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Exercise is Medicine

most of us know how important it is to exercise in how so many benefits that we can say exercise is medicine but first what is exercise exercise is physical activity that is planned and carried out to improve or maintain physical fitness I will share different exercise benefits found by scientific studies so if you are searching for reasons to exercise pay attention exercise has been shown to decrease anxiety work absences anger headaches psychology behavior and tension and it can increase or improve your mood productivity social relationships confidence memory and well-being now let's look at some physical benefits you will improve the heart pumping action the energy production the circulation your range of motion your balance your strength and life expectancy it will decrease your blood pressure heart rate and risk for chronic conditions and for the elder you will reduce the risk of osteoporosis depression stiffness in large arteries Falls and cognitive decline and it will improve balance and strength in the obese population exercise in combination with diet modifications will lead to more weight loss what about the effects of exercise in kids and teenagers for them exercise will improve the strength self-esteem cognition dynamic performance and social interactions and it will reduce the risk of obesity and their risk for cardiovascular complication for how much is due exercise well you should exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes per week in combination with strengthening exercise twice a week you go to be to exercise 300 minutes that's 1 hour 5 days a week now kids should exercise for one hour or more combination of aerobic and strengthening exercise and that's every day what about the aging population they should exercise same as adults the main thing is to avoid inactivity and they will get the best results by combining aerobic and strengthening exercises while these people should exercise for 300 minutes that's 5 hours a week you might be wondering if exercise is so good then why some people don't exercise it turns out that there are some barriers to exercise and some of them include no physician recommendation no access to facilities lack of example an electronic distraction in addition you have weather no motivation no music and cost so what can you do in these cases well get a partner use music plan ahead and use your local resources for more tips and videos like this one visit ot with MV com this was a creation of 43 studio

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