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11 thoughts on “Health Impacts of Pollution

  1. Paul, thanks for another outstanding video. Will you be covering cost/benefit subjects? I have read several times over the years that the ban on DDT saved lives but also cost lives due to increased malaria. Are there any good ways to analyze this kind of thing?


  2. Ditto on another great video. I think that allergens is spelled with two Ls . Cost/benefit analysis is a theme through out my class and I agree that DDT is a great example of it.

  3. 1:56 allergen is spelled wrong
    great videos 😀 just so you know youtube is disabling annotations so you might get some comments on videos that arent fixed. its w/e tho most of your fixes are hard in the video you kno

  4. So is .38 mg/kg a safe dose or the LD50? You say both. Is .0038 mg/kg then safe for humans, or is that a human's LD50 (as you say)?

  5. Great video! You should better clarify the concept of acute and chronic disease, as it is different from Effects due to short-term or long-term exposure.

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