ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Family is a Special Kind of Medicine. Meet Sharon.

(upbeat music) – Baking, for Sharon, has
always been a stress relief. I think that helped a
lot with the healing. – Every Friday it’s homemade pizza. I like doing it because it’s from scratch and I like to see the
smile on people’s faces. I’ve had to show the boys how to do things like helping with the cooking. – It’s been a rough road. She’s almost back to her normal self. The boys and I have a saying,
you know “Sharon’s back.” – On November 9th, 2018 I was standing between the two bedrooms and my foot slipped and down I went. My left leg was straight behind me, my right leg was bent at the knee. Four or five steps down, I heard a snap. – At that point, I ended up picking her up and getting a chair behind her, calling the ambulance and everything. – I shattered the femur. Instead of, you know, like
a break straight across or jagged across, it looked like you took a
banana and just peeled it. I have a rod from my hip to my knee and then I have a pin that
goes through the femur, into the ball socket of my hip and then I have two screws by my knee because I twisted it as I fell. I remember while I was in the hospital, sometimes it felt like
I was an inconvenience. And I talked to hospital
administrators and said, “How can I get better?” Patrick had talked to insurance about “this is what’s going on” and all of a sudden it was
like Shawn took charge. – You go in next Monday,
they’ll actually have your- Nebraska Total Care was there to advocate for Sharon by listening to her concerns, helping her understand
the different providers, understand that she had a choice, and then also advocating for just the different
medical equipment products that she was gonna need. – And we’d have a conference call with the representative
from Nebraska Total Care, one of the nurses, or the director, asking “What can we do to
make this better for you?” Nebraska Total Care was there to say “You have options” and “If you have
questions, give us a call.” Today I am better than what I was. It will take up to two years
for my leg to completely heal. – Thank you Lord for
this food and this day, – Nebraska Total Care helped
me to come home faster. It just felt so good
being at home with family. – Nebraska Total Care taught me that they see me as a person. They see Sharon as a person. We’re not a policy, we’re not a number. We’re not a phone call that you’ve got 30 seconds to get off of. That they truly care about us. – Thank you for making me
believe in myself again, that I can do this. I appreciate everything you’ve done. (upbeat music)

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