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Hey guys! Welcome to the second video of my plastic surgery journey in this video, I will share to you guys my condition after surgery and the recovery process First of all, I want to remind that all my surgery is accompanied by Beautique Korea Beautique Korea is a medical company in Korea that is already approved by the korean government and they will help you guys who want to do surgery in Korea, but don’t know where to start you can find the consultation before doing the surgery on my previous video (PART 1) link is on description Hello matcha mei~ Hello How are you feeling today? I’m hungry hehe So you will have your surgery today? yeah~ At what time? around 10 o’clock they said Feeling ready? yeah~ I want to feel how it is to be put on anesthesia quickly okay hehewheahe Any testimonials? bawhawahaha I hope that it finishes quickly so I can eat again When you’re able to eat? nah, I can only eat liquids after the surgery anyway vegetables or liquid? liquid so sad guys.. Wish me luck guys Before the surgery, Nana from Beautique Korea has already come and accompany me We are having a discussion again about my surgery that I will be doing After that, there will be a final consultation before the surgery with the consultant We’re discussing again about the result from the doctor and to make sure that I fully understands about the surgery that I will be doing After that I have to change my clothes and wear the surgery gown and to wash my face before the surgery This is Nana from Beautique Korea and she will help matcha get her presciption.. medicine? yeah this is the medicine thank you Nana~ hehehe And here are a few important items for post-surgery that Nana had prepared for me there are mask, cooling pad, Q-tip, etc Yup, and here is me wearing Banobagi’s hospital gown that is pink and so cute Huft I’m so nervous guys! My first surgery is double eyelid and ptosis correction So I met Dr. Lee for consultation before doing the surgery I like how Banobagi’s system are working because they always do a double consultation and they explained it in details before doing the surgery After that I need to gargle so that my mouth is sterile because after the double eyelid and ptosis correction surgery, I will be doing face contouring surgery immediately and then my whole body is sterilized and I’m ready for the surgery bye bye~ Okay I want to laugh hard but this is me after doing all the surgery Nana waited for me after my surgery is done I’m still dizzy after the surgery because the anesthesia is still on effect but thanks to the nurses that helps me to walk I don’t feel any pain at all, only discomfort and numb around the surgery area and my throat is very dry because of the draining tube I’m so hungry because I need to do fasting before the surgery but I need to wait for a few hours for me to be able to drink I felt very cold after the surgery but thanks to the nurses again giving me blankets so that I will be warm I’m also wearing cooling pads on the jaw and eye area so that it will help the discomfortness after doing surgery and also to heal the swollen Finally after a few hours I can drink water, guys.. After the surgery I need to gargle with the gargling solution frequently because it is very important to keep my mouth clean A few stitches are inside my mouth so every 2 hours I need to gargle and every time I eat or drink anything besides water I need to gargle so that it will prevent infection on the stitch area hay gaiys I finished my surgery this… pipe.. is.. for… draining my blood inside I have to change this ice pack regulary my face is still swollen and it will get worse on day 2 and 3 so.. yeah.. and it will get better after that I’m going to take a rest now bye! The next day, I can leave the clinic and I will be staying at Banobagi’s guest house for 5 days let’s check out the guest house! There is TV heater refrigerator air humidifier bed cupboard chair Nana from Beautique Korea here is explaining to me my important daily routine so that my healing process running smoothly that is, gargle with the gargling solution every 2 hours and every time after eating or drinking besides water cleaning the stitch marks around my eyelid and applying the ointment for my eyelid 2 times a day After the surgery, I can’t eat any solid food like usual so I can only drink milk juice or soup or anything that is liquid for a week I also need to take medicine 3 times a day, 30 mins after eating Here, I was being explained by Nana how to clean my stitch mark and how to use the ointment Nana even gave me and Puni a gift she is an angel 😀 I’m so touched huhu :’) And here is my face condition after 2 days post surgery and tomorrow, my bandage on my jaw will be removed And here is after the bandage was removed my face is still very swollen and it will be gone slowly after 3 to 6 months Post surgery day 5, I came back to Banobagi for oxygen therapy so my swollen will get better Oh, the distance was so near from the guest house to the clinic! It just took for about 5 minutes The oxygen therapy can help to improve the blood circulation so that it can make the healing process after the surgery goes faster This therapy also helps my swollen face to be better The oxygen therapy goes for 20 minutes and because of the air pressure inside the tube, my ears hurt! luckily, I can bring my phone inside the tube so I can distract the pain Post surgery, I can’t take a bath like usual, because the stitch can’t be exposed to water I can use body wipes to clean my body, but it’s hard to wash my hair and it became so crusty.. Luckily again, Banobagi gave me a coupons for washing hair at salon that is near here at least my scalp and hair is not itchy and clean again After 5 days staying at Banobagi’s guest house, we moved to Gangnam Family Hotel This hotel is so comfy and the facility is good and I think it was similar to Jakarta’s apartment in my opinion We are being helped by Beautique Korea for booking this hotel Beside oxygen therapy, Banobagi also provides de-swelling treatment which is massage and light therapy my favourite is this massage therapy, guys! It feels so relaxed and the massage is good! I really want to have it again if there’s any like this in Jakarta From all of my surgery process, maybe the one that I’m afraid of, is the stitch removal because what I mostly heard is, the most painful part is when the stitch is removed To be honest, I’m very scared of this process, but thanks to the skillful nurses, I only feel the minimal pain and I can still bear the pain, not like what others said or maybe each people are different? After the stitches on my hairline and eyelid are removed, Dr. Lee came to see me and check the result of the eye surgery and he said that wound heals well and the condition was good! yeayyy~ I also need to wear face band, so that the swelling on my face won’t fall down and make a double chin After the stitches on the mouth area are being removed, it is more painful than the last stitch removal from the hairline and eyelid because the area in the mouth is more sensitve fortunately, because my mouth is still numb, the pain isn’t too extreme Oh! Banobagi also provides you with a bear doll for you to hold during the stitch removal process too! After the stitches were removed, I’m having an X-ray, before meeting with Dr. Oh to see the result of my face contouring Dr. Oh explained to me that I need more time to see the result of the surgery because before the surgery, my cheek is so chubby It needs time for about 3 to 6 months to see the result of the face contouring This is the before and after from the X-ray result of my face Dr. Oh made my jaw more symmetric, and made my overall face to be more proportional Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the result of my surgery, and I would like to thank you to Dr. Lee and Dr. Oh for the good result of my surgery And also Nana and Claire form Beautique Korea, for keeping me accompanied from start to finish during my stay at Korea And for the part 3 video will be the Q & A about plastic surgery So, stay tuned guys for you who wants to ask about my surgery See you on my next video! Bye byeee~


  1. after seeing this video i feel so happy bcs you're so positive and cheerful, i will do the same surgery like you. But i'm still 18yo so i have to wait for like 5/7 years for me to do this and fly myself alone to Korea. Can you please keep your updates after your surgery? That would good . Thank you 🙂

  2. Cuma minum Susu, Jus dan Soup selama seminggu??
    Bener-bener selama seminggu pasca operasi itu cuma minum aja?
    Klo lg ada aktivitas yg butuh energi gimana?

  3. Sebelum oprasi aja aku mau kok nerima km apa adanya, malah setelah oprasi aku ngerasa ada yg aneh dari kak mei

  4. Going through so much pain for what?!! You know it won’t last forever but in the end it’s personal choices ..

  5. I am 13 and plan on going abroad (to korea) to graduate, to study there and possibly live there somehow and I was also planning on getting surgery in korea but idk when Or like what age and what company and all

  6. Ini baru konten vloger yg bermanfaat, bukan sampah2 prank prank ga gunaaa, thx cici info nya 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Jadi cantik memang banyak perjuangan nya yah.. but worth it.. cantik banget yalord :')

    i'm in love with you Mei ❤️

  8. banobagi is horrible! i had a bad experience. youtubers get free surgery and show u all the good things , but it is not exactly that! My advice is, better go to one that dont too busy /advertise heavily so that you will get more attention and proper care. i feel like everything was so rushed! worst of all, my looks did not even improve and i really really regretted choosing banobagi. i hv spent so much time and money in seoul and not getting what i wanted. Truly upset.

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