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Full Body Home Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)

what’s up it’s Chris area welcome to the vlog like I told you in last week’s video today we’ll be doing a full body workout I’ll be doing from home but realistically you can do anywhere perfect for beginners and even if you’ve been training for a while you’re still gonna get a great workout from this routine so let’s go in and get started all right so once you’ve had a good stretch you’re ready to start your workout routine and if you need a stretching routine you can go ahead and check out the video I did on the 10x channel and follow along to that video anytime you need to stretch before your workout routines alright now before we get into the workout of the day I usually like to spend some time on techniques so for today’s technique I want you to choose something a technique that challenges you whether it be handstands maximizing your handstand hold against the wall training your hold for planche tuck planche basically any technique that you’re trying to train for or that’s challenging you at the moment you want to go ahead and try one of those every minute on the minute so today I’m gonna be doing some handstand to full plancha’s I’ll be doing one of those every minute on the minute for 10 minutes so basically 10 repetitions I’ll show you a couple examples of what that looks like and then we’ll get right into our workout routine and for this move I am gonna use some equipment some parallettes and this is actually some basic equipment if you don’t have parallettes and you’re trying to advance and progress in calisthenics you should already have a pair of these or at least definitely start investing in them right now and take your training to the next level you can pick them up at 10 XCOM slash shop alright so let’s get into these handstand to full planche rips [Music] [Music] Harriet me today whoo all right so that’s enough technique now let’s get into the workout routine let’s see what we got for today so this is gonna be a full-body no equipment routine open up your Harriett Pro app if you don’t already have that app go ahead on the App Store or the Google Play Store and download the Harrier Pro app to get this workout on your phone go ahead and schedule the full-body no equipment workout to your calendar let’s go ahead and start this workout so the first exercise we have is gonna be skull crushers with a close grip if you don’t know what that looks like you go ahead and click the move let’s go ahead and watch all right perfect so we’re gonna go for 20 reps and what makes this exercise difficult is the angle in which you do it so you can do it on something and a higher surface like this and because of the higher angle you’re gonna be applying less body weight onto this exercise it’s gonna be a lot easier now if you go on to something like the side of your couch this is a lot lower you’re gonna be applying more body weight onto this exercise making it more difficult so choose an angle that challenges you but it allows you to do it properly we’re gonna go for 20 reps let’s go ahead and get started hurry up music alright there goes my first exercise go ahead and input how many reps you did 20 we’re gonna go for the next exercise else–if hold for 15 seconds let’s go ahead and do this on the floor alright so there’s a lot of you watching out there with different fitness levels so if you can do an l-sit go ahead try to do one for at least 15 seconds if you’re still having trouble with your l-sit try to break them up five seconds of three and if you’re still working on your else’s choose one of the progressions to train you can check it out on the how to L sit on the floor the next video I did was Sean alright so we’re gonna choose a progression that works for us let’s go ahead and hit these elses [Music] alright let’s go ahead check that one right off the list how many seconds you did we did over 15 congratulations you’re an overachiever alright let’s go next move it’s gonna be explosive push-ups 15 times now again if you’re still working on your explosive push-ups or your push-ups for that matter you can go ahead and do a regression like exclusive knee push-ups if not just go for push-ups with as much intensity on the eccentric part of the movement alright 15 times let’s go for it [Music] Harry abusing [Music] all right moving on check those off the list we have elevated hike push-ups so find an elevated surface like a staircase in your house or again your couch let’s take it over to the couch we’re gonna do some elevated Pike push-ups and again what makes this move difficult is the angle in what you do it so if you do it just on the floor that is the best way to start off maybe even we’re just holding that position when you get comfortable with that try adding some reps in there that’s called Pike push-ups and after you’ve built up some form and strength you’re ready to start elevating the surface on what you do it on to apply more body weight to that movement so again choose a progression that works for you it allows you to do it properly but also still challenge you let’s go for some elevated Pike push-ups 15 all right we are moving on if you don’t know how to do that or you want to check your form go ahead hit the movement that’s why I say do it real quick perfect alright let’s go ahead and put how many we did and the next move we have burpees ten times [Music] perfect quick 10 go ahead it took a month list so the next move we have is gonna be pistol squats I went in and put assisted pistol squats into the app for those of you that are still trying to achieve your pistol squat so if you want to learn how to do progression to getting your pistol squat there’s a sister pistol squat right there alright so she’s the progression if you can do pistol squats let’s go ahead and do 10 on each leg and if you’re still training for your pistol squats go ahead and take a seat on the couch with one leg and come back up let’s go for it alright pistol squats go ahead and check off how many you did next we have bicycles we’re gonna go for 30 seconds or 30 reps [Music] whoo all right so normally we do that for a lot longer so go as intense as you can since it’s just 30 seconds go ahead and knock that off we got one more move and that’s gonna be rounds one low plank it’s a high plank 20 reps let’s go for it [Music] music [Music] music whoo all right so that’s a little plank to high plank that completes round 1 we have 1 2 & 3 more rounds totally 4 rounds to complete this workout and that’s a full-body home workout no equipment needed that you can do really anywhere so thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this workout routine go ahead and smash that like button don’t forget to share this workout routine with a friend that wants to make some gains at home and don’t forget to come back to this video for a home workout with no equipment that you can do absolutely anywhere and to get more of my workouts right on your phone just like having me as a personal trainer on your phone download the hereo pro app available on the App Store and the Google Play Store start getting the best shape of your life and take my workouts my personal workouts with you everywhere when you sign on to the app you’re also gonna see a workout generator that works with an algorithm I created that creates workouts just for you specifically for your fitness level and your fitness goals Chris Harris style so I’ll catch you guys next Thursday at 2 p.m. we’re gonna continue the home workout series at least for another two episodes let me know in the comment section down below what the next home workout video should be about and don’t forget if you comment within the first 30 minutes of any upload you’re always gonna have a chance to win some free Harry apparel so thanks again for watching I’ll see you next Thursday 2 p.m. USA eastern time don’t forget to stop by Chris Harry accom check out the brand-new weight vest that just dropped and we have brand new joggers Chino pants and apparel coming in the next couple days so be on the lookout comment within the first 30 minutes and maybe you’ll have a chance to win some see you guys next Thursday mad love peace out hey thanks for watching this video was sponsored by audible and before I go I have a great tip for the new year train your mind as you train your body and listening to audiobooks is a great way to do that try it the next time you workout and get your first audiobooks for free when you try audible for 30 days by visiting slash Chris area or text Chris area the 500 500 they have great reads for whatever you’re into and now audible members get even more like audible originals which are exclusive audio titles celebrated by stories from worlds as diverse as theater journalism literature and more one of my favorite books is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki I learned a lot from this book and it had influenced me a lot when I was starting my own business and you can list do it right now on audible so I’m gonna hook you guys up get your first audio book for free when you try audible for 30 days by visiting slash cataria or text Chris area – 500 500 and thanks so much for watching mad love peace out guys

100 thoughts on “Full Body Home Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)

  1. I am like a super beginner. Is this routine to do it every day? or should I rest some days? Thanks. I like all your videos and the THENX videos and I am actually trying the THENX app. It's awesome Chris.

  2. Home workout challenge for u guys:
    1) mow lawn
    2) wash dishes
    3) vacuum the whole house
    4) finish and fold laundry
    5) clean bathroom
    6) delete all your porn history
    Do this once a week for life

  3. i just tried the L-Sit on the floor and i cant control my laughter and at least i can touch the ground with my hands on the elevated pike !

  4. I have a question. I want to mix calisthenics and weightlifting. Would a 3 day a week program that looks something like this workout well?
    Sunday – Full body calisthenics
    Tuesday – Upper body weights
    Thursday – Lower body weights

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  5. God bless you kiddo but do u really fucking think normal ppl can do those exercises??? C’mon bro u made me waste a min and 30 seconds of my pathetic life !!!!

  6. "pick a technique that's diffucult for you and practice that, before the workout" *me, does L sits on the floor*. Workout starts… L sits 😭. Love your videos bro. Killing me here 😂

  7. Do any of these exercises hit the biceps and lats effectively?? I'm looking for a proper full body workout to try out. So far I've only been doing muscle group specific workouts

  8. Yo how it go bro, I just started following you man, you got some good shit to share, looking forward to watching, be easy blood.

  9. Have been doing various beginner exercises from this channel for like a month and was just able to form an LSIT!! Only held for like 2 seconds but still very happy because I remember how impossible it felt the first time I tried one.

  10. 1) Skull Crushers (Close Grip) [×20]
    2) L sit Hold [15 Secs]
    3) Explosive Push Ups [×15]
    4) Elevated Pike Push Ups [×15]
    5) Burpees [×10]
    6) Pistol Squats [×10 (Each Leg)]
    7) Bicycle Cruches [×30 or 30 Secs]
    8) Low to High Planks [×20] 8:36
    9) Pull Ups [x10]

  11. i can't do burpees that high in my room. I'm decently tall and the ceiling is low asf so i would get a concussion

  12. this guy's like ricegum took a wrong turn in life and's asking you to come in his van to try some 'beginner workouts'. beginner my ass bruh


    1) Skull Crushers (Close Grip) [×20] 3:07

    2) L sit Hold [15 Secs]

    3) Explosive Push Ups [×15]

    4) Elevated Pike Push Ups [×15]

    5) Burpees [×10]

    6) Pistol Squats [×10 (Each Leg)]

    7) Bicycle Cruches [×30 or 30 Secs]

    8) Low to High Planks [×20]

    9) Pull Ups [x10]

  14. I can only do 50 push-ups 10 times 5 sets with 20s rest in each set. After that my muscles are dead and I can't lift my body. Any advice? Just keep practicing? (I just started btw)

  15. 3 sets alternating bewtween exercises? Wouldn't it be best to complete the 3 sets at once instead of doing 1 sets then moving to the next exercise?

  16. Im coming up here considering if I should exorcise myself to start training my muscleless body and he's telling to do a stand up??? bitch Im barely doing pushups… and he said "this is great for beginners". If I even try this, my parents would have to call the ambulance, cuz I would probably have broken every single bone in my body.

  17. Here's a video you can use anytime you need to stretch before your workout.. video name: don't do this before a workout haha cracks me up

  18. Before this video started I had a ad that said “DO NOT DO THIS WORKOUT THIS WORKPUT HAS BEEN BANNED FROM THE MILITARY AND CELEBS REMOVED THIS BLAH BLAH and due to my research scientist say that this workout can damage your spine” like wth ;-;

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