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100 thoughts on “Healthy Greek Chicken Wrap | Akis Petretzikis

  1. I love Greek cuisine, hands down the tastiest cuisine in the world, so much culture in it, thousands of years in fact. Makes American food look primative 😂

  2. This is the second Akis recipe that I try (after Mussaka) and as in the first time it turned out to be awesome. Love 😍😍😍

  3. I like it that he is organized around the kitchen and cleaning up along the way. Jamie Oliver doesn’t do this in his live cooking and created a mmmmess (and forgot to add garlic into the hummus)

  4. the trick to those insane knife skills are the knuckles. use them to guide the knife while protecting your fingers.

  5. I can’t concentrate i what he is cooking he is so good looking and I like how he emphasized the importance of washing his hands and cross contamination!

  6. “You must wash your hands very well to avoid cross contamination” then uses same tongs used to flip raw chicken to transfer and cut cooked chicken 🙄

  7. Great job. But you have to rest the chicken for a bit before slicing. Should be the last thing you do before assembly.

  8. Also, it's a personal preference but I recommend grilling wraps always after assembly for char and texture.

  9. Really good recipe Aki!! You sound exactly like my friend Dora !! And she’s great!!! Keep up the good work 🤗

  10. You washed your hands after you touched the salt and pepper with your hands with row chicken on it!

  11. LOL… "I have to wash my hands because I touched raw chicken… cross contamination" But wait let me first pick up and touch everything around the pan. Hahahaha.

  12. Im just wondering wont both dishes be very sour? Because sumac is very sour & it does seem like he adds quite a lot of it. ( just an observation im not critising as im aware every chef has their own style of cooking) Has anyone tried making these recipes?

  13. Avoid cross contamination… Washed hands but not the handle of the frying pan after holding it with raw chicken hands 🤔

  14. Το Παναγία μου πως λέγεται στα αγγλικά Άκη ????😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  15. All these comments about how good looking or how hot he is… Women are outrageous they are shocking and men have the bad reputation… The longer I'm marriage to my wife the more and more I'm realising women are sexual preditors hornier than bulls man and slate men anychance they get.. Pfft..

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