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HIIT Workout – High Intensity Race Day Effort – GCN 25 Minute Bike Session

– Today’s session is a high
intensity race day effort. This is a great session
to help prepare your body to work hard for a
sustained amount of time. Follow the effort levels as a guide and work within your capabilities. The effort levels are measured on a rate of perceived exertion scale, level one representing very light activity to level 10 which is
your max effort activity. If you have a heart rate monitor you can compare the effort level
as a heart rate percentage. The cadence follows the beat of the music. If you have a cadence
meter we have also added the numbers on the screen for you too. Today’s session is 25 minutes long, use this session to help you peak for your sporting race or event. You should be thoroughly
physically and mentally ready for this session, let’s
get started with a warm up. (fast electronic dance music) So, 87 RPM, just under 90, so make sure you’ve got a bit of resistance on. Let me explain what this
session is all about. So if you’ve got a race
coming up or an event where you’ve got a block of intensity, could be a cycling race,
it could be a running race, it could be any sport
where you have to work at a certain level, where
you kind of work comfortably uncomfortable, okay, so, we’re
gonna get heart rates up, and we’re gonna keep them
up right the way through until the end, we’re
gonna be working from 80% up to 92%, so you’re
looking at the effort level, starting at level five at the moment, gradually building it up,
when we get into the main set we’re gonna be eight and nines, the whole way, right the way through. This is a great way to
adapt to the stresses and strains of working at intensity. So what I want you to do is keep in hand position number one, add a bit more resistance. 30 seconds ’til we begin. Okay, even though we’re working hard, let’s keep that form, don’t let it slip, keep solid in the saddle,
let’s get the heart and lungs working, the legs on fire. 10 seconds. Hand position 2.5. Add a little bit more, we’re going into a climb to warm us up. (slower dance music) So the beat slows, the resistance goes on. 60 to 61 RPM, if you’re
following along with the computer you can see your cadence exactly. Let’s keep to that beat. So we’re gradually
increasing that heart rate. Effort level creeping up to an eight. So you need to be in
charge of that resistance. If it’s too hard take a little bit off. If you’re not working
hard, add a bit more on. Four minutes, twenty seconds
just on this little climb, progressively building up the strength and adapting to the work ahead. Over the next 22 minutes our
heart rates are gonna be high, you are gonna be hot, hot, hot. Sweating, but all
beneficial for when you get to that race day. Okay we’re going to come
out of the saddle very soon. So get ready to make that transition, from 2.5 to three, a little bit more resistance, ready. Two, one, up. Good, let’s keep tall. This climb is just warming us up ready. Once you’re up you adapt to the stresses of a standing climb, so I’m gonna add a bit more resistance to
keep my intensity up there. Eight out of 10 work rate,
if you’ve got a heart rate we’re creeping towards 80%. Get ready to sit down,
back to position 2.5. Five, four, three, two, one, seated, good. Nice job guys, great start everyone. Keep relaxing that upper body
even though we’re increasing the heart rate, got two
minutes 30, build it up. Get ready to transition from 2.5 to three, standing climb again, this
one’s a little bit steeper. Those legs are working hard now, hey? Everyone working well, looking
forward, it’s like going up a switchback and
taking a left turn, ready? Add some resistance, we’re going up, three, two, one, and up, good. Four, three, two, one, down. Four, three, two, one, up, good. Three, two, one, down, good. Stay down, good. This is a steep section. Okay, I know your sticks
are really working, the heart and lungs, I
can feel my chest beating, heart rate up there, 80%. Good job, guys, 70 seconds
to the top of this one. Get ready to make that transition, up to three, relax your
shoulders, be prepared. Add some resistance if you need to. Three, two, one and up again. Four, three, two, down, good. Four, three, two, one, we’re warming up all those leg muscles, you
can’t hide in this session. You want to make sure
the resistance is on, you’re testing your bodies, 25 seconds. Four, three, two, one, down. Good, seated climb. Effort level’s eight,
we’ve gotta hold it there, keep feeding back into yourself,
am I working hard enough? Can I sustain this for
the next 18 minutes? Let’s see who’s got it. (upbeat light music) Take a little bit of resistance off, that cadence is increasing,
just under 90 RPM. We’re on the flat road,
we’re still as a team, still as a group. There’s going to be some
nasty fast accelerations. Good, looking forward,
looking at competition, who’s got their race face. A lot of eyeballing going on here. We’re gonna be in and out of the saddle. Come on, stay with it. Four minutes. Get ready to go, standing sprint. Acceleration’s with me, ready? Two, one, up, go. That resistance must be on. 86 RPM. Three, two, one, down. Hand position 2.5. Working strong, working as a group, as a team on that flat road. That heart rate’s high, now keep it there. Lots of attack, you’ve got to stay sharp, stay focused, watch out for
me, I might just go on my own. Yes, I’m off, who’s going to catch me now? Yeah, actually all of you. Two, one, down, working hard. Hold it, great technique, good form. Elbows, don’t slump, gotta keep it proud. Get that option into the system. Effort level nine. Okay, we’re going to
split into little groups. Front row, back row, so switch on, front, back, or team, ready, first group. Adjust that resistance. Now we’re working. Position 2.5, get ready to go to three. Team one, up, good. They’ve attacked, team two at the back, still working hard on the flat, trying to keep in their wheel. (fast paced music) That’s a nice attack,
come on, stay with it. If you need to adapt the resistance, take it on, get ready team two, you ready? Team one are fading. Hold on. You can choose which team
you want to join in with, get ready to switch team two. Two, one, switch. Keep working, team one hand position 2.5. Great teamwork. Effort level nine, it’s comfortable but very uncomfortable. Everybody up together, up. Ready team two? Sit down now, good. Get ready to switch,
two, one, switch, good. Well done guys, come on,
maximum effort going in. Stay focused, chest proud, tall. Two, one, switch, up, go. Two, one, switch, good,
you cannot sleep here. Two, one, switch, up. Team one working really hard. Two, one, down, everyone stay down. Hand position two, time
for a little recovery. (music slows) We’ve hit the flat. You’re not recovering,
you’re just easing up, because the cadence has dropped to 60 RPM. You have to add it on. Still breathing heavily,
you’ve gotta adapt to working hard, still focusing. Everyone’s a rider, biker,
any sort of intensity, especially race day. Resistance on, slowing down the legs, keep with me guys. Follow my feet. Four minutes climb. You’ve got time to take
some drinks on board. Hand position 2.5. Feel that climb. Races are won and lost here. It’s getting steeper. My heart rate is dropping a little bit so I’m adapting, I’m
adding more resistance to keep me in that zone, level nine. Little bit more Simon, good. Relax, keep that chest up proud, looking forward at the road. That wheel in front of you. Okay, we’re going to be out of the saddle, ladies and gentlemen. Ladies you ready? Get ready position three. Two, one, up, good. Resistance on, that’s
it, you have to adapt it. We’re working hard, seated. Good job guys, keep
focusing, keep focusing. I’m definitely heating up. Heart rate is high. How long shall we keep them up for? Two, one, sit down, good. Hand position two everyone. Take a drink onboard. It’s gonna get steeper,
come on stay with me. If you’re not at level nine, add it on. Keep those pedal strokes smooth. Close your eyes, think about
that mountain we’re climbing. Two minutes to the top. One minute 45 to the top of this one. You can see the top. Gentlemen, we’re going up
soon, get ready to transition to position three. That cadence is 60 RPM, should
feel those quads on fire. Look forward, relax, stay focused. Gentlemen, be ready. Three, two, one, up, gradually. Now add some more if you
need to, adapt that climb. Three, two, one, switch. Four, three, two, one, switch. Three, two, switch again. Good job, guys, look
where you’re going, relax. 30 seconds, well done. Keep working ladies, get
to the top before us. Two, one, down, keep
climbing everyone, stay down. We’re ready to pounce. Ten seconds. Hand position two. Take a little bit of resistance
off to up the cadence. We’re approaching the finish. Five minutes worth of
hard work and commitment, dedication from you all. The team is splintered, you
have to work on your own, to achieve the goal we want to. Keep the resistance on, we’re on the flat. (fast electronic music) These are gonna be short,
sharp, fast accelerations. Seated and standing until the big finish. Hand position 2.5. Sit up. Look at your teammates, who’s going to go? Who’s going to be ready? Hand position 2.5. You’ve gotta be ready, there
could be an attack any minute, or any second, position three. Who’s going? Me, up. Come on, keep with it. You’re up, you’re working
hard, so add some more, if you can, effort level nine, this is it. Race day, come on team. The only way to get faster and stronger is to learn to be in this pain cave. Come on, relax the shoulders guys, come on. We’re taking little sprints,
get ready to sit down but keep the intensity, two, one, down. Three minutes, come on, stay with me. Hand position two, keep the arms straight, shoulders relaxed, good, looking forward. Team one at the front are going to take an acceleration, be ready. Get ready. Two and a half minutes,
we’re halfway through this last interval, effort level nine, cadence just under 90, 86. Should be on the edge. I love to hate these sessions
but it’s the only way to get faster and stronger. Hold on team, position two to 2.5. Get ready to pounce. Team one, at the front, going to make some accelerations, team two, be ready. Keep with it. Listen to the music. Three, two, one, up, up, up, up. Just team one. Good work, come on. Get ready team two. Two, one, up. Three, two, one, switch. Come on. Keep working, keep working. Team two, ready? Two, one, switch, yeah, nice, come on. 56 seconds. Two, one, switch, take it up team one. Team two you’re going to join
them, we’re all going to stay up, three, two, one, up, up, up. Nice, 30 seconds, all the way to the line. Stay up, stay up, 20 seconds. Relax, come on, focus on that form. It’s not over yet, it’s not over yet. Elbows in, shoulders down. Six seconds. Sit down, two, one, we’re not finished. Hand position two, you’ve got 60 seconds, the banner’s ahead of
us, let’s go everyone. 110 RPM, everything you have,
looking forward, let’s go. (rousing music) Hold that form, 40 seconds. Breathe. Everything you’ve trained
for, all those hours, let’s put it into play now, 25 seconds. Hold on, come on guys, stay with me. Hold that form, 10 seconds. Seven. Good job. Hand position one. (slow music) Keep spinning, you’ve got
90 seconds to bring it down. Heart rate level nine,
eight, seven, breathe. Hand position one, take
a drink onboard, relax. You guys, 10 out of 10 work rate, 10 out of 10 commitment, awesome. Call that a draw. Sixty seconds. Good job, guys. (squeals and laughter) Congratulations on completing that 25 minute intense session. Spinning with GCN and team. If you enjoyed this video click
on the globe to subscribe, click up here for more videos, this one on how to sprint faster, click down here, how to travel
faster on a bike for free and if you’re looking to
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  19. Paul you make me smile even if I'm dying! This is the kind of attitude we should learn from, my legs are awesome, thank you GCN for sharing great classes and great instructors.

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