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GE Healthcare Mobile X-ray: Ukiah Valley Optima XR240amx Customer Story

(upbeat music) This is Adventist Health, Ukiah Valley. We are a community hospital
in Mendocino Valley. In medical imaging, we see an average of about
52,000 patients a year. Some of the challenges that
we face on a daily basis are how to get to your patient, how to make the exam most comfortable and most convenient for your patient when you know they’re in pain or they’ve had trauma. Our new Optima XR240amx is amazing! Smaller footprint, we can get
in and out of a patient’s room sometimes without even waking them up. It’s so quiet, you’re not disrupting them. Especially in the ICU because you normally can’t
get a patient out of ICU You need a nurse, monitors, everything to take them down to the x-ray room. So, if you can possibly
do it in their room, that makes it so wonderful. Relieving them from having
to be taken from the room, taken away from their family members, it’s really been a good
impact for our patient flow. With this Optima XR240amx, we can do 90% of all exams
right in the patient’s room. Bring the x-ray to the patient anywhere within the hospital. In the OR, we normally
use it for ortho cases as well as looking for foreign body… which that line placement
enhancement is excellent for. Oh, that QuickEnhance is a great feature. If you go to the OR, and
they just put a line in, hit that button after the pictures come up, and it shows the contrast between the line and the chest perfectly. It is awesome, the docs love it. These images… it’s just amazing. They love to look at them. With the HD detectors, the image clarity is precise. The detectors are much
lighter than our old detectors with our previous system. They are easy to maneuver, particularly the grids that
came with this new system. This one just snaps right on, no problem. Slide it underneath the patient, hold your breath, we’re done. And the way the detectors
charge is the ease of it all. Just drop it into the little charger, and you’re ready to go, yeah. And, it holds a charge for quite a long time. The maneuverability and
the speed of the machine is phenomenal. It’s has nice pivot points.
I mean, it just turns. It’s very intuitive to
your motions as well. The speed is really what
shines in the emergency room. The instant gratification, the emergency room physician can see the images instantly in order to move on with
the patient care plan. We can be in the emergency room one minute shooting a portable chest x-ray, and two minutes later, we’re down in the ICU
shooting a portable abdomen. It doesn’t require us to
go back to our department to transfer any images beforehand. It will transfer to our PACS System from anywhere in this building. It’s a seamless process. When you’re in those tight
situations, trauma situations, you need something that you
don’t have to think about. It’s easy, it’s right there, it’s obvious, and that’s what this machine has. It immediately just pulls our work list from the HIS right on to the screen. Pull up the patient’s
name, and by one click, it just opens the exam for us and then we’re ready to start. It’s programmed right
there, all of our protocols, and everything. In all the positions, if we
end up doing extra views, we can just go ‘add exam tag,’ and add as many views as we need. Very user friendly, to a tech. Just everything you could ask for, they actually have it there. Hanging our aprons right there on the machine, the grid holder… yeah. That
makes a big difference for us because those are the tools of our trade, and now we have a place for them. I don’t know who designs them, but somebody was talking to somebody because it’s a great machine that way. It’s so great to have two new portables in our department. Our techs deserve to have these. Our patients deserve to have these. Yeah, I think that it’s
been a wonderful asset to the the hospital. It’s the nicest machine I’ve ever ran. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. Yeah, we love it! (gentle musical chord)

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