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homeopathical   how to take a homeopathic medicine

Hi, I’m Alastair Hay and I help people get
well and I help people stay well using homeopathic medicines. So, I’m also known as homeopathicAL.
What I thought I’d explain to you today is actually how you take a homeopathic medicine,
since it’s not quite the same as when you take a conventional medicine, so instead of
putting a tablet in your mouth, swallowing it and following it with a glass of water,
what you instead is this… homeopathic remedies… what I used to do is carry then around with
me as a home-visiting homeopath and essentially I was the travelling pharmacy which… is
a bit tedious. So what I do now is write a homeopathic prescription out for someone and
you would order the homeopathic remedies probably from one of two pharmacies. One is… can
you read that?… that’s Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy one would be either from there or
you’d order them from Ainsworth’s Homeopathic Pharmacy. People are quite surprised that
it’s a pharmacy that you get the remedies from rather than me making it in my shed.
The homeopathic medicines have to meet MHRA guidelines and they are medicines… and the
people who manufacture homeopathic medicines are pharmacists. But the way in which you
take a homeopathic medicine is like this. I’m going to demonstrate by doing it myself.
I’m not actually going to take a remedy that’s got a name on it this is actually just blank
tablets so that I’m not actually taking a dose of medicine ‘cos I don’t a homeopathic
medicine right now despite what people might think! So, I’ve taken the lid off, I’m gonna
tip one tablet into the lid, which isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do cos as you can see
loads have come out… erm… and you tip… I’ve just dropped one as well… and this
is the tricky bit… that’s the tablet in there and i stick that underneath my tongue
and leave it to dissolve. Just like that and it’s underneath my tongue and I’m not going
to prove it by showing you! That’s how you take a homeopathic tablet… and ideally you
wait 15 minutes before taking the tablet 15 minutes after the tablet for taking anything
else, that includes food, drink, brushing your teeth and any other medications you may
be taking and obviously follow the directions that’s been prescribed to you by your homeopath.
So, if you see ill people today, think of Alastair Hay… Thank you.

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