ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
For Good: Making Medicine Accessible to Everyone

[MUSIC] I’m trying to make
the world a better place. Two ways, one would be through research. Try to make a better drugs for
pancreatic and ovarian cancer. And then second would be making
those drugs more accessible, making sure that we have a more kind
of healthier, equitable community. This is important to me because
as someone who coming from kind of an urban low income background,
I wanna make sure that. The drugs that are being developed will
be accessible to my family members or to people from my community. Because at the end of the day, I’m trying to help those that
sometimes are often forgotten. And just making sure that the science is being conducted in a way that
will positively affect them. And so I think it’s important to, have
someone who comes from that background to come and advocate for those communities. My family’s from Mexico and realizing that my
grandma when she was sick, she didn’t have access to the best
drugs to the best treatment. And it just made me realize
how important that is. That there may be cures out there but they may not be reaching
the people that need them most.>>[MUSIC]>>The research that I’m focusing
on in grad school is looking at a specific protein called plectin. That is only on the inside
in normal cells. But is located on the outside of
cancer cells, malignant cells. Specifically pancreatic cancer,
ovarian cancer. And so the amazing thing that
we found is that if you target this plectin that’s on the cell surface. It actually kills the cancer cells. And it causes tumor regression and so what am focusing on is trying to
figure out the mechanism of that. And when you are developing
these experiments, when you developing these protocols that. There are a whole diversity of people and
you should be accounting for that. [MUSIC] The way that you come up with solutions, with ideas is through
diversity in thinking. And diversity in thinking comes from
diversity lived in experiences. That is gonna the benefit the research,
the university, and kind of the vision of
engineering in general. [MUSIC] The reason why I chose biomedical
engineering is I really enjoyed the research. I thought it was very exciting. I like the idea of making
people healthier and advancing the science in a way
that we are gonna be benefiting the health of future populations
in future generations to come. [MUSIC]

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