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Homeopathy’s Guiding Principles

Unlike most conventional medicines today, Homeopathy is based on two guiding principles. The first one, is “like cures like.” That’s known as the principles of similars. The second principle is the “minimum dose.” and this describes the use of minute doses of medicine. Just enough to stimulate the body’s natural defenses. Researches show that your body heals best when its given medicines that it recognizes as similar to whatever is causing the illness. This idea, this principle of similars is the entire basis for Homeopathy. Simply put, Homeopathy identifies substances that cause a specific symptom in a healthy person. and then uses those substances to cure the same symptoms in a sick person. Like cures like. For example, a healthy person is chopping up a red onion to make dinner. that causes her eyes to sting. They turn red her nose runs. Now, a person who has allergies to pollen also expierences red eyes and a runny nose. So, the homeopathic medicine made from the red onion, may relieve the symptoms of the person suffering from the allergies. Another way that it’s different is that homeopathy applies the principle of similars with the minimum dose approach. In homeopathy, medicines are given using tiny micro doses of active ingredients. With conventional medicines its believed that higher dosage increases effectiveness. For example, the more conventional medicine sleeping pills you take, the more groggy and sleepy you would expect to feel. On the other hand, homeopathic medicine is believed to be more powerful when its active ingredient is diluted. Now since they use active ingredients in micro doses, homeopathic medicines are generally not as toxic as conventionalmedicines. And they have a high margin of safety.

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  1. Try homeopathy–you'll like it. The medicine of the 21st century discovered 200 years ago. Light years ahead of what we've been using — guaranteed!

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