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FILMING IN HOLLYWOOD! | L.A. Vlog | Doctor Mike

– A lot of you have been asking me what I’ve been up to lately,
so here’s a quick update, as well as some behind the
scenes of my latest LA trip. Boom! Bow-wop! (laughing) (upbeat pop music) – [Radio Announcer] We
have a very special guest. A very good looking and a very smart guest, Doctor Mike. You might know him from Instagram. He has 2.5 million followers. – Thank you. – Why is hot water better and
why is a cold shower better? – Warm water is better because cold water shunts blood away from your stomach, so you don’t absorb it as readily. – You’re very knowledgeable,
very visually appealing, and we really appreciate you being here. – Thank you so much.
– All right. (upbeat pop music) – While I was in LA, I was able to catch up with some of my old friends. In fact, my buddy Marco, he
was there at the same time on a business venture. We were able to catch up. He introduced me to his
adorable dog, Titan. (upbeat pop music) (smooth hip-hop music) In 2015, during my little
viral moment of fame, the first nationally syndicated TV show that invited me on was The Doctors Show and they invited me on, obviously, as “Instagram’s sexiest
doctor” as a guest. (crowd cheers) And it was a really great
experience, I was able to talk about how I’m passionate about medicine. Talk a little bit about
my past and my future. And, now, to be invited
to the same program as a host, as a co-host
with these doctors that have been doing this for 10 years
is such an amazing opportunity. It really makes me feel
like the whole situation has come full circle. Originally, I came on as a guest. Now, I’m coming out as a co-host. It shows that I wasn’t just popular for 15 minutes of fame
because of my looks. I have a medical message that
I wanna get out there to you. I wanna have fun with
medicine and I think because you’ve been so receptive and
shown me so much support, it’s because of that I’m
able to get an opportunity like co-hosting The Doctors Show. (smooth hip-hop music) I was also invited to
the premiere of a movie, “Flatliners”, and it’s movie
based on medical students who were trying to kill
themselves and bring them back in order to experience the afterlife. – I would like you to stop my heart. You give it one minute and
then you bring me back. (beeps) – The one thing I’ll
say about the movie is that it totally surprised
me because I thought it was gonna be maybe a
little science fiction about medical students and
how medicine can give you a peek into the afterlife,
when in reality, it turned out to be a scary movie. I’m a baby when it comes to
that, so half of the movie, I was watching like this. So, if you saw me in the
theater, don’t judge me. Alrighty, so we’re headed to
Ricky Dillon’s house right now. We’re gonna surprise you with a collab next week or maybe the
week after, so stay tuned. The most unique part of my
trip was that I was able to do something I’ve never done
before and that’s meet this adorable pig named Luna. Ricky was able to show
me how smart this pig is. How if you call the pig,
the pig actually comes over. I’m totally jealous because
I can’t have a pet pig. New York City has an
explicit ban on pet pigs. (sad trombone blares) (smooth hip hop music) There are new media outlets
out there like Cheddar, Mashable, Instant, and I do
visit some of those outlets because I believe that they are doing a great job for society. They’re taking the
concepts and the formats of a traditional news network, but making it a little bit more millennial friendly and I
could totally get behind that. Because if I could have
my message reach anybody, it’s millennials, the younger generation. The biggest impact you
can make on your health is in your age group, so take listen. (smooth hip hop music) The reason you see me meeting all these television executives is because I see a fantastic opportunity right ahead of me. I’m able to reach and
help millions of people right in their homes
by being on television and giving my medical advice. My goal is not necessarily
to “make it big” on TV. My goal is to reach the most
amount of people possible with my medical advice. As you can tell, I love
traveling and if you travel also, click this link to see my
travel tips video which give you all the insider tips
on how I fight jet lag, how I stay healthy, and
how I pack effectively when I go on my trips. It should go without saying,
but all of these amazing opportunities that I’ve
been getting recently really have come because of your support. Your support for this YouTube channel, your support for my Instagram. So, I have to give you a huge thank you. It really means a great deal to me. Come here, gimme a hug. Come here, gimme a hug! (jazz music)

100 thoughts on “FILMING IN HOLLYWOOD! | L.A. Vlog | Doctor Mike

  1. Respect. Not easy succesfully capitalizing on fame. And it's really not easy to do while staying true to your values and spreading an authentic positive message.

  2. Hot doctor 😍 very knowledgeable and has a good sense of humor 😍😍😍 couldn't find a man this perfect 😟

  3. Big thanks to Dr. Mike and all the other doctors on YouTube. You guys are already doing a big service to our society by helping us taking care of our health and I find it inspiring, how much you care to educate and help people. I believe, that we do need more opinions from actual medical professionals on the internet to combat misinformation and unhealthy trends like detox. And I'm so sorry for my cheesy comment but u guys are heroes 🙂

  4. And i think… The reason thatYou are able to accomplished all of these thing, your goals, whteva….is being single..!!! 😝

  5. You're such an amazing doctor. It's such a good feeling to implement what you say, be it about green tea or cold and hot water. It has benefited me so much. I wish and pray you reach a much larger audience because you're not a doc with just facts, you're also a doc with empathy. And I respect that.
    Thanks Mike 😀

  6. okay, sure, Buzzfeed got to him. But the reason why he isn't overrated is because he's smart, respectful, funny, and he has our best interest at heart and wants us to stay healthy. If he was only concerned with himself why would he 1) go through the hassle of making weekly youtube videos 2) be a doctor 3) work to educate people on their health and 4) raise money for charities like Limitless Tomorrow??? So, no, he's not famous because he's handsome. He's famous because of his heart.

  7. Dr Mike, you are more than just your looks. People have said it a lot and I will say it again. Your personality, love for your job, dog and people is what we really love and what keeps people tuned to your channel. I've learned a lot from your channel. Keep up the excellent work.

  8. Hey Mike, I think you're great, you know how to communicate your knowledge in plain English and keep saying it's ok to say you don't know something. Keep doing what you're doing and keep being a super hero 😁

  9. Hello Dr. Mike, I have an odd medical question for you about myself. I'm a white 33 year old male , 6 ft, 220 lbs, I'm a painter in Texas who smokes 2 packs a day, I drink alcohol every day but I've never had any liver problems and I'm overall in moderate health but this question is about my feet. In the last year I've noticed that my feet smell like ammonia. Literally. Like a cat sprayed on my feet. And I get insane itchy feet wherei have to stop what I'm doing literally anywhere and scratch my feet until they're bloody in some areas. I have no insurance at the moment but I wondered if you've ever come across this before or have any suggestions. I've tried multiple different detergents, with bleach, without bleach. Fabric softeners by the armful and then no fabric softeners. I'm literally at a loss as to what to do. It's not only embarrassing to me in front of my wife, but I've become known around town as "the barefoot painter". Can you please help me?

  10. Dr Mike please make a video on rare health issues and rare diseases please 💕💕💕a request for your loving follower

  11. A man with beauti , knowledge, talent, confidence, friendly attitude hope u all found it it's Dr Mike 💕💕💕 love love

  12. Firstly, I adore you not only because you are handsome but also because of what you are and what you do for people, see your videos and follow your advice changes my life from day to day, thank you so much Mike 😊i like 😙

  13. he loves animals, he's smart! he's got a great sense of humor, friendly, genuine and hella fine :') men in cheesy fan fiction do exist! lol

  14. ปี้วู้ค่ะที่รักไมล์l lLove so mchs doing

  15. I really appreciate you doing the things you do. Doctor are super busy but you take out some of your time to make these videos that help the general population too. Honestly you are my role model. And I hope I can do what u are doing right now 😁.

    -3rd year medical student

  16. 0:35 Could you imagine if a male radio host described a female doctor as "you're very knowledgable and very visually appealing". Do women get a free pass to objectify men or something?

  17. He’s the epitome of good looks, super smart and yet so down to earth and friendly with everyone, with a magnetic personality. He must have had some very good influences growing up ❤️

  18. Whoa was he always like that…. Cool and u know… Can't take eyes away type… That lady at the radio station was so honest.. Lol

  19. It's always better to choose smart & knowledge over beauty because beauty depreciated and knowledge appreciate over time. But this can't really ignore the combination of both. Looking forward to get this man settled with some awesome lady. Best wishes

  20. I'm totally surprised to see you manage your time juggling between your highly demanding job as a doctor, consistent you tube channel uploads, keeping in touch with your followers on Instagram and your television appearances. You must be a super human. Great job.

  21. Best day of my life…. Getting a hug from Doctor Mike… Even if it's through a phone…. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😄😄😄

  22. “My goal is not to necessarily make it big on TV. My goal is to reach the most amount of people possible with my medical advice.”
    You know, that kind of sounds like the same thing…

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