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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Getting Surgery from an EVIL DOCTOR / Roblox Hospital Life ft. Freddy

– Ah, finally I made it to the
hospital with only one leg. All right, let’s go to
the receptionist and wait, um, for a doctor to um, help me out. (laughing) Two hours later. – [Doctor] Oh, hello. – Hello, sir. I broke
my, I, um, lost a leg, and I need brain surgery. – [Doctor] Oh, you need
brain surgery for a leg? – No – [Doctor] Oh that would be.
– I have two things wrong with me. – [Doctor] Oh, I see, okay, well. – And I can’t walk properly – [Doctor] I’m going to have
to get you a wheelchair. Okay?
– Okay. – [Doctor] Wait here. – Okay, I’ll stay right here. – [Doctor] Okay. – Hello ma’am. Um. Um. You look very nice today. Um, uh, Isn’t it a nice day outside. Hi, I’m a big fan, well um, Thank you! Well, thank you ma’am. I’m following you. Thank you, thank you very much. Ma’am, um, Well I am going to have to
go and get my brain surgery done soon. Yeah Oh, I’m just getting a wheelchair cause I can’t walk properly. Yeah. – [Doctor] Oh, all these
people are crowding me I can’t get a wheelchair. Ah, this is very difficult. Oh, I have a better idea. – I’m going to jump from chair
to chair while I’m waiting. This is fun. (laughing) All right, when is my
wheelchair going to be here? Keep calm and beat cancer. Oh, that’s true.
– [Doctor] Oh no. I’m going to have to carry you in my ha, in my hands, I think. – Ah, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll just walk. – [Doctor] Oh, I’m coming,
I’m coming now, oh yay I think I made it. Oh here it is. – This kind lady’s helping me walk. – [Doctor] Here’s your wheelchair. – Thank you, sir. – [Doctor] Okay, come with me.
– Ah! – [Doctor] Oh, what happened to you? – I got flipped on my face. (laughing) – [Doctor] Okay, ca, come
this way, come inside. – Well I’m going to
have a lot of visitors. I guess. – [Doctor] Yes. – Um, I don’t know which one is you. You have twins. – [Doctor] I’m right here. – Okay, you’re that one. – [Doctor] Yes. – All right. Ah, I can’t walk. There we go. All right, what room are we going first? – [Doctor] Okay, follow me. This way, we going to – Are we going to do my
leg first or my brain? – [Doctor] I have to,
– Oh, no! – [Doctor] I have to make
uh, make an x-ray first. – Okay – [Doctor] so we gonna
go to the x-ray room. – Wait, I can’t walk. Everyone is like in my way. No! – [Doctor] Ah, I think
you’re going to have to ditch the wheelchair. – Okay, I’ll try to walk. Can you help me? – [Doctor] Yes, okay, grab my hand. – Okay, let’s go. – [Doctor] Okay, let’s go go go. – All right, one. – [Doctor] Where is the x-ray room? – You don’t even know your own way around your own hospital? – [Doctor] I get
confused, it’s right here. – Okay
– [Doctor] This way. – Yeah, it is quite a big hospital. – [Doctor] Okay, so here.
– I need to sit here. – [Doctor] Yes, okay, just wait a moment. – I’ll sit right here. – [Doctor] I’ll go outside
and take the picture. – I don’t think all these
people should be here. – [Doctor] Yeah, they
want a picture too, okay, so, just hang on tight. – All right. – [Doctor] Here we go. – Selfie! – [Doctor] Oh, yeah, we ‘re doing it. Okay, here we go. Oh, my goodness, your brain is exploding. – Really! – [Doctor] Stop the machine! – Oh, no! Oh. What about my leg? – [Doctor] Are you okay now? – Yeah, I’m fine. – [Doctor] Okay, come
– But what about my leg? Is there anything wrong with it? – [Doctor] Um, come see the picture, it, yeah, it’s broken, – [Doctor] It’s definitely – Let me see it.
– [Doctor] broken. Look at the wall.
– Oh yeah, it’s broken. Definitely. – [Doctor] So, yeah, we
gonna have to fix it. – It’s like snapped in
half into, inside my skin. – [Doctor] Okay, well we gonna have to go to the operating room. – Yeah, where’s the operating room, sir? Is this one you? No, that’s you.
– [Doctor] Thi- this way, this way, this way, come here. – Okay. – [Doctor] And, let’s see. Not in the gymnasium, nope. Ah, surgery, right there. – Okay surgery, I need surgery. All right, um. – [Doctor] Oh, lay down,
okay, can you lay down there? – Um. I forgot how to lay down. Oh, there we go. (chuckles) – [Doctor] All right, so, let’s get to it. First, I’m going to give you a needle. – Oh no, please not the needle! – [Doctor] Ah yeah, – Not the needle to the face. – [Doctor] You won’t feel anything, This is the anesthesia.
– Okay. Then can you – Then can you put a bandage on it? – [Doctor] Um, sure. – K. – [Doctor] Boom, oh, yeah, – Oh, Ahh! It hurts. It hurts. – [Doctor] Hold on, let me,
let me use the scissors. – What are you goin, don’t
cut my luscious hair. – [Doctor] I’m just
gonna cut off your, um, your bandaid, cause it’s in the way. – Okay. (both laughing) I don’t think that’s how
you, um, take off bandaids. – [Doctor] Okay, well let’s see the, I’m going to check out my,
instruction manual here. Hm, hm hm hm, okay. – Wait, you don’t know how to be a doctor! And you have an instruction manual! – [Doctor] I. I do. I know how to be one. Just relax, just, I’m going to
be gettin every needle, okay? Just relax. Boom, yeah. – Ooww – [Doctor] Now we gonna
start cutting you in half. – Oooowwwww – [Doctor] You, I promise you
will not feel a thing, okay? – Nooo! – [Doctor] You got a needle
already, you should be fine. – Nooo! – [Doctor] Close your eyes. – Nooo! – [Doctor] BOOM! Did you feel it? – Yeah I felt it. – [Doctor] Once again, boom.
– Nooo! – [Doctor] Oh, drink this juice. – Okay, thanks. – [Doctor] Will make you feel better. – Mmm! – [Doctor] This is the happy juice. K, I’ll give you another needle. – K, thank you. Thank you doctor. – [Doctor] In, in your brain this time cause we gonna operate on the brain. – Nooo! – [Doctor] Oh yeah. – [Doctor] Okay, now
– No. – [Doctor] I’m going to
have to cut your hair off, okay? – Don’t! – [Doctor] Don’t worry,
you will glue it back on. – What? – [Doctor] Yeah, we gonna
use the, the glue afterwards. – Oh, okay, okay! Then cut it all off if you want. – [Doctor] It’s not coming off. What’s going on with these scissors? – Um, I think their, um, not scissors. (doctor laughing) – [Doctor] Hm, interesting. Okay, okay, I have your chart here, so, I’m just,
– Ew, what-cha writing about? – [Doctor] I’m gonna,
I’m gonna write down, um, – What-cha writing about?
– [Doctor] What we did today you know, all the notes. – You have a blank page. – [Doctor] No, it’s not blank. You can’t see cause we
gave you the juice, okay? That’s the side effect. – Ah, it looks pretty blank to me. – [Doctor] (laughing) No, no, no, no. Okay, I’m done with this clipboard. – All right.
– [Doctor] And I’ll give you more juice, there you go. Make you feel better. – Okay, yeah, okay. This is not making me feel better. – [Doctor] Okay, Can you get up, maybe,
and uh, we gonna reattach your leg. – Okay. All right, I’m getting up. – [Doctor] Okay, come here, come this way. – Um, you, where is the attaching place? Oh, you just do it on the floor? – [Doctor] No, yeah, you just,
uh, just click on that leg. And, (both laughing) No, oh my goodness, what are you doing? – What are you doing to me. – [Doctor] You lost your limbs. Oh no!
– No! What have you done to me doctor. – [Doctor] It must be the juice. Oh, I gave you the wrong juice. Oh no no! – Oh no! What have you done to me? – [Doctor] Okay, I’m going
to give you your pills now. Okay, grab one of those pills. – Okay um, – [Doctor] It will make you feel better. – Okay, I’m gonna get, I’m
gonna get-get some pills. (makes chewing sounds) mm, it tastes like candy floss. – [Doctor] Okay, okay. Let’s see. What are these things? I don’t know. – You’re, you could be
a surgeon with them. Ple, please do not open. I’m going to open this. – [Doctor] Uh, I think it’s locked. – Oh no. (laughing) All right. All right, what are you going to do to me? I lost all my limbs. – [Doctor] I think we should, – Your gonna get fired. – [Doctor] I think we
should reattach your legs. – And I can’t walk anymore. – [Doctor] Me too, I’m – I forgot how to walk. – [Doctor] I’m actually frozen. Oh no. – Oh no! – [Doctor] Oh, can you walk?
– Nooooo! – [Doctor] Can you move? – No I can’t, I can only jump. I forgot how to walk. – [Doctor] Oh, that must be the juice. – What have you done to me, you doctor? – [Doctor] I’m sorry. – You’re gonna get fired for sure. – [Doctor] I’m going to lose my license. No! – No! (both laughing) and I will be stuck here forever. – [Doctor] Oh my, I’m
gonna have to, uh, reemerge as a doctor again, cause I couldn’t move. I re-spawned. – Me too. (giggles) – [Doctor] Uh, do you
have your limbs back? – Um, No! I do not have my limbs back. – [Doctor] Ah, ye you do. I saw you here. – Where at? – [Doctor] You’re running away from me. No, come back! – No! – [Doctor] Patient on the loose. – (laughing) I don’t have any limbs. (doctor laughing) – [Doctor] Come back patient. – You have ruined my life. (doctor laughs) – [Doctor] Oh, where are you going? The juice should wear off pretty shortly. Don’t run away, no! – I’m, you, um, ah, I don’t know. You, um, you got rid of all my limbs. – [Doctor] Okay, I see you. – I don’t have any limbs. – [Doctor] Ohh. – [Both Speak Together] Hm,
what are you going to do with – Me?
– [Doctor] You? Okay, you don’t have any limbs. So, wow, This is really bad. – I can walk for some reason. – [Doctor] Hm. – I’m going to take my pills. – [Doctor] Maybe you need a needle again. – No! No! – [Doctor] K. – I don’t want the needle. – No!
– [Doctor] Just. – No, no no no no. – [Doctor] Come back, come
back, you gonna like it. – I’m not gonna like it. – [Doctor] It’s not gonna hurt. – I gonna hide on the toilet. – [Doctor] It’s not gonna hurt, for sure. Come back, come back!
– no I’m just gonna look at
my beautiful mirror. – [Doctor] Oh, where did you go? – Shh, ah, oh no, that’s not you. Um oh, – [Doctor] Okay, I’m still looking for you the whole hospital is full of
patients, but I don’t see you. – K, we gotta get outta here. I don’t want another needle. – [Doctor] I’m coming for you. I have a needle here. – Oh no. – [Doctor] And I have a bed too. A stretcher bed. Are you in the reception area? – No – [Doctor] No? Come on, where are you? – Ah, don’t give me the needle! I don’t need a needle. – [Doctor] Well, I have a scalpel too, I need the needle, I need
to give you needle first so you don’t feel a thing. – I’m in the gymnasium. I’m, it’s too late, I’m gonna die. Help! – [Doctor] Okay, I’m coming. Just wait for me one moment.
– Just no needle. Help me! Help me! I just die, I died. I’m dying, but I,
– [Doctor] No, no your not. – I’m exercising. – [Doctor] Oh. – Help! – [Doctor] I’m coming, I’m
coming okay, here we go. Here we go.
– Help me! – [Doctor] Yes, okay, I’m right here. – Ow!
– [Doctor] Just relax BOOM! – Ahh! – [Doctor] You got a needle okay? I’m going to give you another one. – No! Not another one. – [Doctor] BOOM. Yes
– Nooo! – [Doctor] BOOM. – No, it hurts! Ow!
– [Doctor] Oh! Are you crying here? No, don’t cry. – Ah, it hurts. – [Doctor] And I’m now
going to cut you up, okay? Don’t worry, it’s – No, don’t cut me up!
– [Doctor] not going to hurt. It’s not gonna hurt. – Nah, ah! Help!
– [Doctor] I’m a doctor. I know what I’m doing. – No, you have to um, like
give me like those, um, shots for me to go to sleep
and then I’m gonna, yeah – [Doctor] Oh, okay, so I’m
gonna give you another shot. Here, you can go to sleep. BOOM. (snoring) And now, you’re sleeping, okay? Are you? All right, I’m just gonna cut you up. But don’t worry, I’ll put you together. Oh, yeah, okay, okay. Now I’m gonna have to sew you back up. More juice for you. Oh, more juice for me this time, oh no! I feel dizzy. – I’m awake. – [Doctor] Oh no!
– Ah. – [Doctor] Now I’m dizzy.
– Hello Doctor. – [Doctor] I’m dizzy,
no I drank the juice. – You look like an alien to me. – [Doctor] Oh.
– What’s going on doctor? – [Doctor] Um, I think
you should be all fine. Try to get up, okay? – Uh. – [Doctor] I stitch you up. – Ah. Okay. Good. Oh, I’m I’m sitting back down, I, I fell. I can’t get back up. My muscles can’t work together properly. – [Doctor] Okay, come come
– There we go – [Doctor] come come. – Help me. Hold my hand. – [Doctor] You don’t have a hand. – Before I die. You don’t have any hands. – Then hold my hair. – [Doctor] Okay. (laughs) – I got quite long hair. All right, where are we going? – [Doctor] Get a wheelchair,
cause you can’t walk like this. – Okay. – [Doctor] This one. – I need a wheelchair. Ow. I forgot how to sit. There we go. – [Doctor] Oh, I’m gonna
have to push you I think, cause you don’t have any legs. – Oh yeah, you’re right. Um, ah, where are we going? Are we, where are we going, seriously? – [Doctor] We’re, we’re
going to the recovery room. – Recovery room? – [Doctor] You’re all better now. – I am? – [Doctor] Yeah, you’re
perfect, look at you. – No, I, I don’t have any limbs. – [Doctor] Okay, well,
– You need to sew me back up. well let’s go back to
another surgery then. You want your limbs back? – Yeah.
– [Doctor] Let’s go make a surgery. – I don’t care how they
look, I just want limbs. You can sew up zombie
limbs on me if you want. – [Doctor] Okay, we’ll do that. Uh, what’s going on? Where is the surgery room? Oh, it’s the other way, I get confused. I drank the juice, and I got confused. – Okay, all right. These people like
– [Doctor] Come this way. – Pushing me around. Ah! I can’t move. Help! They squishing me
together like a sandwich. – [Doctor] K, I’m gonna push your chair. Oh, no no no no. Okay, you’re doing just fine. Keep going, keep going.
– All right. – [Doctor] This is the right way. Back to surgery, right there. Oh! – Oh no, I flipped. Okay, I- I’m gonna ditch
the that dumb chair. – [Doctor] Okay
– all right, I’m gonna.. – [Doctor] Hm. Let’s see. Hmm hmm hmm. – Are you gonna put my limbs ba – [Doctor] What are we
gonna do with you now, hm? – Oh, I got one of my legs. – [Doctor] Hm. – You put a limb back on me. – [Doctor] Yeah, okay. So you’re getting better. You’re slowly getting better. Um, okay, I’m going to
give you another needle. – I think you’re putting
another leg on me. – [Doctor] And I’m gonna, I’m
gonna stitch it back up, okay? – Oh, there we go!
– [Doctor] Yeah! – You’re stitching all my arms back. – [Doctor] Okay, awesome! So, let me, just hang on tight, I’m going to give you another juice. – No! I don’t want the juice. I don’t want the juice.
– [Doctor] Want the juice? – Remember what happened when
you gave me the juice before? Don’t give me it, I’m fine. Leave me alone. – [Doctor] Oh, where are you? Oh, you’re not in the bed. (girl laughing) Oh, patient on the loose. Where’s the patient? – Run! The doctor has gone nuts! Run! Run! I feel all better! Leave me alone doctor. – [Doctor] No, you still need the juice. – I’m leaving the hospital. – [Doctor] You still need the juice. – No, not the juice! No! (doctor laughing) – [Doctor] Eh, it’s
– Please! – [Doctor] It’s cherry juice. It’s yummy, yummy! – No, I don’t like cherries. Cherries are disgusting. – [Doctor] Well, I don’t see you anywhere. Where are you, no, I need to find you. I didn’t even finish my,
my procedure with you. – No! You finished, you finished fine. Okay, I just need to find a place to hide. – [Doctor] Hm. – I’m out of the hospital,
ahh, now I gotta run. I gotta run from this crazy doctor. – [Doctor] Now, where are you? – All these houses are the same. Oh-no! We’ll have to go to the
police o-office and tell them about the crazy doctor. – [Doctor] No, I’m gonna
get you back, come on. Back to the hospital.
– Help! Cr-crazy doctor on the loose. He’s trying to get rid of all my limbs. But with this cherry juice flavor thingy! Help! No, there’s no joh-doctor here. Not that doctor. Oh-no, the doctor’s there. Oh-no! And there’s no police anywhere. – [Doctor] All right – No, you can’t see me. Okay, that’s good. Oh, ah, ah! – [Doctor] Patient,
patient, where are you? Are you here? Are you hiding in the house? – You’ll never find me. – [Doctor] Hm. Just tell me, are you in the house? – No! – [Doctor] You’re not in the house? – Don’t. Kill. Me. Ah! – [Doctor] Okay, well, I have to find you. You have to go back to the hospital. You still need more juice. – I don’t want the juice. – [Doctor] Oh, I see you
– no! – [Doctor] Patient on the loose. Come back. – No! – [Doctor] Come back, come,
I have a car here, come back. – No! I will not come back. I’ll climb the slide. No, he’s after me. (doctor laughs) – [Doctor] I’m gonna get you. Yeah. Whoa! – Run, I gotta get out of here. Uh. – [Doctor] But, you seem
like you’re all better now. You’re jumping and running and – Yeah, – [Doctor] sliding down. That’s why I tried to get, um – [Doctor] Are you sure you’re okay? – Yeah, I’m fine, I don’t need more juice. – [Doctor] You need a needle, maybe? – No, I’m fine. Ah, I fell. – [Doctor] I’m a good doctor, remember? – No you’re not. – [Doctor] I can give you a needle. You’re gonna love it. – I’m not gonna love it. No!! – [Doctor] Yeah! – No, I can’t climb up
the pole, to slippery. No! I need to get a real doctor. – [Doctor] I’m the real doctor. – Noo!
– [Doctor] Yes! – What did you do to the other ones? Did you kill them? – [Doctor] I end the
night, barbecued them. – Uhhh, noo! (doctor laughs) The evil doctor. We need to escape from him. Noo! People are telling you to stop. Now stop this. – [Doctor] You gonna run
so fast you’re gonna break your leg, and then we’ll get
you back into the hospital. – Nooo! Receptionist, help me! Crazy doctor on the loose. Ahh! We need to change our disguise
so they don’t recognize us. Um, hat remover and oh, get this hat. – [Doctor] Where is my patient? Hmm – Oh, I saw your patient. Uh, over at the surgery room. – [Doctor] Now. – I saw a patient at the surgery room. – [Doctor] Really? – Yeah. – [Doctor] At the surgery room? – Yeah. – [Doctor] Hm, interesting. – What, what are you doing with your hair? – [Doctor] I’m gonna go back
to the surgery room, and. – Well, what’s wrong with your face? – [Doctor] Nothing wrongs my face. It’s perfect. – Okay, I better get going now. Ahhh! I gotta run. – [Doctor] Which one are you? Did you change your, appearance? Where are you now? – I gotta get to the back of the hospital. They won’t find me there. Ahhh! – [Doctor] Okay, I don’t see you anymore. Where are you?
– What’s this? Oh, what’s this room. Surgery room. All right, we can hide here. – [Doctor] Hmm. – We can pretend we are a
completely different person. – [Doctor] K. – All right, we gotta get out of here. Um, – [Doctor] Now I am in the surgery room and there is no patient here. – Ohh. – [Doctor] Where is my patient? Hm. – Ah. Uh, I need ga-get this hair. Um,eh. Yeah this is perfect. Um, I also need um, eh, I need this face. – [Doctor] Oh, hello. – Ah, hi. – [Doctor] Oh. – Have you seen my mommy? [Doctor] You’re mommy’s
in the surgery room, eh, getting her legs fixed. – Oh, um, I think I’m
gonna go to the park now. Um, eh. – [Doctor] But, but hey
wait for me, I have a, I have a needle for you. – I don’t want it, you’re a
stranger, get outta my face. – [Doctor] No no, it’s good for you, trust me
– okay, bye. I’m just hiding, I’m out, I’m under disguise, now get outta my face. – [Doctor] No, no no no,
come back little kid. – No! I’m not a little kid,
I’m just in disguise. We need, I need a get-a-way
car to get outta this town. This guy’s crazy. Noo! Can we climb up these bushes? No, we can’t. There’s invisible walls. Ah, what are we gonna do? I need to break into someone’s house. Ah, I gotta lock the door behind me. Eh, there we go, I’m locking the door. There, I locked the door. Hey, how did you get in? I locked the door. (doctor chuckles) – [Doctor] I’m after
you, I’m gonna get you. – I need to get a car. Oh, get-a-way car. No, oh no, you’re in the car with me. (doctor laughs) – No! – [Doctor] You’re crazy doctor
is behind you in the car. Where are you? – Go, I have to run. – [Doctor] What? – I’m going, oh okay. Let’s go up here, he’ll never find me. I’m too tiny. K, all right, um, I don’t think he see’s me. Oh, he’s over there. Okay, we gotta hide. Oh no, he’s coming. Ahh! What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do? – [Doctor] Wait. – I don’t want to loose
all my limbs again. – [Doctor] Where are you? Where is my patient? – Ahhhh! The evil doctor is after me. – [Doctor] Haha. Yeah. Come on, just a little needle won’t hurt. – No! You’re gonna destroy all
my limbs once and for all. No, I don’t want this to happen to me. – [Doctor] Oh, I found that
empty bottle from the juice. Oh, you drank all of it? – No, some other kid did,
and they lost all their limbs and they never found their limbs again. Ah, and and now the
crazy doctor’s after me. – [Doctor] Now I lost ya,
I don’t know where you are. – Okay, I gotta hide, I gotta hide. Um, Fre- ddy is cra- crazy. Um, uh, he will kill meh. Help, Freddy is crazy. No! No! Noo!
– [Doctor] I see you. I’m after you. – No! – [Doctor] You’re changing
your outfits again, ah, I-I see, oh, you cannot escape.
– No! No! – [Doctor] I’m gonna give
you the needle right now. Oh.
– oh, I’m an old grandpa, I got gray hair. You will never find me here. – [Doctor] Okay, where are you know? Hmm. – You will never find me. I can’t hide here, okay. Um. Where are you? – [Doctor] I’m looking for you. Are you in the wash room? No. – Yeah, I’m peeing. – [Doctor] No your not. – Um, uh – [Doctor] Are you in the gymnasium? – Ah. Yes! I’m working my butt off. – [Doctor] No you’re not. – Um – [Doctor] Are you back in the surgery? – Maybe. – [Doctor] No, you’re not here. Hmm. Where is my patient. Okay fine, I’m not going to
give you the juice anymore, just the needle. – If Freddy finds me he will kill me. No! Okay, all right. No, no, no, no! Please no! (Dying noise)

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