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Helping Kids in Foster Care with Ty Burrell – The Jim Jefferies Show

What if I told you that,
in America, 50% of the homeless population
and 80% of prison inmates can be traced back
to one source? Nope, it’s not immigration.
It’s not Muslims. It’s the foster care system. There are currently
almost half a million kids living in foster care. We’re basically turning these
kids into criminals by not providing them with
the resources that they need. I don’t think anybody has
that vision in their future. Hey, I think
I’m gonna be homeless. Troubles with the foster care
system remain largely unheard, but that’s going to change because everyone’s
heard of Ty Burell. So I sat down with Ty
to hear about his involvement with Kids
in the Spotlight, a charity that teaches
filmmaking to foster kids. So what is your connection
to this charity? I teach an acting class, and then I am honored to host
the awards ceremony every year. Compared to everybody,
I do very little. There are people who are in
the program day in and day out, working with these kids
to make sure that they feel really like
they’re being heard. I just show up
to be on television. Yeah, but I’m doing
even less. Yeah. How do you relate to these kids? I got into this because
my father was a social worker in the foster care system. Most of these kids
have been through stuff that I can’t really image. I can relate on
a very general note of, I was a very much a lost person
in my late teens and twenties. I got into Shakespeare. Right. Which is the name of
crystal meth back in the day. And I went deep. I was snorting Shakespeare
off of a toilet. Yeah, I’ve done that. Kids in the Spotlight says, do you have a story you want
to make a film out of? Could be dark,
and sometimes they are. It’s therapeutic.
It’s empowering. Could be that.
Or it can be ridiculous. But it is a little cruel
to teach them about the most competitive
industry in the world? Yeah. Like, just a little bit? I’m going to comedy clubs
every day going, you shouldn’t do this, man. Oh my God, you’re so right. To see the program in action, Ty invited me to attend
one of the acting classes. We’re going to start with
just saying your first name in the mood
you’re feeling right now. Ty. Ty. Jim. Jim. I learnt two things
in Ty’s class. First, I’m a shit actor.
Second, these kids are amazing and I wanted to get
to know them better. So what’s your favorite thing
to do outside of school? Well, I like anime so I
would read or watch anime. I really love reading
and watching TV shows. Yeah, it’s the same with me
except for the reading. How could you not read? Oh, I hate reading. Although you should read kids.
It’s very important. These kids are friendly, funny and they make me
feel self conscious that I can barely read,
just like my writing staff. What is the one thing that
you wish people understood better about kids
who are in your situation? That we’re not all bad kids. We don’t want your pity, we just
want you to treat us the same. We’re not alien
from a different planet. Just because we were
brought up different, they think that
I might just pop off and go off on someone
or something like that. That’s not the case,
it’s just … I don’t know. It’s okay. After everything these sweet
kids have been through, all they want is
to stop being judged based on negative stereotypes. When my father was alive, and when he was working
in that field, most, if not all case workers, their deepest hope is
for these kids to feel loved and to try to give them
self esteem and help them to feel
just validated. A bunch of kids that I have met
are now in college, and that is way
ahead of the odds. Do you feel like
it’s as simple as, if we just raised everyone’s tax
by 1% could we fix it? That went to foster care? Went to foster care system. And then we would fix
the homeless problem, and then a lot
of the drug issues and the prison populations
would drop. The ripple and effect
would be substantial. Yes. If you are a person
who is wanting to give money to try to make the world better,
you’re investment dollar can’t go further
than the foster care system. Foster care is
a complicated issue, and as the federal
government cuts funding, the number of kids entering
foster care keeps going up, which means that programs
like this are more important than ever. Plus, these kids, now that they
know how to make movies, might be able
to help me someday. So, will any of you every
hire me on anything? There’s got to be some part
where it just goes podgy, pale Australian guy. If you’re still around
and popular. I’ll still be around. I may not be popular
but I’ll be around.

100 thoughts on “Helping Kids in Foster Care with Ty Burrell – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. I think this says everything I want to say just because my parents are bad people doesn’t make me like them being in care doesn’t make you a monster it doesn’t make you damaged it just means you have a disadvantage and I see that as an opportunity to gloat when you pull it off

  2. I was lucky to be adopted really young. These kids are so inspiring and they have tons and tons of potential! 💙

  3. Cpc and foster care. If you don't think this outcome isn't intentional you are fooling yourself. Pipeline to prison is a very real thing. Private prisons need bodies in cells. Where would they get the bodies if they didn't intentionally put something in motion. In reality. Civilian crime isn't as high as your imagination and mainstream media tells you.

  4. Nice segment aimed at pulling heart-strings, but it misses an important point. Kids often end up in foster care not because they are orphaned, but because they were legally kidnapped by child protective service drug warriors. Pearl clutching fascists who deemed parents unfit for bullshit, like smoking pot.

  5. no more than 2% of Americans have actually adopted.
    On any given day, there are nearly 428,000 children in foster care in the United States. In 2015, over 670,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care. Unfortunately, instead of being safely reunified with their families — or moved quickly into adoptive homes — many will languish for years in foster homes or institutions.

  6. Wow you’re a social fraud. Can’t believe haven’t seen what Avi exposed about you. You social junkie. Enjoy the money you sinister bastard.

  7. 3:35 I'm not crying you're crying FUCK

    I want to adopt them all and I'm only like 3 years older than them. I have so many friends who have been adopted/bounced around homes/are waiting to find a family and I can't imagine how hard it must be. I'm so glad these children have each other through- their unity is such an important thing

  8. The dirty little secret is that Abortion is a verb; ‘pro lifers’ in my neck of the woods abort their parenting jobs all the freaking time, all the time. Any given year you’ll have a woman move across the country with her new boyfriend while the community figures out how to raise her kids, or a douchebag who moved on from one marriage with kids starts a new one while her original kids go to jail like it’s a revolving door. Pro lifers and their abridged version of parenting.

  9. "if a dingo ate a Muslim baby it would throw it up" – Jim Jefferies.

    Youre a monster and we will not forget. Youre a hypocrite

  10. Wow. You could feel that hard cynic Jim got really emotional in this meeting with the kids.

    The US foster care system is broken like every other social system which does work in other developed nations. This won't change until voters don't throw conservatives from power and corporate centrists from the Dem leadership.

  11. This was amazing. I'm glad they kept it serious. It's heartbreaking and makes me want to get involved.

  12. It's good they want to make the system better but last time I check we live in America. so do good in school go to college mostly put yourself in debt then try to find a good job that will pay you a lot of money and then you living a good life because at the end of the day it's other people from other country who don't have none of that you got privilege so make it count

  13. Can we talk about all of the kids who have been through trauma and are forced to reunite against their will with their abusers? How about how the fact that foster kids are statistically overmedicated despite having behaviors that are manageable with other techniques?

  14. It breaks my heart. We gotta take care of our children. I never had and never will have children of my own, but I feel like all the kids in the world are my own sons and daughters. To see them scared and sad, having not long ago been a scared and sad kid myself, ir's impossible for me not to take it personal when I see the kids in this video and the interviews with the kids from the STEM school in Colorado. It makes my eyes teary, and it gives me a little bit of anger, but it also fills me with purpose to keep on fighting. We have got to do our best to show these kids that the good and altruistic win over the evil and selfish in the end. Do you see how the other girls go and hug her friend when she can't hold her tears? That's what we gotta do to each other, even if it seems pointless. We have a whole lot of idiots running around these times, but humanity has dealt with them in the past and we'll do it again. Like we're saying here in Brazil, nobody lets go of anybody's hands. Keep it strong, kids. We're here for you. And thank you once again, Jim.

  15. How about a response to Avi? You edited a video to look like a Jewish guy was racist. Then his video shows you being what you framed him to look like. What a piece of shit Jim Jeffries is!

  16. Wow, I took the bite and looked at the Avi Yemini link where Jim Jefferies edit that video. Yes, Jim Jefferies is definitely a phony. It makes me to doubt if Jim really likes kids or not – he might just be using them. I am unsubscribing from his channel indefinitley

  17. This dumb cunt is spamming his channel with videos to try and bury what he did to Avi Yemini. JJ your going down you fucking lying cunt you and CC.

  18. Google Isaac Butterfield, he is way funnier and honest

  19. I lived through the system in California, to any foster kids out there that are still in the trenches I want you to know that you can make at! You will have to make some sacrifices and you will live with a different mind set, especially my brothers and sisters who never got the chance to pair bond. life for us will be different and make us singular people, but it’s still a beautiful life and very much worth living. Experience all you can and as deep as you can. The canyon that was carved in your heart early in life can be filled with joy and love that it will full up and become as life giving as the ocean. Peace be with you

  20. JJ regardless of how many good deeds you do you are still a cunt for lying about Avi Yemini then having him deported from America when he came to quiz you on it, you will get your day pal, the internet has spoken.

  21. Dont believe this lying POS this guy is a liar and a fraud he made a bull shit edited interview with Avi Yemini and didn't realize Avi was recording him in the background (did you you fucking retard, he Alex Jonesed you and you fell for it you utter moron). Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central is cancer.

  22. A lot of these kids wouldn't have ended up in foster care if we made more of an effort to help the homeless I the first place too.

  23. Good peace I'm glad somebody did it won the Foster system but because it's Jim Jefferies I don't know how much is true.

  24. This was a great piece. But also, it shows how this Pro LIfe advocates don't really care about the lives of this children, once they are born, since clearly they aren't doing anything to help this children or the process for them to actually have a fruitful life. A great piece, and this is why I love this show and I will continue to tune in on Tuesday when it comes on.

  25. And the worst part, THIS is the pretty side of it.
    You don't even want to know what happens to kids with disabilities, specially mental disabilities, when they enter the system.

  26. I was never in a foster home but a group home that was like jail for kids who had to pay for our parents fuck ups and all it did was make jail feel almost like a second home to me I've been in jail 7 times and now I'm on a first name basis with most of the guards when I go do 30 day here 90 days there I feel institutionalized because I really don't mind being locked up since I've been in that type of hard environment since I was 10 and now that I'm 25 sometimes going to jail is the only way I can get 3 hots and a cot because I was taught no life skills as a child and teenager and got into drugs at age 12 I feel like I was set up for failure but I'm doing ok now I got a fast food job that pays my rent and my methadone but I know I'll never have a salary career just manual labor and minimum wage jobs till I die

  27. yes!!!!!!! raise taxes on the rich by 10 percent!!! only on the rich. get rid of billionaires row in new york.

  28. Look at that. Even an old drunk who can barely read, can do damn good work, that actually helps people, who actually need help. Damnit, time to go volunteer at the local orphanage.

  29. Forget raising the taxes by 1 percent to fix these problems… just cut the funding to the military war machine.

  30. Those Billionaires might want to all get together and donate 2% of their wealth and save thousands of kids lives, I wish I were rich would!

  31. Thanks for the raising the issue.
    Talking about self esteem of children in the foster care system, I remember about this show on MTV. I think about dating show, and this guy didn't have the confident even to ask a girl to talk to him. Then he was talking about growing up in the foster care system, how awful it was. He didn't say that it was the cause of his low self esteem, but it clearly effected him as an adult.

  32. There are plenty of programs across the United States that help foster children all kids need is one person to care about them and consistency. I currently volunteer for Casa La and have helped Three Special children move on with their lives after tragedy.

  33. As a lesbian who plans on having a loving wife, I will gladly adopt these kids out of this hellscape of a system

  34. This is the most important thing that no one is talking about. Thanks Jim. As a homeless (runaway) teenager I had dozens of friends who were from foster homes, and most of them were absolutely terrible

  35. The thing is, if there are less people going to prison, certain rich people don't make any more money off of it. The USA has to change everything in it's entire system. Removing capitalism might help a lot.

  36. Because this is a corrupt pedopheliac businesses. It's been on the news many times in MN, Anoka County social services traffic little kids and they will jail anyone who says anything about their criminal activities. Look up who the Anoka Judge is, and look up the sexism that is going on there also.

  37. Amazing. All these kids need, is what every single human being on the planet who has ever existed needs; Validation, love, to be treated with respect.

    I mean, it is such a simple concept. It takes much more energy, for example, to fight with someone than it does to forgive, or admit you are wrong.

    This is exactly why I do not look at my current mental state, or how I was back 6 years ago as being a living hell. I learned something very fundamental to our species: Compassion.

    Shit like this is pushing me further and further into becoming a psychologist. I want so badly to let people going through hell, that they do not have to walk alone. Nobody should.

  38. Wow. Up until right just now. Like just now this moment I thought ty birrial was a complete weirdo .. mind blown mmh

  39. this show is getting better and better. glad to see more Jim Jefferies, but also glad to see this type of awareness programs!

  40. I was a foster kid. One of the few that graduated high school. To me the worst feeling in the world is to feel left out. That was and can still be a big issue with me now at 47. We forget what it was like being a teenager. It was pretty rough for me, I'm sure it's still pretty rough for a lot of teens.

  41. what's up! im a foster kid and the system is so fucking awful!! a 13 year old girl got raped in an office (which we have to sleep in if no homes are available) and the representatives just said "oh unfortunate" and did nothing. a four year old got murdered and fed to pigs by his foster parents a few years ago too. and y'all wonder why we mad?

  42. Teach them useful skills like HVAC, Plumbing, Automotive, Carpentry, Tile Work, Electrical, Accounting, Industrial Gardening, Robotics, Nursing, Database Management… the list goes on and on. We need another actor like we need a hole in the head.

  43. Imagine if every celebrity in the world made a program like this hell if one of the few billionaires fucking lifted a finger

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