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hi I'm Liz Carmouche professional UFC fighter number six in the world and a spokesperson for hit meds we're hearing day number two at the CW CB Expo in Los Angeles Hiep meds is a CBD base hemp company they have a few different lines under one house which is really nice they have a pet line for those those people that are looking for seedy products for their pets they also have a beauty line and is defined and then there are real scientific hemp oil extracts and so they hit every single market available so me personally I was just looking for a natural recovery I'm not the type of person that wants to inject and take a whole bunch of medication when you're in pain post surgeries things like that and I was looking for a more holistic route few people suggested CBD and that's when I connected with it at this time I didn't really see the results one of those things when you feel good you don't realize how you were feeling before and with him meds I really noticed the most distinct result instantly not only with their topical but even with just with their real scientific hemp oil that even just taking those pictures I was noticing lack of inflammation lack of pain and better sleep so until a few months ago really what I was living off of was just they have to topicals they have a solid and then one that's really similar to icy hot and the act of relief and so I use that because I'm in training eight hours and doing fight training I'm coming off bruised and banged up and this is just instant relief right away exactly to the site but then I also do the ingestible and as they have a co flux which has tumeric so again with that anti-inflammatory components and I also do the tinctures so it first thing in the morning that's what I do and they're right at night to help relieve any of the bang up so I'm doing throughout the day but then they also have the defined line and the cleanser and that's one thing I really noticed a huge difference is my skin feels softer and I'm far less acne when you're training it's just inevitable that rubbing against other people in the dirt that she's have huge breakouts and this is reduced my breakouts as more and more research comes out it's just inevitable of it just like the changes that they made asada is now made CBD legal as long as it's not ten hours before your competition and so you can just see and now that's a huge change and even now there's more and more people in the NFL and the NBA they're starting to get on board and it may just be the retired people that are competing that are the spokespersons to the more active people and speaking on that behalf I definitely think that it's just it's enough oh but you can't get around it because taking pills and medication we're like yeah you have to benefits of this pill with 27 possible side effects including death like come on nobody says with CBD there's all of us no there's no there's no possibility of death so it's really it's just a matter of time and more research before people get on board and then it's just gonna be introduced as this works yeah the hip meds is really really convenient and that they offer products online at hip meds PX comm and then you can also go into I know I've seen them in a few massage parlors and places like that just because again the topical relief is insane when you're getting a massage that's what you're looking for so if you can't find them at a store you can always find them online [Applause]

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