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Happy Mail ~ Updates ~ The Happy Mail Binder ~ GOMMTube #207

hey everybody guess what unexpected happy now just it's so wonderful to have so many beautiful people in our lines you still appreciate you all check out your dad it's awesome love it and this this is a little out of order though cuz you know we wanna acknowledge bring somebody sounds or something so we'll get back to it you know her maintained Monday next one well hello everybody we got happy nail and let's dig in I know what one of them is don't know which one it is that somebody did let me know that something was coming so we start with this actually I'll do that last because I don't know if it's to be read on so we're gonna do that one – let's do I'm gonna do this just gonna ride first so open all right I like knowing Hey hey Wendy can't have too many of these right I love you Becky all right hey do not break case okay I won't what is it what is it Oh refill cartridges to make sticker maker thank you so much Vicki you are a sweetheart love it I'm really really really enjoying making stickers by the way this is a nice size box I could keep that and a nice piece of cardboard I have issues okay Thank You Vicki so this must be what she told me was coming yes okay Vicki saw this on stitcher Easter's channel and sent me one so I saw that same video and thought that looks pretty darn cool this is a holder for your drill pens or whatever it doesn't have to be drilled buttons it could be whatever kind of supplies let's check it out it's got like that rubbery thing that comes out so you can clean it clean it is so you hear you Nair oh that's right she said they couldn't send a gift receipt that's why she contacted me to tell me it was coming but look cried some tens fill it up where's my box every time I say the word box I put it over here yeah she promised up my video where all of my pins were just laying around see I use the three tip and then what where's all my other ones do with them all oh I remember that's right I'm going to tack this away duh come on singing hymn so these this and Mickey Mouse pen and my very favorite us of all pens tweezers hmm they're very sharp I wonder if you put the cap in yeah there you go put the cap in there and then you just stick event cap probably do it without either way I give my little spoon in there yeah you could really load that sucker up putting here that's awesome scissors in there I'm gonna have those little light-up ones that wasn't there very cool I love it okay we put my little knife in there yeah like big scissors in there uh-huh keep going put in there let's put it to the true test here where's my laser pen so if I want to Yasmine okay a regular pen for making labels I wanted to oh yeah get this thing this thing is awesome this is fantastic I love it I love it I love it I love it I will put a link to this below so that you can find it quickly and easily off of Amazon love it thank you so much pick that order how far you can tip it before stuff falls out almost all the way and exactly what I put that in there right probably wouldn't have even fallen out a couple but you know what I'm saying really pretty much whole team are you security hold it okay love it love it thank you thank you thank you so much Vicki really appreciate it all right so I will open this and if it's not to be read then by everybody this is from Jennifer Roberts very sweet but it's rather personal so but it's beautiful little card thank you so much Jennifer I love when you send me these little cards makes my day makes me smile and I keep them all so yeah I could add that in this is way too short right okay let me show you my my binder of everything I've been sent make sure you can see that okay you can see that okay so I have one binder that's all about the channel and keep myself organized with that this one is everybody who sent me stuff whether it's notes or cards or gifts or whatever so I just I have a calligraphy pen that I use and this is just a badge clip I just flipped it right here so my pen in place I could just stick it in there but the new tons of working the plastic so I get and then I keep a small static blank pages like pages and a little bit of a supply of sleeves and then Dimond art club has sent me several things over the year and then I thought attempt for anonymous and I'm not going to open it because some people's addresses show if I get somebody's Anderson not hang on there but I don't mean Suman so you can see the tabs so I do keep track of everything people have sent to me I've run out of the white ones so I've got I'm gonna order myself some more of these but um yeah thank everybody who sent me something gets a gets a tab and I keep it in there and just keep just keep keepin on that's what I do but yeah I've got let me see if I can do one that doesn't so if I didn't have like for example here if I didn't have like a receipt or something so Karen um I don't put the exact data it's the month in year Karen kaykai's unique diamond painting pens on Facebook and you know she sent me something or let's see that's got the addresses the gift cards that come from Amazon so like Rhonda sent me a gift Jolly Ranchers and Oh Rhonda sent the Jolly Ranchers and the Swiffer and all that you know so I keep track of everything because I don't want you to remember when I'm making a video and I mentioned something and somebody gave me and I might not remember who but I do occasionally go back and look so that I can remember who it was that gave me something and give credit where credit's due because I can't even tell you how wonderful you guys are for sending me so many things you just brighten my my life and then Randy had sent me the duck spa hair stuff and yeah so you know letters and all of it all of it all the olives it means the world to me you guys so I'm one of those people that has every card I ever received from the time I was born got them all hoarder yeah but yeah it's sentimental you can't replace those things ever can't go buy myself another letter handwritten by some dear friend so I keep them all anyway I think that's that's all I got for now I guess this is gonna be a short one things that we can do coming up as I still have like at least probably another part or two up to put out before you even miss those out so I'm like piling up for days to come but we can put together that light I still need to record the cross-stitch and again you'll see it all this before I know I'll put this one out right away I'll put this video out right away not gonna make you guys wait um so cross-stitch put together out light got it finish up that freezer covered and I want to I'm gonna get myself I think new map well no not on your map I'm gonna move people from the United States on that one up to that I don't do that on my own time so that's where we're at and oh my bleachers I just stack them up there and then that collapsed and it's just stuck there and doesn't take up a lot of room but okay one of these days I'm going to finally put pictures and that we bought that frame like many many years ago it's a little family tree it still has the photos that came with it so eventually I'll put my family's photos in there but those people are so much better looking than we are oh and I've got I bought all those frames we got a Oh Shh that's a secret and you haven't seen my unboxing video yet from unpick my haul my Michaels haul so I don't be coming up real soon to cuz I go to Michael's and buy a bunch of stuff so I'm gonna shut up now I'm just rambling okay bye guys oh I remembered one other thing we found the Thunder shirt this morning today's Tuesday this morning I saw Jesse and I asked if he knew where it was and he said yeah dad told me to put it put it away for him well weird to put it he told me to put it in the third basket down okay I walk over I look in the third basket down let's reenact this okay we're gonna reenact cuz that's always fun hey can you go put this away it goes in the third basket down okay thanks they're just not technically a basket there but one basket two third basket her leash dog treats collars who heads that's where that goes right no no he put it in there which is a box full of bills all right you guys watched me tear this house apart looking for it I never in a million years oh crap everywhere I never in a million years would have expected it to be in a box of paperwork okay I'm sorry he's going to be 22 in August and it didn't occur to him that when you put it in a box of paperwork that might not be where it goes that it might go cuz he's walked the dog he has that it might go with dogs stuff no no we're gonna put it in this box of paperwork okay I'm not genetically related to him I'm just putting that out there he's not my biological son okay those are the peanuts that Jennifer sent me and those are the Jolly Ranchers that Rhonda sent me see I can remember I just have to read my book all right okay guys I think I think I've got it got it under control now I might have to make the rest of the letters out of cardboard maybe that'll be a project because I I found like some letters at Michael's like I found an A I liked and a D but they were like too small and then the letters that were big enough we're like $18 and I could spend $18 on one letter no way so maybe I'll have to make them out of cardboard no we'll see all right I'm gonna I'm gonna work on this and record it while I watch orange is the new black tonight that's what I was gonna do the other night I never got around to it that's harder to do and it's hard if I had two phones where I could record and edit because those of you who are creators you know that producing and rendering and uploading and all that it ties up your phone for hours so while I'm working on a video I can't record anything else so it's like you're always at a standstill so yeah I mean someday someday I'll get a second recording device I have my tablet but the video quality is for on that thing so I think it can work that tablets like seven years old okay somebody's messaging me oh it's Becky okay guys gotta go gotta go see what that keep Becky's up – bye guys hey make up tents look I did my hair I mean I did something to my hair but I don't think it turned out baby maybe we should do another video in the future of how to curl your hair yeah okay see you the next one but yeah this one that you just watched had nothing to do a thing up that was the gifts that we got yeah love those too okay next one's gonna be the me time I think I love them all okay you you

13 thoughts on “Happy Mail ~ Updates ~ The Happy Mail Binder ~ GOMMTube #207

  1. I just love watching your videos, you make me laugh and God knows I need a good laugh from time to time.

  2. Ah…. there's the Thunder Vest. Let me guess. That is such the situation here. Like, sometimes one has to detach from trying to find the thing you want to find…and you just end up finding it when you arent looking for it. Of course, there are no thunderstorms now that you have found the shirt *laughs*.

    The little tool stand is kind of neat. I anticipate seeing this in your upcoming Diamond Painting videos or timelapses. Im beginning to think that many of your friends must realize that Wendy = Organization Passionate … and thus…all the great things here that help with that. <3 <3

  3. I want to thank you so much for videos they really helped me I love Diamond painting I have done 4 from Walmart and 2 from Amazon and I'm working on one now that come from Walmart that was given to me as a gift that will be my last one for a while because of my mother-in-law passing away we will not have the money for anything but the bills and my daughter is having to help with that right now she trying to get me on disability due to me having severe arthritis and can't do much at all the diamond painting has been helping with my hands but that's okay I get to watch you all the time I love you

  4. Hello Wendy, good morning!πŸ€—. Hope your day is going great. Love your binder. I save all my cards too.
    The cross stich is looking awesome. You are so talented. Is there anything you can't do? πŸ€”. Looking forward to seeing what you got at the store. Oh and the Thunder jacket story….lol thanks for the reenactment. You have a fun filled day.
    Jesus bless you and yours,Lin βœοΈπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸ’πŸ¦πŸ¦ŽπŸ¦ŽπŸ¦ŽπŸ¦ŽπŸ¦ŽπŸ¦ŽπŸ¦ŽπŸ’–πŸ¦’πŸ§πŸ²πŸ€—

  5. I also saw that gadget in Stitcherista's video and thought it was cool. It was nice of Vicki to send you one. Sure would free up some space on my desk 😊 I cracked up watching you load it up 🀣 Can't wait for your next video. Have a great day πŸ’–πŸ’–

  6. This is my first time watching you video and it was hilarious watching you load up that pen holder made my morning πŸ˜†

  7. Hobby Lobby has those letters in their unfinished wood projects. They aren't really wood, but are like a hard cardboard and you can paint them yourself. I did those for my granddaughters room. They are fairly inexpensive.

  8. I'm glad you found Jasmine's thunder shirt. Your cross stitch is looking really nice. Thankyou for the video Wendy!

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