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Flashback Friday: Treating Gout with Cherry Juice

“Treating Gout with Cherry Juice” Over the last 40 years, the burden of gout,
a painful inflammatory arthritis, has risen considerably, now
affecting millions of Americans. Gout is now the most common inflammatory
arthritis in men and older women. In my video “Gout Treatment
with a Cherry on Top” I profiled new research suggesting that even
as little as a half a cup of cherries a day may significantly lower the risk of gout attacks. Fresh cherries aren’t always in season though, so I listed a few alternatives,
and frozen appeared second best, with cherry juice concentrate the runner up. But does concentrated cherry juice
actually help prevent attacks of gout? We didn’t know until now. The first pilot study was a randomized
control trial: cherry juice concentrate versus pomegranate juice
concentrate as a control for the prevention of attacks in gout sufferers
who were having as many as four attacks a month. The cherry group got a tablespoon of cherry juice
concentrate twice a day for four months, and the control group got a tablespoon of pomegranate
juice concentrate twice a day for four months. The number of gout flares in the cherry group
dropped from an average of five down to two, better than the pomegranate group, which
only dropped from about five to four. In about half of those in the cherry group,
who were on prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, were able to stop their medications within
two months after starting the cherry juice, as opposed to none of the patients
in the pomegranate juice group. The second study was a retrospective
investigation over the longer term: 24 gout patients went from having about
seven attacks a year down to two. The researchers conclude cherry juice concentrate
is efficacious for the prevention of gout flares. Certainly large, long-term, randomized control
trials are needed to further evaluate the usefulness of cherries and cherry juice
concentrate for gout flare prophylaxis, but in the meanwhile, are cherries now right
for use as a complementary therapeutic in gout? This commentator is of the opinion
that the current state of evidence remains insufficient to formally recommend
cherry fruit or cherry products as a complementary therapeutic remedy for gout. Why not? Can you guess who this guy is? This commentator is also a paid consultant
of nine different drug companies, all of which manufacture gout medications. I understand how the pharmaceutical
industry can get nervous seeing studies where half of patients were
able to stop taking their gout drugs, given the billions of dollars at stake, but what’s the downside of eating
a half a cup of cherries a day, or if worse comes to worse,
a few spoonful’s of cherry juice?

36 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Treating Gout with Cherry Juice

  1. Seems like WFPB diet is a win for all! I never had gout, but I did have some nasty arthritis that was reversed with a whole food plant based diet! These videos where part of my motivation to change 😄🙏🏼🥦🍎💪🏼

  2. Cherry juice worked pretty well for my friend with gout. He now used a mixture of apple cider vinegar, honey, and some cinnamon. He has almost completely eliminated his gout attacks. It works way better than the medication ever did. He also has not changed his diet at all. I'm not sure what the pathophysiology of this concotion is, but for anyone suffering from gout it's worth a try.

  3. Eat a WFPB diet and your Uric acid level plummets. You can still eat cherries because they’re delicious, not to cure a 100% avoidable condition. I used to get uric acid stones , not anymore. Plants for the win….again.

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  5. Thats weird i thought fructose in cherries rises uric acid meaning more chances for goat
    probably the antioxidants in cherries beat the fructose by much

  6. This video is so super interesting!! Thank you so much for posting this video again! Maybe I need to do a video on gout over on my channel at some point.

  7. I cut my meat consumption down to once or twice a week, removed processed foods and added fresh fruits and salads daily and no longer take allopurinol and have zero gout symptoms for nearly two years now.

    I think the removal of chips and crackers had the biggest impact, but removing lunch meats was probably a close second.

  8. Thanks Dr. Greger for All you do! I Stopped taking 300 mg. Allopurinol tablet after 30 years! Weened off on 1/2 dose first and no gout attacks! Eat frozen or fresh cherries occasionally but not everyday. I should mention though that I've been WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) for over 10 months. Uric acid levels at 4.8 of (standard scale of low 4.8 — 8.7 high)
    Let Food be Our Medicine & Medicine be Our Food.

  9. Excellent work, Dr. Greger and team! Good job exposing the commentator's pharmaceutical industry connections. Please keep up the good work!

  10. Big Pharma is just going to have to get a reality check. They don't have to like it they just have to accept it.

    I mean how greedy, how completely mercenary can you be? How fat do executive salaries have to keep on being, at the expense of keeping people fat, sick and nearly dead for two to three decades before the actual event, thinking they need to keep living on more and more of their pills and potions, as they grow sicker as they grow older. They've been making billions off the functionally ill since post-world war II, when the standard diet slowly but surely morphed into what it is today, causing " "functional"
    obesity based aches, pains, ills and major and minor complaints of all types.
    Maybe they can actually grow a pair of morality balls, and, like animal farmers, update and repurpose their means of maintaining profits. They'd be smart to do it, proactively, then wait around spending even more on marketing and advertising, to try to sell people the idea that if they just take this new pill, lilies and butterflies will adorn the corners of their bedrooms while they sleep like newborn kittens.

    We are getting smarter about nutrition, about exercise, and we understand that your health doesn't have to tank at 40. You can play tennis at 80, if you simply take care of your health in all aspects, and stop believing that you're supposed to be sick, your joints are supposed to hurt, and that chronological decline is unavoidable and mandatory. It's not. And fortunately more and more people are getting this. Big Pharma needs to becone small pharma, just like Big Agro needs to get even bigger, producing only plants.
    Get with it, or get out of our way.

  11. Been using tart cherry syrup for years to treat gout in my family. I load caps with 750mg of freeze dried tart cherry powder, works like a champ. I get to skip the fructose.

  12. Mix 2 tablespoons cherry juice concentrate in a quart/liter of water add 1 tablespoon of celery seed stir it up drink it every day a miracle for gout you’ll stop hearing from gout

  13. Going vegan helped my husband from sitting in a wheelchair for several months per year because of gout attack inflammation to getting rid of the wheelchair for good! He gets achy every now and then but never an attack again, and it’s been almost 7 years.

  14. We live in a world dominated by psychopaths and lemmings who's unconscious purpose is to aid the psychopaths by staying clueless. Thank goodness for the few good people like Dr. Greger.

  15. This worked 100 percent worked for me, and quickly too. I used the concentrated Montgomery cherry juice concentrate and took a capful every few hours when it was bad.

  16. I know this is unrelated but I wanted to request a video on drinking coffee for Alzheimer's prevention. Is it worth it to drink a black cup of coffee a day or stick to green tea? Alzheimer's runs in my family and I want to take any and all steps to prevent (already vegan for 9 years). Thank you!

  17. Such an incredible and humanitarian job you are doing. It will not be "payed" in the same way you look for people's health. Greetings from a spanish vegetarian. 😉

  18. The big corporations are doing their best to destroy the credibility of Science and to rise their profit .Those greedy monsters are a serious obstacle to Scientific and consequently OUR progress .

  19. Cherries and cherry juice concentrate do help but I've had the best success in preventing gout by taking devil's claw capsules. They have no side effects and no sugar, most juices have a lot of sugar. Also if you eat a whole food plant based diet like Dr. Greger promotes you likely wont have any gout attacks although some veggies can trigger gout, especially spinach, artichoke & mushrooms. Eat healthy foods and stay healthy.

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