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homeopathic Treatment For Depression and Anxiety – घबराहट का इलाज इन हिंदी

Hello friends.Welcome to my channel,
I am homeopathic consultant and today I am going to talk about homeopathic medicines for depression. I will tell you what is depression what are the reasons for that and specially I will tell you the Top five medicines that are homeopathic First of all I am going to tell you what is depression.Nowadays the rate of depression has increased so much . according to a survey 30 million americans take anti-depression pills. so it has spread so much that to cure depression fast, medicine are taken which have many side effects so to day I am going to tell you the symptoms for depression.So symptoms for depression If you thought about yourself and have not diagnosed but if you feel like this then you should realise that your depression has initiated. And please take only homeopathic treatment because you will be relaxed after you take the medicine. and you will not find any side effects.So first I will talk about how you generally feel when you are depressed.The most what you feel is you feel very low,or you are very sad so feeling low,and being always sad you do not feel like doing any work are if you are lazy to do any work and you do not have any interest in the work though you know that it is a very important work be it a house work or your office work but you are not at all interested in the work that you do and you feel hopelessness you give up hopes and think that nothing is going to work but though it is a easy task but you give up hope and along with this you feel guilty for somethings. If you said something to someone and then you start feeling guilty which is normally not necessary to feel guilty. but you feel guilty.So all these are things that happen when they are depressed. Normal person also has these all things but it is not much and it is it happens for few days you think about it for 2-3 days and then you forget about it. but people who suffer from depression they take these things very seriously and always think about it and along with that they are restless and are always irritated.they get angry very soon. It might happen that after the anger is gone they might feel guilty about it . that they were not suppose to be so angry about it and guilt builds up,so these are depression symptoms and along with that your sleep is also disturbed Either the person wants to sleep for hours feels like sleeping always and stay in a room and lock myself but he is afraid of his loneliness and there is grief. But he likes being alone. The patient thinks that being alone is better and the weeping tendency incraeses.

100 thoughts on “homeopathic Treatment For Depression and Anxiety – घबराहट का इलाज इन हिंदी

  1. I have been advised to take passifiya and kali phos for my anxiety symptoms like negative thinking, lack of sleep, too much anger. Please suggest if these are right medicine

  2. Mam me pichle 2 saal se depression ki medicine le rha hu elopathic esse me thik to hu par mera pet bahut khrb rheta hai mam kya me elopathic na lekr hemopathik medicines le skta hu mam pls reply me

  3. कृपया आप अपना फोन नम्बर मुझे भेजे
    व क्लीनिक का पता: भी लिखे

  4. Madam mujhe depression ki bimari hai mai ek ladki se bahut pyar karta tha or wo mujhe chodke chali gayi uske baad mai depression me chala gaya

  5. This is not the way to guide patients. You are just reading the symptoms and remedies from google. And attracting consumers to get paid consultatation from you. Whats the guarantee that anything will work. This is not exact science. Same remedy helpful in one maybe be useless in other person.

  6. Mam mujhy ghabrat hoti fear hota koi bhi thought mind main ruk jata hai aur ghabrat hone lagti h aur lagta h main pagal ho jao gy

  7. Due to genetic issue; I am facing sadness & depression for many years. Right now I taking Rescue Remedy 30 ch (2 drops – 3 times) and Argentum Nitricum 30 ch (2 drops – 3 times).

  8. Taking medicines aloephathy like clonzepam 0.50 MG & tophisopam 50 MG & vizadone 50 MG. Under doctor guideline. Any medicine in homeopathy like that? Without any side effects. Reduce or stop tacking medicines without any problems in body & mind?

  9. Madam meri wife ko bht depression hy.negative thinkings…agitative..hy..sleeplessness bhi.hy koi medicine tajweez karain plz

  10. हम भी डिप्रेशन महसूस कर रहे हैं हमे उदासी, डर, निगेटिव सोच, बहुत सोचता रहता हूँ हेल्प me

  11. Dr Sahiba, aap ki video bohat achi lagi
    But agar medicines k names bhi screen pe write kiye jate tou video aur bhi achi ho jati


  12. Madam God bless for such good lectures. I am suffering from depression. Plz suggest some good medicine and also some practical steps. Thanks I am waiting. WhatsApp 03349240280

  13. Hi Mam मुझे 1 साल से नींद की परेशानी है, ठीक से नींद नहीं आती है पूरी रात जगा रहता था तो पहले मै पतंजली स्टोर से दिव्य मेधा वटी की टैबलेट लिया था उससे कुछ दिन तक आराम मिला फिर उसके बाद कुछ दिन के बाद फिर से नींद की परेशानी आने लगी और रात में 1-2 घंटे ही सोता हूँ जिसके कारण मेरा सिर भी भारी लगता है सिर दर्द भी रहता है दिमाग शांत नही रहता है कुछ न कुछ चलता रहता है अभी कुछ दिन पहले होम्योपैथी में दिखाया तो कुछ होमियो की सफेद गोली और omeo sleep drop दिया गया अभी पहले से तो आराम है लेकिन रात को 1-2 बजे नींद खुल जाता है सुबह तक जगा रहता हूँ। दिमाग को कितना भी एकाग्र करने की कोशिश करता हूँ पर एकाग्र नहीं होता हैं plz कोई अच्छी दवा बताये मैं बहुत परेशान रहता हूं ।

  14. I have experiencing of the symtoms that you have said for few months now. I have sleep disorder and bronchial asthma. Can you suggest me meds and doze? Are you available for consultation? Which city? Thanks.

  15. Mam आप ने old depression की जो दवाई बतियि है उसकी spelling किया है plz

  16. Mam I feel work stress irritation negative repeated thougts sleepless and chest pain due to anxiety. Plz advice me

  17. Madam Meri bhabhi ko post partum pychosis huwa Hain Kya homeopath main koi combination medicines Hain ya phir mother tincture mix karke le sakte hain

  18. Madam mujhe 2 year se depression hai aur mera pet hamesha gud gud karta hai gas banta hai .jab depression kidawa khata hu to mujhe aram rahta hai .alopathy dawa clotuse beta,zolcare,estilo yahi dawa chalti hai.dr dawa bataeye please

  19. Mam main 12 years se mirgi ki medicine le rahi hu….but koi fayda nahi h…allopathic medicine

  20. Mam my age is 50+ I m taking anti depression allopathy treatment but I m not at all satisfied actually I started this treatment just
    2 month back, I started this treatment bcuse I was feeling diff in talking ,i.e I was feeling low pitch voice and stammering

  21. HOMEOPATHY myt control depression or anxiety bt cannot cure yeh meine padha hain ritu jain mada G

  22. Madum namaste Sabse pehle me aap ko apni problem ke baare me batata hu mam mera recently AIIMS ka elaj chal Raha hai psychiatry ka meeri problem ye hai me soochta bahut hu muje negative thoughts bahut aate hai muje memory loos ki bhi problem ho gayi hai aur mam mera sleeping schedule bhi sahi nahi hai muje raat me neend nahi aati aur din me neend aati hai kuch Kam kerne ko Dil nahi kerta most imp mam ye problem muje 8 ya 9 saalo se hai madum treatment bataye please

  23. मुजे रात को नींद नहीं आती है और दीन मे बहोत नीद आती है विडीयो मे जोबी बताया है सब मुझे होता है

  24. Mem health ke baare me mann mind sochta rehta hai baar baar ek hi jagsh per dhyaan jata hai or do mann chalte hai bicharo ki chain lag jati hai

  25. Mam mera mood low to nahi rahta par kabhi high feel nahi karta hai Kam mein interest nahi aata hai mentally fress energetic feel nahi karta hai upay bataye

  26. Mam muje negative thoughts aate rehate hai i can't controlled them… To usaki vajah se darrr badh jata hai….. Suggest something about this

  27. Mam mai 2008 say depression may hu. Ab bardasht nhi hota.
    Can u send me your hospital address. 09992078063 my ph number. I need your help

  28. Mujhe nid nahi aa rahi thi to maine homiopaithic doctor ke pass gaya do budd dava pillayi aur kaha ki jayo ak week nid ayegi aur ak week achchhe se soya par usne bava ka name nahi bataya mai us dava ka name janna chahta hu please bataye

  29. इतनी अच्छी जानकारी के लिए धन्यवाद।
    मुझे बताये – अचानक गन्दी बातें बड़बड़ाना , गुस्सा , चिड़चिड़ाना , एक ही बात दोहराने , घबराहट की दवा आभारी रहूँगा। AK Jain

  30. Mam meny 15 saal ki umar say hastmsthun kiya tha ab 23 saal ka hu jiski vjha may depresn may rhata hu aur mera ling khda nahi hota viry ptala ho gya plz help me mam.

  31. Explanation is good but surprisingly u have not explain dosage of any medicine so sorry to say this is incomplete information

  32. Mem jo bhi mann me health ke baare me soch hoti hai toh toh wahi hone lagta hai or ek hi topic per baarbaar dhyaan jata hai dhyaan nahi hata pata hu jaise ki maan lo ughe mann me bichar aaya ki mughe ghabrahat ho rahi hai toh is topic per baar baar dhyaan jata hai or dinbhar isi me laga rahuga medicin bataye

  33. mam, sirf exam se phle ek baar leni h roj roj nhi leni
    aesi jis se koi nervous painic nhi ho or mind relex rhe

    plz mam reply

  34. Mam meri mother ko problem hai unka dil bahot zyada ghabrata din mai kai baar esa hota hai . Neend km aati hai .. dr. Ne etizolam di hui hai wo lassy ho gai hai . Age 65. 5 year se hai ye problem aapki video dekh kr mene unko kaliphos 6x start ki hai . Pls reply me

  35. Mam mein 4 year se pareshan hon ghar ki kuch pareshani aur jada sochna kisi kuch bol diya to unki baton ko fir अंदर अन्दर Man rolena fir nid ni ati gusaa bahut ata hai 4year ho jab se ye hi h..please help me.

  36. Madem ji mera jaldi jhadta nahi hai..bahut treetment karvaya pr prblm bani rahti hai wife ko isse bahut dikkt hoti hai koi upay ho to jarur batanye pls

  37. Did I me 10 year say antidepressant use Kar raha ho but in vain isi waja say mughay cholestrol. Sugar bhi ho gai ha aur nend k liay bhi medicine use karta sari alopathic Lata hn married hn 3 baby hay kuch kam karnay ki himat ha kya koi homeopathic medicine ha jis say alopathy bhi choot Jaye aur me theek bhi ho jao

  38. Mam*… 2 saal pahle jb mai *22 yrs ka tha tb testosterone total ka report 164ng/dl tha..abhi mai 24 yrs ka hun fir maine testosterone free & total check kraya to free ka 3.44 pg/ML aur total 156 ng/dl aaya h.. kya iska koi treatment h..? Testosterone free test report me increase level : androgen resistance, Cushing's disease, congenital adrenal hyperplasia diya h aur decrease level : hypogonadism, p450c17 enzyme deficiency diya h .. Clinical use: To assess androgen status in male hypogonadism . Likha h… Mujhe gynecomastia aur hair falling ki bhi problems h..mai apke clinic aa jau ya koi medicine bta skte hain mam…. thankyou

  39. Mam… Mein bohot depression mein rehe ta hu. I feel phobia and panic attacks…. Life is so painful. Breathing problems. Anxiety etc. Please tell me what can i do. I want to cure is fully. Please mam help me…..

  40. मेरी उम्र 33 साल है वजन 75 किलो है, मे शुद्ध शाकाहारी हूँ और किसी प्रकार का नशा नहीं करता, मैं 2 साल से एलोपैथिक की डिप्रेशन की, टेंशन की, हेडेक की, और याददाश्त की दवाई ले रहा हूं लेकिन अब मैंने बंद कर दी कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ रहा था
    कृपया करके आप मुझे मार्गदर्शन करें, लेकिन अब मैं किसी के कहने से "बकोपा मोनियरी 2-tab 2-time और काली फॉस 6x, 2-tab 2-time दवाई ले रहा हूं 20 दिन से अभी कोई रिजल्ट नहीं मिल रहे,
    कृपया आप अच्छी दवाई बताएं जिसे खाकर मेरे मन और तन तंदुरुस्त Active रहे

  41. Mam, why does a person get oral problems such as dry mouth, etc from homeo sweet pills and if one cannot take sweet pills what are other mediums?

  42. Dear madam mujhe anxiety disorder hai aur iski vajah se kam bhi nahi kar pa raha hu 4 mahine se ghar par hi hu..please help me ….

  43. Sir head spining hota hai fear of falling har waqat aisa lagta hai jesy girr jao behosh hojao gaa ya marr jao ga bechaini lagi rehti negative sochta rehta hu travel se bht darr lagta hai kisi car bus ya train main nhe beth skta lift se croud place narrow place noise se b bht darr lagta hai

  44. Hello mam mujhe problem ye hai Mai sochta bohat hu kisi Kam Mai Dil nahi lagta neend bohat Kam ATI hai kisise bat kerne ka Dil nahi kerta hai or Mai vehem bohat kerta hu her bat ka mujhe koi achchi medicine bataiye Abhi Mai tranquil use ker Raha hu kya ye medicine mere liye sahi hai

  45. Madam mujhe abhi depression mein hun main Sarkari aspataal Mein karvaya Tha to madam ne bola tha ki aap depression mein

  46. mam i m suffering with depression since 5 years and taking allopathy medicine antidepressants but i want to turn into homeopathy my symptoms is
    panic attack
    loss of memory
    concentration problem
    negative thoughts
    social unwanted fears at outside home
    and fast heartbeat
    plz suggest me medicine

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