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100 thoughts on “Get Ripped from Home – HIIT Workout (No Equipment Needed)

  1. I recommend all people who are trying to get in shape to do workouts like this, high intensity with proper warmup, walk 30mins to hour a day and only drink water(no juice or other things), don’t eat a lot of bread, rice and pasta and you will be good! Make sure you eat healthy and put that work in and you melt fat like butter and don’t eat useless sugar, get sugar from 🍎 fruits

  2. Hello! I had a problem with the last step for ceated account in thenx app! Althought i filled in all fields (username, fullname and email) but app still error reported that i haven't filled in all fields yet! How can i fix this problem? Help me, please!

  3. Sorry, I don't know if you can make a playlist with a whole routine without the need for equipment, I would really appreciate it, greetings from Mexico

  4. I started watching his videos today and immediately became inspired to start training again, amazing thanks to this guy for motivatiing me to push harder during my exercises.

  5. Not gonna lie. Had me sweating a storm by the end of second set. Had to turn on the AC. Also like most have commented great to see a guy with a little heavier build keeping up with you. Like to see more of these types of combo videos of both of you.

  6. Conheci o canal ontem. Sou brasileiro e já estou gostando bastante. Eu faço academia, mas penso em adicionar um pouco de calistenia pra fortalecer. Esse HITT é muito bom.

  7. Is it okay to do the first round because its to hard and try a few weeks later the three round or is it useless to do only one round

  8. Just did the prescribed 3 sets here in my Kusadasi hotel after binging on kebab and doner… and oh man was it brutal.

  9. Goal: 2days 1 week

    10/27 *2.5times.. 🤪🤪🤪
    11/2 *1round 😁😁
    11/3 *3round complete.
    11/8 *2round..that Switching Mountain Climber is killing me…

  10. My professor in med school who is a doctor told us that HIIT is best for losing weight because it stimulates the release of the hormone epinephrine.

  11. Sorry but i am alowed to say the following 😅 i was like: if the big one can do this, there's no way i cant.
    Im in his shape i would say so were bros.
    Good Motivation

  12. Now I know why there's music mixed in the video, you can't hear the breathing, haha. When I do these exercises at home I'm falling out of breath.

  13. I’m gonna try doing this everyday for at least 6 months. I’m pretty healthy but still have some stubborn fat so hopefully this will remove it

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