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How Energy Medicine Can Heal and Revitalize Your Health | Donna Eden

Our bodies already know how to heal themselves. We’ve become disconnected further and further over probably a few hundred years actually, but more so in this last several decades. People go to doctors, go to Western medicine and have gotten used to just taking a pharmaceutical off the shelf and taking it for a headache or when they don’t feel well. But the problem with that is, the more you take a medicine, a drug, the more your body begins to rely on it and forgets how to heal itself. It knows how but then those very medicines get in the way. They interfere. They are in some ways a side effect of your natural healing ability. It’s not that energy medicine replaces Western medicine. Western medicine is one of the most amazing developments that any culture has never come up with. But when you bring the energies of the body in to meet with the understanding of physiology, you have a combination that really gets to the heart of the illness, that really get to the heart of healing. And so we’re very excited to be bringing the energy dimension back into human healing. Being out of balance energetically doesn’t mean that you have clinical symptoms. It doesn’t mean that you can point to this is what’s wrong, but it does mean is that you don’t have your full vitality, you don’t have the mental clarity that you are meant to have. So, to begin to work at the energetic level, it doesn’t need to start with something being wrong. It’s a way to make what already is better. One of the things about energy medicine is that you come home to yourself. You get on your own rhythm. You start getting more and more vitality, more and more aliveness, and life becomes more exciting. Life becomes really something you can fall in love with because it is thrilling and empowering to know you can heal yourself. And everybody can. There is no exception to that and all of this is very simple. It is user-friendly. I am still doing this today because I know I need energy medicine. I was very ill. I grew up with a lot of elements from tuberculosis to being allergic to everything under the Sun. I mean there was very few things that I could eat. By the time I was 16. I had multiple sclerosis. It just got worse and worse over the years. And by the time I was 27 I had a heart attack. And that was about the same time that I lost more and more energy in my legs and couldn’t walk very well and sometimes couldn’t walk at all. All my organs were breaking down and I had asthma. I could hardly walk outside without having an asthma attack. And I had five different specialists tell me that I wasn’t going to make it. That I was not going to live and something happened to me on that fifth doctor. It is hard to explain. I think it must have been, I don’t know, some kind of spiritual awakening. I thought, I’m going to heal myself, and I knew I was. In some ways, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, it truly was. If you learn the simple techniques and tools to help your body not only get healthier and more vital, it is no longer as susceptible to getting sick. It sort of evolves. It gets stronger and stronger so that you genuinely like getting older. And we live in a culture where people are afraid of aging and this is a wonderful thing for that because you can have the energy you had when you were very young when you are much older. I invite you to open in a way that your energies will expand and you will feel empowered.

23 thoughts on “How Energy Medicine Can Heal and Revitalize Your Health | Donna Eden

  1. 👍👍👍💜💜💜💜💜☝️You both are wonderful!!Living for the Healing off all Humanity!That our Future,heal one self!!Amasing may all the Love you give,return to you in many ways

  2. I am very upset and disappointed. THIS MIND VALLEY SITE IS NOT SECURE LISTEN UP EVERYONE! My Kaspersky went NUTS and I could not access the webinar at all when I tried because there was a super warning attached to it my Kaspersky alerted me. You know as a SIRIAN empath, psychic and former massage therapist fitness trainer reiki one and natural light worker I abhor deception! Now I am leery of this website because I signed up for a free class and could not access it so what if I had taken my social security money and purchased a course? Donna and David probably don't KNOW that their site is not secure but if they do know it and someone did not have Kaspersky then that would be bad KARMA if someone's PC was compromised … not good for a healer to have that on their Karma so my suggestion is to fix that issue I refuse to attend until it is…Thank you for doing so in advance I really wanted to attend but was shut out when I tried to go to the webinar my Kaspersky set off red alerts captain!

  3. Which part of you needs healing the most? Share in the comments below.

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  4. Mind Valley….when Ive tried to sign up for your Master Class with Donna Eden and I choose the time…..Now…it just jumps the screen back to the beginning and nothing happens.

  5. Hi Donna. My ancestors passed down 5K yrs. of practice in the Chinese tradition. We are connected to our body/Chi. Prevention is the core value in Chinese medicine. Chi Kung and Tai Chi are among a couple of 'self care' methods.

  6. I do energy medicine. Homeopathy, acupuncture, Qigong etc. no help. How am I to know your way is better? Fibromyalgia, IBS, insomnia, nocturnal headaches, depression, anxiety, and the beat goes on. I would love a response

  7. These beings are an artificial emulation of humans. It is quite possible that they are actually objects.

  8. I have vitiligo for 20yrs. and have done so much treatment for it. but still its increasing. plz plz if u have a cure for it then plz plz make a video for how to heal it through energy

  9. This is great everyone needs to learn about our chakras and how to fix our energies when they get out of line. NOBODY understands how much the brain can do, we were made to heal ourselves but over hundreds of thousands of years we have forgotten that. why is he doing the sign of illuminati ??

  10. Hi Donna! I am glad that you are doing this for everyone! ALL PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW HOW TO BRING MORE JOY AND HEALING INTO THEIR LIVES! I have learned It is not through chasing after ones desires or appetites…. thinking by accumulating more things {whatever they maybe} WILL MISTAKINGLY BRING THEM THE HAPPINESS THEY SEEK. ….not knowing that HAPPINESS AND JOY LIE WITHIN OUR MINDS AND BODIES! I also HEAR YOU! i too suffered crippling ASTHMA AS A CHILD. i AM NOW A SENIOR, PARTLY RETIRED. i BELIEVE I HEAR GOD'S VOICE IN SILENCE. mAYBE HE LED ME TO YOU! pEOPLE CALL ME A SPIRITUAL NUT….BUT I DON'T CARE! i BELIEVE I WAS A TAOIST IN A PAST LIFE FOR I AM REALLY INTERESTED IN ENERGY WORK AND THE SECRETS OF ALCHEMY AS THEY PERTAIN TO THE BODY AND MIND. I STUDY THE BOOKS OF MANTAK CHIA. i CAN'T AFFORD THE COURSES. ARE you a Pisces (people who like to HELP OTHERS) or an Aquarian (the great Humanitarians)? I hope you are not a Spiritual Materialist? As i said above i can't afford courses, however, in the near future I hope to make more money selling my Steiner-like watercolours. So who knows??? PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH WHATEVER YOU CAN! i AM TRULY INTERESTED! i AM DEEPLY SORRY I MISSED your FREE INTRO TODAY. i WILL HAVE TO RESCHEDULE

  11. Many continued blessings Donna & David. Gratefull for your reminders on revitalization. 💙😊 I have been doing your 10 min routine for 18 months now with miraculous results. 🤗🤗 Amazing how our bodies are designed to heal ourselves, and our minds can create and manifest any reality with intention… Believing is Receiving. Peace, Love & Light to ALL.

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