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Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Hey everyone Today’s ab workout is just 10 minutes but it’s gonna be intense your abs will love you and hate you at the same time But it’s gonna be worth it So this workout one is part of my 2 weeks shredding program to help you get closer to that defined abs and the schedule is over here. Guys this program is all free So don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe and also turn on notification alright If you want to join in on this challenge do not forget to leave a comment down below with your progress Or use my hashtag on Instagram Or even create a YouTube video like these girls have so that we can support one another and let’s get started All exercise today are 30 seconds each and comes in the superset. So we’re doing two exercises Back to back and we have a ten seconds break. Let’s get started The first exercise is leg raise clap Lower down your legs slowly and lift them back up then crunch up and clap your hands Make sure your back is flat on the ground when you lower your legs down as you don’t wanna injure your back No rest time here guys, we are going straight into reverse crunch. Lift hips off the ground using your core muscles Make sure you’re engaging your core here We have a 10 seconds break and the next exercise is spider-man plank. Bring one leg to the side touching the elbow Now get ready to jump into a cross body climber. Bring your knees in as close to the opposite elbow as possible and tighten up your core guys Next up we have russian twist. Do it slow and controlled and my abs were burning so badly at this point We’re going to jump into in & out straight away I’m really killing you guys here but breathe in as you extend your legs and breathe out as you bring your legs in and squeeze your abs Rest up and we have plank with hip dips. This exercise is really great for the obliques And now we’re moving into plank Jack’s straightaway Make sure you keep your core engaged and let’s smash this you can do this Time for another quick rest and we have the hundreds bring your legs off the ground You can have your knees bent or straight then stop pumping your legs up and down. This is super hard So if you need to take a little break it is totally okay Get ready for crunches next squeeze those ABS guys, we’re more than halfway through you can do this Rest up and rest up and we have up and down plank. Make sure your toys tight and engage in your butt is not poking up or drooping down Now get ready into a plank position again make sure your core is tight and your glutes are engaged and tucked in Well, we have a little break and heel touches is next Touch your heel with your hands and this is really great for the obliques, too Straight away we have bicycle punch. I know I’m really pushing you guys here, but we are almost done with the workout guys. Keep going Rest up and we have reverse crunch with leg extension next again, make sure you’re using core muscles to lift your hips up Now get ready for straight leg crunch do a couple of crunch pulses and you can do Bent-knee crunch if you prefer that instead And the last exercise we have today is up-and-down plank, let’s finish this guy’s you can do this That’s the workout I hope you have enjoyed this Please smash that thumbs up button and subscribe and turn on notifications so that you don’t miss out on my new videos And I’ll see you soon. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

  1. It's literally almost been a year since I started doing Chloe's exercises along with other people's. I've lost about 20 lbs and counting! But guess what…I'm 13! So, I'm living proof that age doesn't matter so you should keep working towards your goal and don't give up. I'm super proud of myself and my progress, I was chubby at the beginning of year and now I have muscle tone and abs! I was super bad at alot of the exercises, and now they're super breezy. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon so feel free to use this comment as motivation. Thanks so much Chloe!

  2. OMG I'm already seeing results. I'm on day 5.I had lower belly fat now its gotten a bit flat. I'm so excited to see the full results.

  3. Ok I'm going on a trip to California and I wanna wear cute bikinis !! I'm starting tonight ( December 2nd 2019 ) and will keep yall updated!
    Day 1 ✔ i had to take alot of breaks and modified the planks but I did it ! I'm not sure how well I execute all of the exercises but it's done!
    Day 2

  4. Day 1:so it was okay today it really hurts and I don’t want to continue

    Day 2:today I felt super unmotivated but I did it-not to the best of my ability and now I’m eating pizza😂😪

  5. what’s hard for me is that i don’t have my own room and i hate working out in front of people i want them to be surprised that i gained abs bc they always saw me w tummy

  6. Every like is motivation to do this workout 2 times a day! One I start doing this I will update daily! wish me luck 🙂

  7. idk if it’s because i’m really weak or i am not doing this right but everytime i do this it gets harder 🙁 i’ve done it 4x now and i can hardly get through it and i take so many breaks, does anyone have advice??? is it just me??? the first day was okay but now i can last have halfway before i feel exhausted

  8. I'm a 14 year old girl that has been experiencing bullying because of my weight and physique. This is my first time trying this workout and I'm so disappointed with how I did. Please give me some motivation to continue! 🙏🏻

  9. I found this workout pretty bearable however I do consider myself quite fit and active. Excited for what it entails . I just started today
    Starting weight- 56.8kg
    I'll keep updating this 🙂

  10. I can't believe but day 4 is completed and I'm exhausted I don't know if there is a change or not but I'm definitely feeling those calories burning🔥🔥 who's in for with this challenge
    Like it so can not be disappear 😂😂 😂😂

  11. My mom always nag at me thinkning that I isolated myself away in my room to play my phone but I'm actually doing the excercises in secret tbh.

  12. Day one: 61kg. Thought of giving up tho cuz It was really hard to me, couldn’t even do the up and down plank so I did a simple plank 😂. But aye I’ll continue for my weak ass to gain some abs

  13. It’s sad that I can’t do some of these because they are really hard like the up and down plank idk my elbows are just too weak they can’t support my body weight at all. I’m quite chubby not fat and I have very big bones so can anybody suggest what to do? Hope I can do the up and down plank one day.

  14. Okay. First time to comment my challenge here. I'm gonna do this for 2 weeks. Let's see.
    Dec 3 measurements: 34-28-38
    Will update you guys in 2 weeks. Will also post on my Ig. 💞 we can do this!!!👑💋

  15. Maybe I’m a little insane but I’m doing this twice a day . I started on the 1st of December. First day was hard, I definitely felt the burn so yes it’s working, day two I was super sore but I pushed through, it’s even harder with a toddler who wants to sit on you while doing planks. Day 3 (today) I feel the urge to work extra hard so I did it this morning and I’ll do it again tonight. I marked the days on my mirror so I check off every single day and it motivates me to see that. This isn’t easy at all but it’s sooo worth it! You can’t put a price on confidence! We got this !💪🏻

  16. Is it normal that I can’t do most of the workouts on the first day. Its hard for me and I feel so bad. I can’t do the up & down plank in 30 seconds.

  17. just updating my progress here so i feel accountable 😇 doing this bc i wanna feel good for the holidays!!!

    day 1 🤍 had to alter certain exercises to keep going on

  18. So I’ve done it for 3 days so far. It hurts really bad, but it motivates me so much because I wasn’t sure how well it would do me since starting out was extremely difficult and i had to slow it down some. But I’ve actually been losing weight and seeing some difference in my stomach. I’m so excited to finish this out!!

  19. Myself– get up lazy ass
    Food– finish me first, do it tomorrow
    Myself–no am gonna do it today… God help me 😫😪

  20. Okay i will try doing this and i will be updating you guys…
    1day i fell some burn in my stomach but i think i can do better…it was harder than i thought but i can do it!

  21. I’m making a comment so that I will motivate myself to ACTUALLY do it😂 I love this workout and did it months ago and I lovvveeed the results my only problem was that I’m tall and too long for my mat so I struggled with a few exercises bc I kept slipping
    Day 1: 👍🏼
    Day 2: 👍🏼 (I’ve been doing two reps of this a day on top of my other workouts)
    Day 3: 🤩 I feel like my stomach is firmer but I’m probably just imagining it

  22. Ok so I'm going to update this every day to try to hold myself accountable lmao.
    Day 1: it's difficult but I managed to make it through the whole vid without stopping.
    Day 2: FUCK I'm sore lmao. Gotta push through it though. It was harder today because my abs are so sore.

  23. alright! i’m trying this workout!!!!!
    day 1: ouch! lol! it hurt pretty bad and of course there won’t be results yet😅

  24. doing just these exercises from this video counts as the proper two week challenge right? or is it her entire two week shred to get results?

  25. i wasn’t gonna make a comment but thought it’d be beneficial for others 🙂

    day 1: i did this with my friend and we couldn’t stop laughing so that made it 10x worse – i genuinely think i died
    day 2: did this at home and was definitely a lot less painful but man this is hard
    day 3: i’m doing this with other workouts, i feel good but still rlly hard
    day 4: i did this and 3 other videos, i sweated so much but the results will be worth it 🙂
    day 5: only did 3 videos today but i’m starting to find it a little easier, still burns but it’s good
    day 6: did this at the gym, for some reason it killed even more today
    day 7: my legs burnnn (probs from gym but today was so hard)
    day 8: i looked at her tips video and tried it, you can really feel it working!!
    day 9: i’m doing it less as i have exams but still doing at least a vid a day
    day 10:
    day 11:
    day 12:
    day 13:
    day 14:

  26. im going to australia in 2 weeks and i wanna have a some what summer body concidering its winter where i live so im a lil behind but gonna keep at this till then!

  27. Just did my first workout today, kicked my butt! My goal is to do this every day. I want to lose weight but more importantly, I want to feel better about myself. Good luck to everyone else out there!

  28. I posted this here like 10 days ago, But I'm posting it again so more people can see it and be motivated!! (since 10 days ago, no one liked my comment, but it's pretty important, because I actually update :)))

    So I'm gonna do her program and keep you guys updated 
    Please like this so people will notice this comment
    I probably will need to turn her program around a little, but I will stick to it
    Wish me luck!! xx

    Day 1: Done. It was intense, I am sweating so badly. I am so weak in my arms lmaoooo, I don't like to weigh or measure myself, I'm sorry, so if I see any changes you are just going to have to believe me
    (I followed day 1 of the program (the 13 min full body and intense abs))

    Day 2: I was very busy today, so I couldn't do it. See you guys tomorrow!!

    Day 3: I just finished it. I am still weak in my arms, but at least I could do the up and down planks this time!! Pretty proud of myself for that, but my abs do hurt. Tomorrow is a though day in the program but I'm excited
    (I followed day 2 of the program, but instead of doing the 11- line abs one, I did the 15 min inner thigh one (since tomorrow we have 2 abs workouts to do)) 🙂

    Day 4: I don't know why but today went really well and I wasn't sore from yesterday, so that is great!! Still kinda weak in my arms though, those plank jacks and cross body climbers are killing me.
    (I followed day 6 of the program (intense abs, 13min full body and the lower body burn) because I need to go to bed and I'm already tired. So tomorrow (or the day after that) I will do day 3 of her program, like I said, I knew I was going to turn her program around a little, But I will stick to it :)))))

    Day 5: all the exercises are getting easier, which really surprised me because it's only day 5!! I don't see any changes yet (but I also ate very very unhealthy today, which is fine, because life is too short to not eat chocolate, fries or pizza). My arms are burning though (because I did the thighs arms and core one today) but still I could do all the exercises. Not only am I getting stronger, I feel a lot better about myself and I have more energy (although I work out at night: 10 p.m). I also was a bit sore on my legs because of the lower body burn video yesterday, but it didn't bother me during exercising.
    (Today I followed day 4 of the program (intense abs, tight core + arms and the 13 min full body) so tomorrow will be the hardest day but I'm excited :)))))
    P.S Wauw this day was a monologue, I'm sorry

    Day 6: Wauw today hurtttt. My abs are burning right now. My arms were not sore, which I had expected, but they felt tired, does that make sense? I think I see a little change in my thighs, they're a little slimmer, which I did not expect AT ALL since I have very stubborn thigh fat. I'm overall really proud of myself for completing this program so far. Normally I would have gave up after day 3 lmaooo.
    (Today I followed day 2 of the program (intense abs, lower abs, 13 min full body and lower body burn) Chloe recommended doing the 11-line ab workout, but I did a lower abs one, because I wanted to and like that workout video so why not?)

    Day 7: rest day!!!! I danced a lot today though (I was so sweaty) so that kinda counts as well I think 🙂

    Day 8: I couldn't do it today. I didn't feel very well which sucks, I'm also very tired because of the busy weekend. Tomorrow I will be back on track!!!

    Day 9: so today I felt really unmotivated, I don't know why. I did it anyway, which makes me kinda proud of myself. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more motivated and productive 🙂
    (Today I followed the intense abs, lower abs and 13 min full body. Once again I replaced the 11- line abs one with the lower abs one.

    Day 10: I don't really know what's wrong, but I am really not motivated anymore. And I hate that, because I am seeing a little changes. This week is just so busy and I think that's why I feel like this?
    Either way, I did today's workout but I didn't do the 13 min full body one, I just didn't want to. Also my boobs hurt (because my period is coming, it's normal, I have it every time) so that also keeps me from wanting to do the exercises. I probably will make up the fact that I didn't do the full body one, but I don't quite know when I will.
    (Today I followed the intense abs, lower abs and lower body burn, normally (like I already said) would do the 13min full body one too, but that's for later)
    P.S. If you are not motivated anymore, but you do it anyway, be proud of yourself and don't punish yourself for not doing just one video while you did all the rest 🙂 this is a journey, take your time, do it for you :))))))) sorry for the monologue again

    Okay short note, I do see changes. My love handles are definitely less, you know? And that is quite big to me, because I have very stubborn fat. And although I don't see myself as curvy or fat, I'm not small either. I'm kind of in the middle and there's actually nothing wrong with my body, it's healthy and I'm at a good weight (I think) I just do this to feel confident in my bikini and be healthy. And yes I do think that a little belly pooch or some thick thighs is totally okay, because I have that too. And I do love my thick thighs and little belly pooch, I just want to feel confident, and I have to say, this challenge really helps me with this. SO PLEASE DON'T DO THIS FOR ANYONE ELSE, BUT FOR YOURSELF!!! You should love yourself because you're body has been there for you since day 1, when a lot of things come and go. Sorry for the monologue again, I am a Psychology student, maybe that explains a lot 😉

  29. okii im startin
    day 1: omg this was really hard oOf
    day 2: this was hard but not impossible awee
    day 3: my neck hurts but no results im still fat

  30. Start Dec 1:
    133 lbs
    Day 1: this was hard😂 like I couldn't do some exercises
    Day 2: it was more harder than day 1😓
    Day 3: it was actually easier (it was still hard but not as hard) also I decided to take longer breaks so I give it my very best in each exercise

  31. Started December 3rd starting weight is 200lb ill keep you guys updated
    Day 1- Very hard for me I had to take more breaks than I thought I would

  32. Hi Chloe, ok today is day 1 for me with your exercise, I‘ve tried others for almost 2 months now, but I am terrible at controlling my sweet tooth ( especially when I am stressed out!!)

  33. no one’s probably gonna see this but i started today! a complete pain in the ass but i kept going 🙂 i know for sure im gonna be sore as hell tomorrow but its okay!! ill update everyday and hope i stay committed LMAO

    day 1 : ✅

  34. Day1- it felt great but burned
    Day2-im actually sore but felt good
    Day3- I'm still sore in my abs so it's.a little harder to do the workouts

  35. Wait so do I do this 2 weeks straight without stopping or can I take breaks?

    Edit: also how many of your workout videos should I do each day? Reminder: I am only a pre teen

  36. I will update everyday.
    I need to be reminded

    Day 1: omggggg I hate it but I tried and failed doing all of it
    Day 2: I forgot and remember at my bedtime(11)

    Restarted and Day 1 again: Did it. I feel it, but as expected don’t see results. The up and down planks are the death of me and I struggle a lot. The plank jacks also suck and I struggle to keep straight.

  37. Lmao imma do it… even tho I don’t have as much time in the world….

    Day 1: almost died😖 but I survived☺️ not sore yet, but I’m excited for day 2!

  38. currently on day 4 and I realized i should track my progress. I’ve been following her 2 week shred challenge(:

    Day One: was super difficult but i finished with little a few breaks in between(:
    Day Two: was also difficult but it was easier knowing what to expect.
    Day Three: I started to realize that it was easier doing some of the ab workouts🤷🏼‍♀️
    Day Four: Just finished the workout(: . I haven’t noticed a ton of changes besides the workouts getting “easier” (not by a ton lol)

    I’ve also been running for 10 minutes at 5.5-7 speed on the treadmill each day((:

    I’ll continue to update as the days go on💗

  39. Ok I’m back on day 18 and I have a question: What do I do if my abs are two holes instead of lines O.o also there’s no middle line 😭😭😭

  40. So I decided that I will try to do this for the whole month of December 🙂 or at least try haha. Please like this comment to keep me motivated!!

    Day 1: it burns haha. I skipped like 3 of the exercises because I was too tired to do them

    Day 2: I didn’t skip any of the exercises this tome 🙂 it’s a little bit better

    Day 3: I really wasn’t gonna do this exercise today but I promised myself I’d do it for at least a week so I got up and did it. It was still a little bit hard but it’s getting better. I ate cheesecake today and taco bell so I wasn’t the healthiest

    Day 4:

    Day 5:

    Day 6:

    Day 7:

  41. Day one: finished easily no results (duh)
    Day two: finished it was harder than yesterday pretty sore(I also did one of Chloe tings thigh workouts the day before)
    Day three: just finished kind of exhausted (probably going to do Chloe tings thigh workout too) my stomach does look a bit less bloated 🤷‍♀️
    I’m really trying to slim down for a vacation I’m going on so far I have lost .5 cm on my thighs( not just from Chloes thigh workout and even though it’s not a lot I’m still proud) and I’m hoping after doing this 2week challenage ,along with other workouts and good diet, I’ll being lookin like snack lol
    Please like to motivate/remind me

  42. I’m starting today but I’m going to put in my measurements tomorrow 💗

    Starting weight:

    Day 1:✅
    Day 2:
    Day 3;
    Day 4:
    Day 5
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

    Ending weight:

  43. Day 1: I had worked out earlier in the day cause of basketball practice but I started today with these workouts it was painful I and was sweating so muchh

  44. I decided to start on my birthday which is today… It was hard on me but I tried and I'll keep trying till I see results.

  45. Starting this challenge Dec 4th and eating a clean diet including no sugar/ snacks like this comment for update on progress!

  46. Alright I’m actually going to do this and this comment will be my motivation. Rn I have a stomach! And I have done her workouts before but have never really seen a change. Probably because I never did it for a consistent two weeks 😝 anyway I’ll add a random food emoji when I do the workout and a ❌ when I don’t. Starting on December 4, 2019.

  47. Okay so I’m freaking out because on day 6 and 7 I feel like nothing is happening anymore and everything is easier but I have noticed a difference from day one three and six!!!

  48. Started on Dec. 2 with 111.4 lbs, waist 28" and 5'1" tall
    Goal 100 lbs waist 24". Plan to diet as well.
    Day 1: up and down planks are the hardest to keep pace, but I am motivated to continue.
    Day 2: was able to do all of it taking 2 extra breaks of 4 sec
    Day 3: finally did it all " Girl, uninterupted", my food for today plain fat free yogurt, smoked salmon, lots of water, teas and coffee. We'll weight myself tomorrow.

  49. Im on my first day here i had finished the two workouts it was very hard but i will keep going thnx for the nice ideas to change and feel better about our selves

  50. Wow, I love your ab workout! You make it easy for everyone! I have this type of workout too on my Youtube Channel! We both the same love fitness and I love homework out too! I'm doing it with you!

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