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Healthy Shake | Ranveer Brar

You know cornflakes are my favourite breakfast Do you know why ? Because, if you eat fiber in the morning you do not feel hungry for the rest of the day Now imagine that you have a shake recipe that will allow you to be full for the entire day It would be fun right? lets go and make this fun and interesting recipe for you I call it “The never feel hungry again shake” Alright lets make The never ever feel hungry shake First of all Beautiful Lets add some cornflakes If you prefer rolled oats during breakfast you may use oats Oats are also an amazing Ingredient to shakes To this we will be adding a lot of mint

43 thoughts on “Healthy Shake | Ranveer Brar

  1. Avoid eating out is impossible during Durga puja. But now the time to eat healthy.
    Thanks for your Never Ever Hungary shake

  2. Wow very interesting and unique recipe! I will definitely try this one at home. So easy to make and so nutritious.
    Chef i want to ask you a question totally out of context. I was supposed to add coriander powder in one dish but forgot to add. Is there any way that I could add the coriander powder later? If so then please tell me how. Thanks in advance.

  3. Cornflakes are rich in sugar and starch and low in fiber. Should be careful in promoting such unhealthy processed breakfast.

  4. Hello , would request for some more receipies on smoothie and shake for breakfast by keeping Indian fresh produce in mind basically greens , grams and local fruits . Thanks.

  5. Brar Ji, Thank you for growing beard and changing the way of presentation. Latest videos vekkhan ton baad ehe old videos boht different lg diyaan. Dovara plz shave naa kryo kde🤞

  6. This is not a healthy breakfast. Please don't promote cornflakes as healthy meal. It has carbs only and hidden sugars. What you added is carb+fat+sugar – not good…

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