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34 thoughts on “High School to Medical School | How I Got Into Medical School

  1. Okay, this story gets me! I'm literally you right now, when it comes to being anxious and always thinking 'I need to study', 'Why am I not studying' etc. I just cannot think of another thing besides studying when I'm home. Even when I'm watching Netflix I'm thinking, 'I don't deserve this, I should be studying'.
    Do you have any tips, or does anyone have any tips when it comes to being anxious because of school/studying?

    P.s. I love your vids, just discovered them! Love you both! 🙂 +1 sub!

  2. I've definitely enjoyed watching this video…and yea it's pretty weird cause i usually cut other videos that has a long vlog , but I'm also passionate about the medical field.

  3. What was the Habitats for Humanity Club about? I am very interested in animal conservational rights also and I would love to know more about that club!!!!

  4. Jane the Korean communities are in Palisades Park, NJ, Fort Lee, NJ and mixed in with the dominate Chinese community in Flushing, NY. In some Korean community their very controlling with their women some have to hard personalities but, those are the areas to get your food. Flushing Queens is the cheapest place to buy east asian food but, proceed with caution there is many different families that make slightly different tasting food. I think you know what I'm saying. Fort Lee is wealthier than most and has the most expensive east asian food but, again proceed with caution it's difficult at first to judge a book by it's cover. Palisades Park and Fort Lee are next to each other across the river in New Jersey.

  5. UCLA grad here!! I'm going to medical school in NYC this summer!! Your channel is so helpful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  6. Hi Jane! I'm a current high school senior and am actually debating between UCLA and USC and was wondering if you could give me some pros and cons of attending UCLA over USC? Money isn't too big of an issue for me as I received a lot of aid for both schools. Thanks!

  7. Hi. I'm in the third class in high school and I got As for every science and mathematics subjects except for Bio which I got B. And I dream to become a doctor. Amd my english is only moderate, Do you think it's possible?

  8. thanks for sharing but your path was pretty cliche. I should search for a video from a non traditional or an average student.

  9. Does it all depends on your high school subjects,because I changed my career I didn’t want to become doctor but now I want to😪😪

  10. I applied for 17 SCHOOLS… its no big deal….. people apply for much more than that…… I'M JUST LIKE WTF!

  11. Did you have any leadership experience during undergrad? Do you think not having a leadership position (in orgs, clubs, etc.) would be a disadvantage, considering that med school admission is so competitive nowadays? :/

  12. My mom always tells me to get straight A's, and to be the top student. Fortunately I'm quite good at study. That would be so scary if i'm not.

  13. I really want to study in med school and it is something I really want to do. I am in 10 grade in hs but I am most scared on being a surgeon or doctor that basically doesnt have anytime for themselves. I want to be able to relax at times and not to be ALWAYS around on night shifts or working on weekends. Any advice? I would also like to be a journalist but I am not sure. I am having a really hard time with this ;(( sorry for my bad english..

  14. I'm in high school and I want to go to med school, but I'm worried about getting into a good pre med school and the large amount of money necessary to go to these schools. I'm rank high in my class, take hard classes, and I am quite involved as you were. But I'm not sure I'd be good enough to get into an ivy league, and Im afraid I wont be a high scorer on the ACT or SAT. How did you tackle the SAT and ACT to get into a good college? Do I need to go to an ivy league for pre med to get into med? And should I be worried about the money?

  15. Hey! I'm interested in Med school also. I am thinking shadowing doctors or emailing a couple of scientists nearby requesting if I could research with them. But I was wondering how researching was…DID YOU ever have to do some things in the lab that you didn't know how to do??! And were the notes that u took during ur research helpful for studying? Also have you ever taken any SAT subject tests such as molecular bio or SAT 1 math test?

  16. I'm thinking of a Carribean med school I'm an older student so, I think it's my only chance any input? Also you and Jamie (The Strive to Fit) are incredibly cute I think both of you are going to be great additions to the medical community and I continually ask myself why I can't find a woman like that I'm single.

  17. When you pointed out the hair I was like ugh why'd u point it out 😂 also I'm an incoming high school senior and I'm terrified about my path to becoming a doctor. I'm scared of failing. 😫

  18. i?m from another country and after high school you can go to university and that?s all haha
    i really want to apply for med school in the usa but i need help or some tios to know more about the system

  19. It's midnight in California and I'm supposed to be doing my apsuh homework so I can cram 10 chapters into my brain before school starts in 2 weeks but I just started watching ur videos and wasted an hour lol now I regret it so much but not really

  20. I want to do medicine but my high school GPA is so low. Like a 2.7 and I feel like I won't get into college. I'm going in my senior year and I just feel like there's no point. Any advice? I was only in science Olympiad freshman year but I couldn't continue after that because my parents couldn't take me or let me stay after school. And going in taxi would be too expensive. I have taken 2 AP classes so far. I got a 2 in world history which sucks and a 3 in psych. I'm going to take AP literature senior year. And I'm in choir. I know this isn't enough and I don't know what to do. I feel like I probably shouldn't do medicine because of my grades. I would love some advice on how to continue please!

  21. im a to-be high school junior interested in becoming a surgeon, and when you said you had a lot of phases of wanting to be stuff i thought of my one phase where i wanted to become a rapper 😂

  22. I agree with the phases in junior high I wanted to be a journalist and then physical therapist and I'm considering medicine now but I've never had more than one or two AP classes but ..

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