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Hard To Get Pain Meds From Doctors These Days

hello folks I took some pain pills so I'm not feeling the pain right now but you know what they don't give you very many pills and I noticed that often when you go to the doctor and you have pain they won't even give you pain meds and what years ago anything my back goes out they give me pain pills and muscle relaxers and stuff like that was easy but now it's not and you see on the news you see on the lot online the news and online doctors getting in trouble for filling out prescriptions of people who are not in pain pain pills and now they're trying to regulate it because people are getting addicted people are buying them and selling them on the street and stuff and it sucks because people who really are in pain luckily I got some pain pills when my muscle rupture but I only got 15 15 pills that's it so yeah not enough to last and it just seems like like last time I went to the dentist feet if you go and look at my video that guy my wife went to the same dentist got a tooth pool just like I did she got pain pills and I did not I left that office crying and pissed off mad because I was I was so hurting and I didn't want to be awake for that shit I mean they had a hammer and a chisel and was pounding on my tooth oh my god I'll never forget that I'll never allow myself to be awake for that crap again okay never I will scrape up every dime I have to make sure they put me asleep but anyway it just seems so unfair that people out there have abused you know the system I guess you wanna say the system and it's fucked it up for everybody else have you had this problem where you wanted pain pills you asked for and the doctor wouldn't give it to you I've added a couple times now but if it's severe like this ruptured muscle I got some but not very many and I've had that in the past too where they gave me very little pills I just it's it's so screwed up because you know there's no way of fixing it there's no way that they can regulate make sure the person who's coming in really does have pain and that if they're not faking to get the prescription and then get the pills and sell it I wish people had done that I have had other people who have complained to me too about not able to get anything and it just doesn't it doesn't make any sense but I do get it yes I guess it does make sense yes but it just it's a frustrating thing and there's nothing you can do about it you can go in there and maybe get lucky and get a prescription and also I read online where it said a doctor can only prescribe so many a month the regulate on how often they can give up pain pills and if anything goes bad it can't come back on them so you know I don't know it's so frustrating it would be nice if they would come up some device or something that definitely can take what you pay a device and that way you couldn't get high on it this device would actually just take your pain away away it wouldn't give you as a side effect work you know you felt high which some pain pills do is on pain pills don't I remember that was it was one of my teeth and the doctor gave me this dangerous medicine that can give you a heart attack and all sorts of other things but there's no symptoms of being high I still was in pain so luckily when I went back in there they gave me time on three and that's what I got this time with Tom all three so anyway just let me know in the comments below what do you think have you had this kind of problem you have any idea how they can solve this where everybody can get pain relief when they need it I don't have a solution to the problem there's no way that they could regulate this stuff I just see it getting I see it getting less and less you know and people are just gonna suffer that's what's gonna happen all right you guys have a good one take care and God bless

35 thoughts on “Hard To Get Pain Meds From Doctors These Days

  1. It would be helpful if people making these pleas for help told us which state of the U.S. they lived in. I’m forming a map in my mind and have the impression that the so-called “red states” are much tougher on people in every way, including access to medical compassion. No one here in CA would ask a primary care physician to treat chronic pain on a regular basis; there are specialists for that. But my brother lives in S. Dakota and there is nowhere to turn for his wife. If you want liberal, empathetic treatment, you may have to reconsider your whole political stance. You can’t ask a culture to be liberal just for you and your problem.

  2. No people acting like their in pain days are OVER!. I'm 68
    C-6 fusion and L5 with much metal..severe arthritis.I can barely walk and my primary care dr will NOT give me pain meds.

  3. I am British American and there is a drug over there in England that you can buy in commercial packaging on eBay even that is equalled to a precribed pain medication here. Just got to order it a week to 10 days before you run out. But it has the same ingredients of what you have been prescribed. The only difference, these hit you faster on pain relief as you do not need to wait for a pill to dissolve in the body. Let me know and I can send you a link to it. It works great.

  4. Ok look I’m a decent looking 28 yr old girl and will say that factor may have played a part in making it easier to get a pain dr to prescribe me consistently percs but pharmacist seem to hate me not want to fill my script on average I go to 10 pharmacies to fill it it’s not the drs it’s the whole system all in all go to to a pain dr But you do have to have something that shows up on the x-ray showing herniated disc’s scoliosis something showing that you do have a legitimate pain concerns otherwise they’re not just going to prescribe it

  5. There is a device. It’s a $60k device called an intrathecal pain pump that is implanted in the abdomen. I have one and it works well. It never gets you high, just takes away the pain. You have to get it through a pain management dr.

  6. I was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy years ago. It is known as the most painful disease on the planet.😞 I've suffered so much with this disease and the complete disrespect from the incompetent medical system. I finally found an answer☺ Kratom! Please try kratom. It relieves heavy duty pain. If it's illegal were you live, drive to get it. It's a true miracle that can give you your life back. Much love💕

  7. Opium should be free anyway.. Its a natural plant… People should be able to grow in their yards & home… I think people that have proof of a condition that causes chronic pain shouldn't be treated like drug seekers, & should stay on pain meds… Also, people that have a acute Injury causing pain shouldn't be treated like a drug seeker, but should also be taken off the meds once pain is suspected to be gone by doctor.. I think the people that has no x rays / ect to prove they have a condition causing chronic pain or a condition causing acute pain should be treated like a drug seeker & denied pain medication.. This will stop all the drug seekers to get high & people who seek drugs to sell, from messing it up for all the people who actually needs pain meds.. It will also stop the people who really was in pain from a injury, from still taking pills to get high or sell even though they are not really in pain anymore…

  8. Since the cdc guidelines its become a nightmare for chronic pain pts. If youre a cpp and feel alone come find support from 1000s in same boat and fughting back! Find them and me angelsgal02 you are not alone!!

  9. My doc only gives me 120 20mg oxys. Pisses me off too man! There are docs who will give em…you just have to know the right ones. There’s a list of em in the

  10. Man, i have herniated l4 l5 disc pushing on the nerve. I got prescribed bs tramadol in er. Ortho won't prescribe anything but gabapentin. I'm scheduled for steroid shots in my back and waiting on surgery date. No pain meds.. It sucks, I'm in so much pain most of the time. Doc called the other day about dking shots and surgery. I asked if we can do anything about the pain in the mean time. He said it ia illegal to call in scripts for narcotics, so more gabapentin. Also said that's what the injextions are for. You realize my pain warrants injections and surgery. But not for pain meds?! Ridiculous!

  11. The "opiate epidemic" is caused by illicit fentanyl, and or heroin use, NOT by legally prescribed pain medication. The reason the gov is trying to convince people it is the latter is because the billions of dollars won from the big tobacco settlement in the 90s is almost gone and they are now trying to create cause for a big pharma lawsuit. You can look on the cdc's own website and see the chart that shows how illicit ods have gone way up, but prescription ods have stayed level!?! The problem they are now.creating is many chronic pain patients who could work with medication are now getting on disability, or turning to illegal drugs or even suicide. Unfortunately you occasional pain people are totally screwed. Keep the government out of the doctors office! A politician has no business making medical decisions for millions!

  12. They crack down on opioids heavy but meanwhile Big Phama over charges on other drugs but the goverment dont do nothing to bring those prices down . Since Trump got in office he screwed up the system mostly Sessions who closed thw door on chronic pain patients and I believe they want us all to go to street drugs and die .

  13. There are people who suffer with chronic pain who are ignored for so long until they can no longer take it and end up committing suicide. How is that risk a better idea than prescribing these poor people some much needed narcotics? There are people who have become alcoholics, done terrible things while intoxicated, have literally drank themselves to death but alcohol is still legal for those 21+? There were a few people with no legit pain who snuck into their parent's medicine cabinet and became addicted, ODed and because of those irresponsible fucks now the rest of us have to suffer. Why not treat alcohol the same way? It makes no fucking sense….

  14. I have a real fucked up back from years and years of bad posture due to being overweight and pregnancy didn't help either. After my episural 7 years ago, the pain has become more and more unmanageable over the years and I'm only 27 years old. I have what is called degenerative arthritic scoliosis. My spine near my neck is very visibly damaged. My back is always unusually very hard to the touch. I went to the urgent care here in southern california a week ago and the doctor wanted to prescribe me stuff I already have that doesn't work such as baclofen, flexiril, ibuprofen, lidocaine patches, and some kind of steroid that is supposed to reduce swelling but he would not even prescribe me somas which are my second choice if I can't get what I ultimately need which is hydrocodone or tylenol with codeine. His excuse was that he does not prescribe narcotics to people with chronic pain, only to people with new injuries such as broken bones when I heard him prescribe narcotics to some 15 year old girl who has a sprained arm. BS! I waited there for 3 hours, was talked over, ignored, and thrown to the side while he left me in the room for half hour at a time for a total of 4 times while being there. I ended up just leaving since it was getting late and I had to take my kid to school the next morning. Fortunately a few days later, I was able to get prescribed what I needed to hold me over til my appointment tomorrow for my primary doctor but sadly I had to lie and say that I threw out my back shoveling snow in fear that the doctor would dismiss my need for pain pills again because it was not a new injury. I really hope that tomorrow my doctor can refer me to a good pain management clinic and I can finally get the medication I need and deserve since I have tried everything from exercises, to losing weight, to heating pads, to every OTC you can think of, muscle relaxers, steroids, even marijuana to no prevail. I hope you soon find the treatment you need and deserve soon! I will keep you in my prayers. Lord knows chronic pain is hell on earth.

  15. I am a severe chronic pain sufferer. I have a fantastic doctor now and he prescribes a set number of pills per month which I'm very happy with. But the government makes it harder to continue my treatment. Periodic drug screen's that my insurance no longer covers. (i don't use any other drug's so the screen's aren't a problem). We're all treated like drug addicted skanks now, and don't get me started on the hateful stares you get from the pharmacy staff. I wish I could transfer my pain to them for just 1 day then maybe they would show some compassion.

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