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Gray Hair, Don’t Care

♫ I’ve never felt more youthful. More confident. More free. I’m proud of my gray hair because my mother had it too. My hair says I’m powerful, original, and independent. This is me now. At 15, I thought, “Oh my God, I have a gray hair!” and I instantly yanked it out. My fear is that it was going to make me look older than I really was. I feared that going in to job interviews, it might not go so well. That because I was gray, that maybe I was not strong enough or brave enough and I feel it’s the exact opposite. Once I got in my early twenties, I started to see more and more come and then I just started embracing it. I’m not pretending anymore. With age, you become more fearless. You don’t care what people are thinking about you. You’re just doing you. Women ask me, “How did you do that?” My hair makes me feel sexy. Oh my gosh, there’s so much freedom in being sexy. I went through my phases of purple hair and blonde, brunette, red head, you name it. But honestly, none of them felt like me the way that this does. Now it’s just all here, all out, and all good. [laughing] [DO YOU OWN YOUR GRAY?]
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27 thoughts on “Gray Hair, Don’t Care

  1. i'm bucking the trend and starting to dye my hair again. after a year of gray I extremely dislike it. i DO love that women dont feel like they have to color their hair anymore. big YAY for that <3

  2. I am in process of letting the grey grow out. We shall see if I like it. I love the way these women look and feel. Very strong.

  3. I know that's right! The freedom of it all for me is so priceless! I have been premature grey since my twenties, I use to dye it constantly. Ironically, I have finally learned to embrace and love it when I reached my 50's. I've learned to enhance it and take care of it. I have more confidence in myself than I have ever had before, and people pick up on that in a positive way for me because I don't care anymore what others think, I love my hair and me "for me." I get more compliments now than when I use to dye it. I can't believe I wasted so many years not embracing the grey and wasting so much money on expensive hair dyes (not knocking hair dyes though, it serves its purpose for those who love it, I still like them, I just don't need them anymore).

  4. Grey is considered a “nothing” color, between white an black. Just drab and colorless. Oh no, not today’s hair color. It’s now called “silver” hair. Beautiful, shiny with products, and reflects such light. Come on AARP……..SILVER!

  5. Once again we are seeing beautiful women not yet old enough to have the classic chicken neck we all get UNLESS we can afford face lifts. The women "embracing" their grey hair all have thick hair. They should visit an assisted living center or a nursing home and see what they think about REAL women who have grey or STONE WHITE (it's not silver, girls) hair.

  6. I realize now that the beauty industry and society in general led women to think we had to enhance/change our looks to be better. Letting my hair grow out light gray blonde has freed my time money and anxiety over coloring it. In the salons it was expensive and next to never the color I wanted. I did it at home L'Oreal was close but never quite right to me. I tried them all. It was a huge waste of time energy and money. This trying to look better younger for what real is truth. Look around every single human has some flaw. Whether it be in facial or body features it's there. I personally don't notice that. What I notice is if a person is good kind giving and such. This trying to be perfect is an allusion a false allusion of self. Mostly conjured up by the beauty industry for money. They suckered us into this belief. Wish I became truly aware sooner.
    My own natural color was blonde it was beautiful should have been enough. I was lured into believing light blonde was more beautiful. My mother colored hers light blonde she encouraged me. I hated having roots in 1 to 2 weeks. I was embarrassed by them and sometimes would not go out because they where not done. Spent a lot of time trying to look natural. Now that I am natural, I LOVE IT at 57.
    Sometimes I catch myself in a reflection when I'm out thinking I look older, but then I think, I AM SO WHAT WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT, such is life. It's boils down to self acceptance not others opinions. Really when all is said and done, at the root of this over focusing on self, is vanity and pride. Wow does the beauty and fashion industries like/try to lure us in? Yes they do and a lot of us fall for it big time.

  7. I think it's going to be more than just a moment! Women all over the world are embracing their natural hair… it's a new era! 🙂

  8. It's just weird when the rest of your hair is a shiny golden brown and then more and more wire-y silver ones come in. Would rather it all be grey like these ladies. I want it to be one or the other hmmm

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