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(audience cheering) – Hi, so our next guest
is a celebrity trainer who’s worked with Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez, and Khloe Kardashian, you need to listen. He’s also the author of the book called, The Cruise Control Diet. Please welcome the healthy
snack man, Jorge Cruise. (audience cheering) – How you doing? – I’m good. – You look gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous.
– Thank you, Jorge. – And tiny, you’re so tiny. – Thank you, thank you. – You look great. – I like a healthy snack. – Yes, I do too. – So what are we doing? And how many calories? Are there a lot of calories? – Well, we don’t count calories. Shocking, but listen to this. A lot of people are doing keto. I don’t know if you guys have tried keto, but you can’t have carbs
on keto, it’s hard. And I love carbs, how many
people love carbs, right? (crowd cheering) – Yes, and popcorn. So imagine being able
to fast for 16 hours, but we’re gonna cheat the fast, where you don’t feel
hungry, with healthy fats. And then you get to eat carbs
during your 8 hour window. And you lose up to pound
of belly fat every day. (crowd gasping) – Okay, let’s get started. – I know, I know, are you ready? Are you ready? All right, so, I don’t know how many people love coffee or tea. I love coffee, I don’t know if you do tea or coffee, both? – I like tea better, but
I will sip the coffee. – So this is what I call
Cruise Control coffee, it has heavy cream, butter,
salt, a pinch of Himalayan salt, and MCT oil, and then I love this– – And what?
– MCT oil. – What’s that? – Medium-chain triglycerides. Fancy word for coconut oil, but it’s the best for
suppressing appetite. The trick to cheating a fast
is no carbs, no protein. And then I just blend it up
like this, check this out. It’s like a little mini frother, right? – I know, I love it. – If you don’t use this,
then the oil stands on top, and I don’t like it, because
it makes it like soup. But watch, when you’re done here, it looks like a ten dollar
latte from whatever coffee shop. So this turns off hunger for three hours. – Is this it? – Yeah, and it won’t break your fast. – Let me taste this. – You wanna try that?
– I’ll be the judge. – And I put erythritol in it, I think it has erythritol in it. – I taste erythritol.
(audience laughing) – So we can have it plain or stevia. – What is it? – It’s a natural sweetener, because remember you can’t use real sugar. And I don’t like artificials
because it can raise insulin. So you don’t wanna do that. – Okay, and you put chia in here. – No, so this is another one. So here’s a second one. You know, I’ve worked with
Steve Harvey for many years, he’s a big man, he likes
to have a bigger meal. So what I do with him, is we do chia seed pudding. Now, you can have this pudding, guys. And what’s great about chia seeds, they expand in your stomach. – I know, I know.
– No cooking required. – A handful, you feel like Thanksgiving. – And what’s great
about this recipe, guys, and we have all the ingredients
on the, and vanilla extract. You put this in, isn’t that good? – Yes, it is. – You blend it up, or stir
it, you let it sit overnight, and then it turns out like this. – It’s kind of like rice pudding. – And what’s great about this, you can do this while you’re fasting,
(audience clapping) and you can have it at night as a dessert, and it won’t break the fast. – Is this a serving size? – Yeah, yeah, I mean, you could
have more, it’s unlimited. – So this is in the morning or at night, when you’re fasting. Now, these snacks you can have while you’re eating for eight hours. Now, I love popcorn, you love popcorn. So I made this special for you, Wendy. Now, the trick to making healthy popcorn is never using the microwave kind, a lot of hydrogenated oils, and no air popping. Our goal is to use healthy fats. Avocado oil, or olive oil, or coconut oil. So we use that, make your popcorn, and then all the spices
don’t raise insulin, so it keeps the sugar low. Delicious, spicy, put a little hot sauce. – The spicy burns the calories. – Yeah, it’s great. And so, the goal though,
no, the hack guys, is to have healthy fats
to suppress appetite. – Olive oil, or the — – Avocado oil.
– Avocado oil. Avocado is the preferred one, it’s what I use with a
lot of my celebrities, like Brooke Burke in Malibu. – I have to tell you, so far, all three things are good, but this? – Is it good, you love it? And it’s filling, and it expands, and there’s no cooking required for that. Now, how many people love cabbage? Not too many of my
celebrities like cabbage. You do? – Love it. – Well, here’s the trick. How do you make it delicious? So you put a little of this oil on it, – A cabbage chip.
– This is Avocado oil. And you kind of give it a little massage, I don’t want to get my hands too dirty. But you do that, a little Parmesan, a little salt, Wendy, and I love salt. – Good idea.
– Pepper. Then you massage it,
you put it in the oven, and then they come out looking like chips. And I have two sons, I have a 15 year old and a 13 year old, almost. And they love these because
they’re salty and delicious. – And vegetables. – Yeah, and healthy fats. Again, anti-inflammatory. – These are really good. – All right guys, now last but not least, it’s a guac-bacon bomb. Check this out. Basically, you take guacamole, you can add your onions, your garlic, your chili, butter, lime. You let it sit overnight in the fridge, you scoop it out, it
comes out like so, right? And then you put it in here, and then you roll it in bacon, right guys? Have you guys had these
little bombs before? And they come out looking like this. And this turns off hunger for
up to three hours, as well. So this is the kind of snacking that you do where you don’t feel hungry. – Who made this guacamole? This is really good.
– Isn’t this good? Yeah, your team did for me, but they took it out of my book. And the book is out nationwide, and if anyone wants to lose weight, Wendy, and lose up to a pound a day, I’m doing a weight loss challenge. Brooke Burke in Malibu is working with me, she’s doing the fitness part. – Obviously. – She loves you, by the way. She says to send her love.
– Thank you. – So she sends her love from Malibu. (audience cheering)
– So join us, guys. And it’s all on the site. And I think we’re giving away books to some of them too, aren’t we? – Well, his new book, it’s called The Cruise Control Diet,
available every place, studio audience, you’re all
going home with your copy. (hip hop music)

100 thoughts on “Healthy Snacks

  1. Losing a pound of fat in a day??? The delusion! 🤭 I lost 100 lbs last year, and the most you can lose (if you're obese and literally starving like I did, which I'd never recommend) is around 4 pounds a week.

    Also, if you're having all that food and fatty drinks while you fast, you're NOT FASTING. What has diet culture come to I'm- 😴 Check your facts before doing anything, people.

  2. Yacoubs are raving about coconut oil as if it's just been discovered 🙄. My Caribbeans BEEN known what's up 😎

  3. I love his voice, very soothing. I’m making the cabbage chips tomorrow with Nutritional yeast instead of parmesan😋

  4. thats keto. fasting for 16 hours. thats what i do. girl bye. and no i dont love "carbs" i love chicken lol

  5. Anyone have the opposite problem where they need to gain weight?? 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  6. Ooh honey I love carbs! As I sit here an munch on my sweet baked African bread; if you know you know 😂😉

  7. This just popped up in my recommendations, and I am literally buying a double angus cheeseburger. I have no regrets. Lol

  8. Wendy, girl, the fasting thing is a god send. I've been doin the 16/8 method for about 7 months and I have lost 46 lbs

  9. This is probably the first American tv show that cares enough to give tips about fasting during Ramadan, I respect Wendy for that.

  10. A nutritionist would tell you that loosing a pound a day is going to land you up in the hospital. Healthy weight lose is 1 to 2 pounds a week. This guy is a quack.

  11. Anything that has animal products isn't healthy… veganize it with all the modern, delicious and healthy vegan alternatives like from @gardein, @beyondmeat, @followyourheart, @violife, etc!!! #GoVegan #ForTheAnimals #ForOurHealth #ForThePlanet #Vgang #VeganForLIFE #VeganRevolution #TheFutureIsVegan #Justice #Science #Sustainability #Ethics #EqualityAndJusticeForALL #EndOppressionForALL

  12. He mention Steve name Wendy kept a straight face bcuz he wanted her slot…Allegedly…😂😂😂😂

  13. don't put any sweetener in bullet proof coffee ppl…bad idea. Butter, coconut oil, coffee, blend, done.

  14. They are officially brainwashing everyone lmao. Whoever believes putting heavy cream and butter and oil in your caffeine is crazy. That isn't healthy.

  15. This was a really great segment. I’ve been trying to figure out so healthy snacks to eat that actually taste good! So needed!

  16. I think i unintentionally do intermittent fasting when i work as a nurse. I have lost weight without changing diet. Also eating healthy snacks like what he is saying. Snacks are not supposed to taste too good or else they become like a meal.

  17. It’s insane that each one of these are delicious and healthy at the same time , definitely going to try chia seed and cabbage chip )

  18. He lied twice for strict keto. High carbs in popcorn. Chia can break a fast.
    As well erythritol does bring your insulin up. That popcorn is an awful smack on the diet- what a mess- takes time to clean up after eating carbs.😳by the way you teach people who eats carbs to make fat bombs you'll have them gain weight after all the trouble and they will not be all that good anyway! .. it's called bullet proof coffee not cruise control coffee.Google it. Mct oil is not just coconut oil it's 50% more effective than coconut oil. Popcorn….shm

  19. Does this guy have his own show…..I need to hear him explain these foods without Wendy eating speaking in between ….in a good light!

  20. Ps I like the way he speaks, his tone has training in it like a sweet subtle calmness don't know how to explain it, his face says douche but his voice says relax omg

  21. YES, it does break the fast. Everything you put into your mouth breaks the fast if the idea is that you are not consuming anything. It won't mess with your Sugar Level. THAT's what's important. Those of us who do strict 7 or 10 Day Monastery Fasting (what monks, very strict) know that the moment you take the first bite of your soft-boiled apple at the end of your Fast, we break it. Hunger reappears immediately and your Mental Clarity drops right away…. xx..

  22. What's that he rolled the guacamole in? Then put it in the oven, he says… how long? Never knew we could bake avocado.. xx..

  23. Such horrible fad diet advice. It is physically impossible to lose a pound of fat a day. Don't listen to this garbage, do real research.

  24. I can’t wait to try the chia seed pudding!! I was thrilled when I found the recipe and realized it was vegan. 🌱 However, why isn’t vanilla extract included in the recipe on your website? That’s ok though, I’m sure I can figure it out. 😋
    For my fellow vegans who may not know this, you can substitute actual bacon for McCormick Bacon Bits (Which are “accidentally vegan! 😁) for the guacamole bacon bomb! Also, as a butter replacement for recipes like this (where coconut oil or other oils wouldn’t work) I use “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, It’s Vegan”, which I’ve tried side by side on corn on the cob (which I lather butter on lol), and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. 🌽
    Thanks for the great healthy snack ideas!! 🤤 😋

    EDIT Not that I think Mr. Cruise will see this, but on the off chance he does, I have a little something to say:
    After poking around your website I found a disturbing piece of information you wrote:

    “Let me be straight with you. Vegans have a harder time getting their protein needs met than vegetarians. Why? Vegetarians usually allow protein-rich foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, and Greek yogurt, while vegans stick with just the plants.”

    Well, Mr. Cruise, let me be straight with you. IF you really believe that vegans have a hard time meeting their protein needs at all, then you clearly don’t know as much about nutrition as you claim to. Of course, you could’ve just said that because you think you’d miss out on potential clients from the vegan community; so you drop the ever so popular protein card. (I’m surprised you didn’t claim that vegans don’t get enough B12 either.😬)
    Whatever your reason, I find it very disturbing, inappropriate, and unprofessional for someone who has such a wide audience to spread such dangerous falsehoods.

    On a side note, I get that you’re trying to promote your weight loss class. However, having that pop-up appear on every. single. page that people click on is way over the top. Personally, if someone’s trying to push something they’re selling down my throat as much as you are, that’s the quickest way for me not to purchase whatever they’re selling, even if I’m interested. Just a little feedback from a random visitor to your site.
    I do wish you good luck! You’ll get a lot further by being honest about vegans (and everything else, for that matter), and telling whosever in charge of your website to lay off the pop-ups. ✌️

  25. If you have diverticulitis nuts and seeds are not good. Just because something is “healthy” doesn’t mean it can affect you. Everyone is different.

    24 hours in a day if you are in a caloric deficit you will lose weight.

    Water intake
    (All these above will affect body composition)

    Save your money on the book.

  26. I eat once a day and I’ve lost so much belly weight but also my butt 😱 but less and less of my belly but no 🍑😫

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