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34 thoughts on “Freydal – I'm Your Medicine (Talamanca Remix) [Music Video] [Emergent Shores]

  1. Freydal – I’m Your Medicine Lyrics 🙂

    I’m your medicine

    Push me deep beneath your skin,
    Let me run inside your heart.
    Take me down and tuck me in,
    Take me, I’m your Medicine.

  2. I ve been listening to this song since 2017 I listen to this more then 1,000 times but I never get tired of this song , great vocal and great remix, I heard the original one and other remix, but this very different 👏👏👏👏👍🕺


  4. Love this track..vocals are so good..specialy done by a male singer..his voice is most trance and progressive there are female vocals.but im liking this alot.

  5. Day by day this track is amazing, please tell me where on this earth there are such beautiful landscapes??? AMAZING!

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