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What’s up guys welcome to today’s upper body workout Today we are focusing on building strength and definition in that upper body we have two circuits we’re going to get through each one two times then we’re going to finish things off with a nice stretch and cool down. If you’re excited give this video a thumbs up and then grab those dumbbells we’re getting started right now

98 thoughts on “Full UPPER BODY Workout // TONING + STRENGTH

  1. Youtube glitches?? Didnt you steal contene from fitnessblender and get caught. The least you could do is be honest with your viewers.

  2. Thanks heather for every thing you do for us because your exercises are very useful and very beautiful and you are the best trainer for me because you are the causes to like sport⁦❤️⁩💖🙏

  3. Doing it tomorrow!! I just watched the exercises and I’m so excited. I really love your workouts: they are pretty hard but also so so fun. The music encourages you so much to continue. Thanks for doing them, appreciate u sm

  4. Hi! I am new here. Just ONE question: How come this pro channel hosted by a super hot fitness model has got only 166k subscibers?

  5. Thanks Heather! I needed an alternative to my normal routine and you have become my go to for home workouts. Could my make a request to have some contrast for the countdown timer? I have a hard time seeing the white numbers w/ the white background though the sound effect definitely helps! Keep doing what you are doing!!!

  6. Thanks a lot for workout like this one!I was expected something like this to switch my workout routine and I am so exited to try this one!Thanks gorgeous!:-*

  7. I loved this video! I am a runner, and I am always looking for some good workouts to get that upper body tone. Thank you!!!!

  8. Your workouts are so motivating and i am a big fan…. How much weight are you using? Is it a 2kg dumbell?
    Please keep uploading… Love ❤️

  9. Am a big fan – just discovered your website – love the workouts especially the no repeat ones – and love the music and the absence of talking during the workout – Thank you for the new routines as well!!

  10. Heather, could you please do fitness clothing haul or show your collection? Not only they all look flattering on you but also look very comfortable and are well made!!

  11. Hi Heather, I have a set of 8Lb dumbbells can I use it for all the exercises in this work out or it too much for some of them?

  12. Nice workout! May I ask, is there any significant difference between using one combined weight vs. two individual weights for skull crushers?

  13. I'm from Germany and I love you and your videos. Your are such a amazing, nice and beautiful person.
    I lost 28kg since January and your workouts helped me so much, because they are useful, deversified and evective. It never get's boring 🙂
    Make sure to continue, I'm waiting for your next video😘

  14. My body was shaking towards the end 😓
    Powerful 💥workout 💪 Loved it 😻
    Thank you!!! Heather You are beautiful and I appreciate your dedication 👍🏽

  15. Thank you for this awesome workout Heather…I've just completed it and I am sweating bullets. This workout looks easy but it is deceptive…it targets your back, shoulders, triceps and biceps 💪🏾. I'm definitely gonna feel this tomorrow😓😫. I truly appreciate the tireless efforts you make to compile and record these workouts, as not all of us can afford gym memberships or feel confident enough to go to the gym. Keep 'em coming Heather. Love from the little island of Trinidad 🇹🇹😘😍🤗

  16. Thank you Heather, pretty nice workout. Are you using 10 pounds dumbbells??? I'll appreciate your help with this, I don't know what weight to use.

  17. Arm workouts are always my favourite, and I'm loving this one, thanks :).

    Is it ok to ask the title of the song at 13:20? Xx

  18. Hii Heather.. I am from India I just want to ask you is this exercise also help to reduce breast because I want to reduce it desperately

  19. Great workout. Love the combination moves. Love all your workouts. Wasn't very motivated today but now I feel refreshed 😊..and ready to go..thanks💕

  20. Just finished your 28 day plan and loved it! But this! Loved the music and the minimalistic quality. Thank you! Next, visit your website!

  21. I really enjoyed it but I had to modify some of the moves. I wasn't expecting high impact exercises in an upper body workout and was not wearing my high impact sports bra. Trust me, when you have D cups you want your high impact sports bra!

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