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I’m gonna get the good guys so we’re
gonna go full arms today so I’m going to show you some tricks to get bigger arms
like tree for exercise we’re going to see so come in subscribe my channel if
you’re new and the channel it’s Igor fitness I’m waiting for you guys so
let’s rock’n’roll and you gonna see what we’re gonna do so good exercise YouTube
okay YouTube so we’re back again so we’re gonna start here so we’re gonna do
simple stuff we’re gonna go at least when you do one in one way to pull your
reps so we’re gonna go we go for it then we read with ten more story so when you increase this kind of
training like this super system the best it’s gonna get your big pump on the by
stick by your value so it’s really flipped your luck rifts in between and
just curl in the middle bring back here give it a huge bump on
all your bases okay you guys so we’re gonna go ten reps is just dirty kill you
what you see here we’re going to finish with 12 you really cool water volume of
devices god when you do it is true they try to go
higher we’re Bisons if you huge pumpkin place 12 kilos all the way up so when you do this try to go for four
sets at least or courses each exercise or starts you’re really really good
as do it is boy next make sure bench braces part is like your legs give me
all the way up the arms and really push your shoulders back so give a kick on
the shoulders one you go up go all the way up I mean you know for beginners to
go slow slow slow down and then you go up emotionally iron volume up the bike
so we’re gonna go pretend baby your legs six Rangers
so always like I told you guys for debris I push flex your legs to YouTube so all the way up well grips each arms okay boss the position of your arms all the way up
come you look well he charms big story like corn
place critics position of your orange No push the blood through your pump
it’s what you need baby yeah so we’re finishing here stuff so we’re
gonna bring all going up it try to go slow so we’re slowing you down
now when you’re gonna go slow you’re gonna really push the blood in your body
did a really bigger pump like I thought you guys so this is to do the exercise
in this video you’re really going to feel the pump on your training so always
try to go fast and thready will slowly go down so we’re gonna do 10 register
chimes same story time this kind of exercise try to go for at
least three to four sets between eight and twelve reps give at least a minute
the main and a half when you take it when you take a pose yeah it’s over finishing here like I
thought you guys are gonna use the beige finish push them two by six here really
explode the biceps at the end 10 12 reps wouldn’t go like this try to go all the
way up slow even out like this the Bloods gonna really give you a pump you
do yes sir so the same story makes them on the weights on the machine so we’re
gonna go for the for max like 15 your EPS 15 20 so we’re done here
so coming to privately tell the guys Igor Fitness my Instagram Igor LHC’s
your zero so I’m waiting for you guys on the face working me some comments give
me some likes let me know what you want there’s going to be more stuff to
MacCready so subscribe you do


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