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3 thoughts on “Hospital Mom Hacks – Giving Meds via GTube.

  1. Thank you both! As of Dec 17 2016 my daughter is finally off all meds! (After on meds for 3 years). With the syrup like ones I would check with her doctors if I could dilute them or mix them with something that would help them flush better through the tube. But she has had a strict diet so quite often I would push/pull the syringe to get the med through. Giving her the syringe to suck on finally paid off! At the age of 2 1/2 years my daughter started taking meds by mouth!

  2. I like how you give your daughter a empty syringe to help making it maybe just a little bit easier when I comes to further oral medications

  3. That's how I label my sons meds too. I couldn't see urs but I found that some paper tape on top and I can write the med letter better. Are any of her meds thick like syrup? If so do you do anything different with those?

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