YouTube) and also I learned that doing crunches does not give you abs. It actually causes a muscle in balance which causes your waist to get wider. i really enjoyed the message in this video!

  21. I love that you said "I know I'll never be a size small".
    I am not skinny, but even if I was, I'm hella tall so a size small probably would never fit correctly.. I'm not built like the skinny tiktok girls that have a waist smaller than my future, so I know I'll never look like that and you know, I'm 100% fine with that.

  22. I’ve struggled with confidence both body-wise & just personally for a while so it’s SO refreshing to find someone literally the same age as me with a similar body type & personality as mine! & thinking how stinking cute & relatable you are! 💗

  23. woman: dont go to the gym because they feel insecure about sweating and not looking their best
    ava: "my favourite thing to do is sweat"
    u go girl!~

  24. I basically was anorexic. I was losing weight like crazy, but my mental was falling together with my kilos. Then I started to realise that I wasn't getting any skinnier because my body is built to be slim-thicc. And my thighs can't be super lean because of my DNA. It was so painful to starve myself and dream about food al the time. Right after I decided to stop starving, I started binging. Now I am somehow in a balance, but I still have days when I starve ot binge. Anyways, please, if anyone is watching this, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. IT IS RUINING YOU METABOLISM. Try to rise the number of calories with healthy snacks, and your metabolism will get pretty fast. Please love your body the way it is.

  25. also im 13, and like I use to drink so little water, till the point my lips were so dry, I got so annoyed… so I started drinking like alot of water

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