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Herbal & Natural Remedies : Homeopathic Remedies For Colic

If you are a new parent and you find that
your baby tends to cry a lot after you feed him or her your baby may be suffering from
chronic colics. I’m Isabelle Simon your personal work place and wellness consultant and today
we are going to learn some homeopathic remedies to care for colics. The first thing before
we talk about the remedies you may want to watch what you give your baby in terms of
food. He or she may be intolerant to the foods actually that you are feeding him so pay attention
to milk, that is one of the food items that babies tend to be very intolerant to. Something
that I really enjoy using and that is very powerful is chamomile tea. All you need to
do is just stir some into some water either warm or cold depending on what your baby’s
preference is and another thing that I personally use that is excellent and one of my very favorites
is aloe vera juice. And what I personally do is you just put a little bit, very little
is needed because it is concentrated in water and you stir and then you have your baby drink
it. You can give that to your baby every day until the colics are gone and that is as simple
as that. I hope those tips will help you and your baby feel better. I’m Isabelle Simon,
your personal and work place wellness consultant and remember good health begins with good

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