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Homeopathic Prophylaxis, Vaccinations, AIDS, Provings

So, I want to talk to you… about what is called lately
homeoprofphylaxis. I want to talk to you… and clarify certain issues
concerning homeoprophylaxis. I will tell you. There is… There is a general idea of Arnica
being used before an operation… and after an operation. Many people say “I am going
to have a tooth extraction. ” Okay. Take Arnica first so you
don’t have much bleeding… and then take Arnica
afterwards. This is entirely wrong. Why? Why? Because we use Arnica… as a blood thinning.
Thinning of the blood. So if you have a clot of blood
Arnica dissolves this… by thinning the blood. When you have a blow and there
is an extravasation of blood… it is blue and the blood
has created a clot… you give Arnica
and like a miracle… this is dissolved. This is dissolved, why? Because Arnica
is acting like cumarin. You know “Cumarin”? Cumarin is a blood anticoagulant. Like Cumarin
and like Marcumar. Yes. This is the homeopathic. That means Arnica is
contraindicated before operation. Because when you have Arnica
and you operate… you are going
to have more blood. You see the craziness
of some people. Not only that. But you may get… Some people say “We had tried and
researched and we have found out… ” “… that Arnica helps”. How they found out that Arnica
helps is another story. You can make a research
and prove whatever you like. The fact remains that when
you have a heart attack… that means that a blood clot
is closing an artery… then the first remedy
that you will give is Arnica. To do what? To act as an anticoagulant and
even faster that an anticoagulant. Do you understand
some misunderstandings? Now… The Times of London wrote
an article three months ago. They say “Homeopathy
voodoo medicine”. Why? The journalist writes
“Listen to this. ” “Homeopaths claim
that they can give a remedy… ” “… as a prophylactic… ” “… to different epidemic diseases”. How come is this?
Of course, because… some people have written
books, articles etc… saying… we have the possibility to give
a remedy as a prophylaxis. That means,
I give you a remedy… and if, let us say… an epidemic comes… like smallpox… you are protected. You believe, you are protected. How is this? When I asked “What is your reason
for writing this and saying this?” And the Times take this and write
that you are voodoo medicine? What is your reason
for believing… that giving a remedy
let us say Thuja or whatever… Morbillinum… that it will protect you
when the epidemic will come. He said
“Yes, but Hahnemann said… ” “… that when there was an epidemic
of scarlet fever during that time… ” “… he gave Belladonna
as a prophylactic… ” “… so the people would be protected
from scarlet fever”. See now, the misunderstanding
of what Hahnemann said… and how this has been
misinterpreted… and presented as a possibility
that we have for a prophylaxis. What happened
with Hanneman’s idea? Hahnemann saw that a lot of people
who’s getting a scarlet fever… they needed Belladonna. So he thought
why not giving Belladonna… to everybody so we may have
less casualties. He thought… He thought
he was doing a prophylaxis. What he was doing
was giving a remedy… in the beginning
of the scarlet fever… so the scarlet fever
would not developed fully. It was a curative action
of Belladonna during the epidemic. During the epidemic… the genius of the epidemic… that means the remedy that was
mostly indicated in that epidemic… was Belladonna. If you give Belladonna
and you take Belladonna… now the epidemic is raging
you give Belladonna… you know the epidemic… you know that the remedy
is very much indicated… those people who would develops
symptoms of Belladonna… only these people
will have a milder attack. That means the moment
the symptoms come… the remedy comes and cures. It cures you from the beginning. This is totally different than saying
that we give you a remedy… and you are protected from smallpox
from chicken pox, mumps… from whatever you like. We can be protected against
everything by some people. This is not so. Why?
I will explain to you. Immediately. You see the action of a remedy… is when only the symptoms
are similar to the remedy. So you give the remedy, symptoms
are similar, they are gone. Cured. If the symptoms are not the same… and you give a remedy
totally out… what you give? It is like giving a wrong medicine
to a patient. What is going to happen?
Nothing. The patient comes back
and says “I feel nothing”. So this is the second possibility. You give first cure because it fits. Second possibility
you give, no effect. How many patients come back
and say “I do not feel anything”. Because you have given
the wrong medicine. Third possibility is that you give a
remedy that was close to the case… and in such a case you create
a little bit of disturbance. That means either the symptoms
are going away for a while… or you have a proving.
What is called “proving of a remedy”. But when we say
a proving of a remedy… and say to the people
“come and have a proving”… “don’t be afraid”.
What we are saying? We say that the effect of the proving
will go away within a month or two. You have no problem in doing. We accept from one side
therefore… that the action
of a wrong remedy… you do a proving
is not your remedy. The action of the wrong remedy… is only passing away
if there is any effect at all. So how can one maintain, claim… that by giving you a remedy today… the next year when
the epidemic will come… you will be protected. And I said to them “If you have
said this to some people… ” “… and the epidemic comes
and the child dies… ” “… what you are going to say?” “We are going to say that all
vaccinations are not 100%”. “So our vaccination is not 100%”. You see how easy it is
to get away… from very logical arguments… that can cause tremendous problems
for the prestige of homeopathy. By having these crazy ideas
circulating. I say “Ok, you want
to try to protect. Ok”. “Wait until he epidemic is there. ” “Then find after
your ten first cases… ” “… which are the remedies mostly
running through the epidemic… ” “… and you will found out
that this ifnluenza is Gelsemium”. Ok. If you like you can give
during the epidemic… you can give the Gelsemium… and if people develops
symptoms of Gelsemium… they will have
very little effect. Because they will be taken
the Gelsemium. But you cannot say i will give
you today a Gelsemium… and the influenza will not catch you
next year, next month… or in three months from now
or whenever the epidemic comes. But listen now. The Times wrote… “Listen what these crazy people
voodoo people are saying”. That we have an alternative
to vaccination. Now let us come to the idea
of the vaccination… as is practiced
in the general medicine. What is the idea? The idea is we introduce… the vaccine,
what ever is the epidemic… and the organism
is producing antibodies… which then come to fight
the real epidemic when it comes. This is the idea. In my book… “The Science of Homeopathy” not everybody knows the book
but that doesn’t matter. You can read it. You can read it later on. There is a chapter on vaccination. I have written this book in 1976. And still this idea is valid today. What I wrote during that time? I wrote that…
I made full analysis… who is going to be protected
and how is going to be protected. I let you read it
but i will say only this. That if a person is really protected
that means… the vaccination brought down
his immune system. Broke down the immune system
and brought down his health… and therefore after that, the
specific epidemic cannot affect you. Why? Because now you have
made him chronically ill. If you make a person
chronically ill according to the… to the teachings… he cannot anymore develop any
infectious disease with high fever. There is no power in the organism. What I want first of all
you to understand… is that homeopathy
has not that possibility… to make you so sick
with a remedy… that you cannot get
the disease. This is a mechanism,
a simple mechanism. If you manage to bring down
the organism… then you will be protected
from acute diseases. But you have to bring it down,
break down his immune defenses. You have to do it
in order to protect. Can we with homeopathy
claim to do this? No. The only thing we can claim is that
during the epidemic we give a remedy. The other is total craziness,
nonsense etc. And should not be publicly claimed. Where are the double blind tests
to find out who was protected… and who was not protected? And that makes me very angry.
Why? Because it comes back to me. Because I’m dealing with
universities and medical schools. And say “What are you saying?” My idea is that certain people
are prone to have a big reaction… with the conventional
vaccination. And a lot autistic children
that we have today… is the result of vaccinations. Therefore my idea is before
you vaccinate… find out whether that child… complies with the parameters… that should tell you
don’t vaccinate that child. Because is going to have a tremendous
problem if you vaccinate. If we do research
we have the brains… we have the means
to do research… to find out which are
these parameters… that are not allowed
for a child to be vaccinated. Otherwise we will have a problem.
The child would have a problem. And then let these children, because
the after effects of vaccinations… if you weight them… in the general population… Let us say you vaccinate the
whole six billion people living today. You manage to bring down
their health. What are you going to do? You are going to do a kind of… creating a race… which is going to be forever… chronically ill
more and more and more. And no healthy people
will ever be left in this planet. “But they live longer now”. Yes, they live longer but what is
the quality of life which we live? Is this quality of life
that we live longer… which will bring us
all these wars? Crazy minds. So, unless… Why do I say that? Because some of you
are going to say “Wait a moment”. “What are we doing?” ‘We don’t want to vaccinate
until to find out… ” “… if my child can be vaccinated”. “Because my child is going
to be vaccinated… ” “… and become autistic,
I don’t want it”. “If the epidemic comes… ” “… and if it is his carma, let him
have and then treat the child”. “Once the child is sick
you treat the child”. The argument is “but the poliomyelitis
was killing a lot of people… ” “… and paralyzed, etc, etc”. Yes, but they did not have
homeopathy. They did not have
any means to fight. But this is not homeoprophylaxis. It is homeocuring. Not homeoprophylaxis. Is curing with homeopathy. What I say is to find out… we have to find out whether
a child would be vaccinated… and not have a dramatic
effect on his health. There are certain signs
that we can observe in a child… in which will say if the child has
these signs, should be excluded. There are some signs… that we can be find out
if we really do research on these. And find out which are the children. For instance,
take all the autistic children… which came after vaccination. And take a very detailed
report from the mother… on how was behaving
the child before. This is one research. And you may find out that all
these children had a common factor. So you say, well, let’s see,
if this is responsible etc. But today genetics
have progressed quite a lot. So if in the genes, in DNAs
you find a predisposition… for a neuromuscular disorder
like etc, etc… you must say this child should
not take polio vaccination. These kind of things.
There are a lot of measures… that can be taken. So what are the rules of remedy… that we say after effects
of vaccination and Silica. To bring back the balance… that means the person whom
you treated… he can again be infected
by the disease… from which supposed
to be protected. If you really can cure him… then you make him again
sensitive to the original… disease, epidemic disease… from which was supposed
to be protected. These are facts. Whether we like it or not… is another story. These are the facts. You would say, OK, you imagine… you imagine, a world
with healthy people. And some of them they
have to die because… of some weaknesses, deficiencies
on their immune system… some of them
they have to die perhaps early. And all the others
they live in a healthy state. Do you know,
I mean, if you analyze… if you analyze
why this has happened… why this phenomenon has happened
where we “save me, save me”… “Save my life, whatever,
give me an injection”. Now is coming the bird flu. They sold out all the vaccinations. “Give me a vaccination
to save my life from bird flu”. Nobody actually
was falling down sick… because we cannot
infected actually. Behind all this
is the fear of death. Behind all this
is our fear of dying. Why? Because we have
not being educated at all… what is the meaning of life and
what is the meaning of death. We don’t know.
We know the unknown… “I am going to die, I’m going
to go, where I go?” and all these kind of things. And then you rush
to save your life… and during this rush,
on the rush, you kill yourself. You know how many people… sometimes the patients
they rush to save their lives. I just had a…
I may read it to you. A person dying in Sweden.
He is dying. And they wanted me to treat him. I said “come here” but he is in
his last days and cannot travel. Because cancer was exploded
all over. He was finished. Now, this person
tried to save his life. He took cytostatic drugs,
chemotherapy. Within a month he was finished. He would be able to come here
if he had not taken cytostatic. He would be able to come here… and maybe homeopathy
could have saved him. He wanted, they wanted me
to save his life until 19 of June… because he wanted to marry
a woman with whom he was in love. Madly in love. And they have said
19 of June will marry. So the wife says “please keep him
alive until 19 of June”. That means 3-4 more days. He was lying in bed exhausted
and all that. My e-mail was
out of order 2-3 days. Especially for him I could not answer
because I had only his e-mail. But anyhow… the rushing in taking
chemotherapy… many times has exactly
the opposite effect. Does not save you,
it just speeds up your end. It’s back to Arnica.
A question about Arnica. Arnica was routinely given to women
before child birth. Before child birth. Can you say
if that is also wrong? Before child birth
may have a meaning… in reducing the rigidity
of the os uterus. Or, I would suggest something else
of course, which is… according to each organism,
the remedy that needs. About vaccination. Allopathic doctors and medical
students had to be vaccinated. Is compulsory. To hepatitis B. To univerisity students have to have
meningitis otherwise you cannot go. So that is an alternative? There is no alternative. No. Unless we all agree to bluff. To bluff and say
we have the alternative. And you give sugar
and nothing will happen. If you give sugar
they will not be affected. They will not be. Because
there is no epidemic. Why? Because we are very sick
to have an epidemic. Very few people are really healthy
to get the epidemic. And once
I am the one who is healthier… but all the other cannot get it? Ok. If I get it
I cannot give it out. To anybody. Because most of the population
is unhealthy and cannot spread. So, the epidemic will be
of a limited number. But, watch out. If you continue in this way
giving continuously… a lot of vaccinations and
changing the immune system… there is going to be a time… when will appear microbes,
bacteria, viruses… which will be so virulent that
will take the life of millions. Suddenly. Because AIDS is one of them. AIDS is one of them. The interesting thing is they say
“broken down immune system”. The AIDS means an immune system
that has been broken down. By what? By antibiotics, by vaccinations,
by whatever. And then AIDS comes. I need my glasses. Now, I want to read you
something very short… from the British Medical Journal. This is British Medical Journal 14 of June, 2007. Concerning
the vaccine Gardasil… which is given to young girls… to protect them,
supposed to protect them… from having cancer. Gardasil. The vaccine which
is given to the young girls. And this is a summary from a report
in the British Medical Journal… and I would like to read it
to you very fast.The HPV vaccine which is been
given to girls age 11-12…
to prevent cervical
cancer in later life…
may be a killer.So far three young girls
have died…
after been vaccinated.And there have been
1.637 adverse reactions…
reported in less than a year.1.637. Reported. Never mind the unreported. And continues.In Australia 25 girls,
at the same school…
who had been given their
first HPV vaccine last month…
experience headache, nausea,
and 4 of them ended in hospital.Otherwise there
are no side effects.
The vaccine continues, the British
Medical Journal report… I am not telling it myself.The vaccine Gardasil
has courted controversy…
since it was a approved
for use last year.
Some states in the USA have decided
to make the vaccine compulsory.
Which has caused an outcry among
parents who see the vaccine…
as a license for sexual
relationships outside of marriage.
The theme I was talking yesterday
sexual liberation… and I will led a few things now.Gardasil is supposed to protect
against human papillomavirus…
types 6, 11, 16 and 18…which cause most cervical
cancers and genital warts.
A public interest group…Judicial Watch,
is called the group…
discovered the extent
of the adverse reactions…
only when they made a request to
the Food and Drug Administration…
under the Freedom
of Information Act.
Presumably the FDA would have
preferred to have stayed silent…
rather than alert the public…about a vaccine that may
need more safety trials.
I will give you a copy.
Each one of you will get a copy… to have it and give it
to your patients. When they ask you about could say,
“The BMJ they say so. We don’t know. ” We don’t know anything.

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  3. Prof. George Vithoulkas discusses very important topics including homeoprophylaxis (homeopathic prophylaxis-the use of homeopathic medicines for prevention of diseases), conventional vaccinations and their side-effects, AIDS, HPV, various misconceptions concerning the use of homeopathic remedies (including Arnica), epidemics, proper conduction of provings, the theory of levels of health and the importance of fever, chronic and infectious diseases.
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    I humbly request to all please read tuberculinum in the lectures on homeopathic materia medica.and

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    English Rendering of Lectures
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    Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad
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    The nosode should not be used in potency less than 200 or better still,
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