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Everything Wrong With Fear The Walking Dead "Pilot"

previously on TV sins favorite dirty women they were sluts and God made Eve from the river bed Oh get it it's like when Rick woke up in the original series but now it's upside down and totally different are you not entertained also show begins with the opening of eyes cliche oh yeah Lauria oh Jesus I haven't heard someone call for Gloria this much since Laura Branigan in 1982 button flies why does it always have to be flickering overhead lights in horror content this place may be rundown but there is electricity that the zombies chew halfway through the power supply or something considering he's been running down the middle of this street rude completely unobstructed for a while now a driver somehow not seeing him and hitting him at the speed seems either impossible or intentional or driven also what was he doing driving that fast towards an obvious dead end wrinkles also it was modern day the whole time this opening reveal somehow makes the twist in the village look subtle on behalf of tall people everywhere stop hanging things from door frames or we will stop getting things off higher shelves for you this is a team effort people should have got your ass out of bed thirty minutes ago everyone's running late for no reason because it's just a requirement at this point for maximum intensity you're raving about flesh blood and viscera viscera you guys should have seen the viscera I've never seen so much viscera in my life yes this sounds exactly like what it might have said I don't know what this was told you so what are we saying the witnesses use that word or the cops did nope a scriptwriter used that word humans say guts we say guts I tell ya it's dad listen I don't want to go after almost 10 minutes this is starting to feel more like fear the family drama a lot of kids are sick today thought you were another victim so are we supposed to think these sick kids have something to do with the coming outbreak or is it just a weak connective reference the writers think is a sly wink well the show ever actually care to explain any of the details because five sins to cover you while you're pondering that answer hand it over what's going on Tobias has this contraband to fight off the zombie horde but um seriously he's gonna take those mothers on with the equivalent of a homemade prison ship the know if it's a virus or microbe not sure why the show feels the need to play the pronoun game we know there are zombies we came for some bees if there's a problem we're gonna know about it yeah why haven't they yet Nick saw gloria eating that dude in the middle of day yesterday and there were several other bodies there that would turn into zombies themselves short ly after death and they were in a well populated area so again I asked why haven't they yet seen your project it's supposed to be fun what'll be fun is coming back and tagging later does this school recruit the country's best Perfetti artists most schools are lucky to have two kids that can draw something that doesn't involve stick figures and that cool pointy s thing some of the world's greatest artists couldn't pull this it off a nightmare it's clearly day out well writer and while I'm not saying you should go with Daymare I am saying maybe this is a good opportunity to use the phrase bad dream when I went easily verifiable facts that are easily verified by authorities still haven't been verified easily and if it didn't come from the powder then it came out of me did you make lightning or feel the pain of a dying deer cuz then it definitely came from the powder yeah isn't Travis a fuckin high school teacher why is he throwing all Barney Fife here on the church instead of oh I don't know learning the cops even if there weren't a flesh-eating monster in here there's still a big-ass drug ring being conducted can we talk about the fact that this toilet is directly underneath a giant window on the ground level who would unloose the caboose while their back is that vulnerable to the outside world what the hell is the light coming in through this window when the sky was completely darkness and he needed a flashlight when he arrived a few seconds ago I guess since the Sun rises in the West maybe mourning happens fast in California wait well you repeat the same behavior and expect different results it's merriam-webster crazy actually according to merriam-webster it's marked by a thought or action that lacks reason maybe Berkeley needs to have better entrance exams I win no I appreciate it the shooting gallery I found it last night East Room it's the pronoun game not the verb game is you cannot enable okay a little miss cover for the kid who brought the night to school and let him off with a warning I don't think he's lying oh so you think someone ate someone based on the first 30 minutes of this show I do not seriously has any car alarm actually made this noise since 1998 only few hours away same state same timezone same bat-channel from the moment he starts drawing this heart to the complete version is less than two minutes now that might be fine but I went back and painstakingly watched the scene for you and he's literally casually drawing on her arm for a maximum 18 seconds during that time meaning he drew this entire thing in less than 20 seconds I mean I know it's not Picasso but I'm calling bull on all this beautiful field work aside from the one zombie at the beginning this show has been so goddamned all that I feel like I'm watching the most depressing episode of Riverdale also doesn't Madison have any actual work to do she's honestly just kind of lurking around the hallways and peeping in on classes and she's supposed to be guiding sing there's a man tried to cut the damn dog open to keep his hands warm nice gruesome wait that concept wasn't new to the Empire Strikes Back dang it now I have to hate that movie because it didn't use 100% original ideas well man versus nature London's trying to teach us how not to die nature shadowing party thought he might be a zombie but he wasn't a zombie so aren't we clever this is going to continue to happen a lot isn't it see here's the thing hospitals would have had this figured out in no time it's the dirty little secret of the zombie verse if the Living Dead thing ever goes down the way it's usually portrayed we'd figure it out quickly and then just have new death procedures within a few months time there would be some initial panic but we'd get back to normal in no time which doesn't bode well for a show set during all that origin nonsense but once he removes all the doodads alarms would be going off left and right because the machines would register a loss of heartbeat and pulse but that doesn't happen here because TV show the sequence makes Nick out to be Harrison forward and the fucking fugitive but this isn't hard man he's not under arrest and he's an adult the restraints were there for his own safety so bailing on the hospital ain't the Great Escape or anything Wittering bye son Madison has the same empathic abilities as Forest Whitaker and species the music's telling me I need to be scared of something but my best guess is smog sure the obvious thing to do when coming upon the bedding of an intravenous heroin addict is to blindly stick your hand into the covers don't worry she's been trained for this folks after all she is a high school guidance counselor no one will be seated during the scenes of intense texting action we're gonna find him he doesn't want to be found skip I'm just tired of waiting on the call from the morgue right there a few calls before the morgue look I'm not trying to be insensitive here but that call about your overdosed son who was now decaying in a back alley somewhere is probably coming from the police okay maybe I'm trying to be a bit insensitive you see anything no me neither and I've been watching this whole episode I'd love to see anything other than these morose mothers arguing about family life mmm five and you miss a few stops good to see the principal is out for his daily count of each child as they come off the bus duty how very expositional of him Lucas how they unload on him how he keeps coming and I gotta call the district see how they want to play this what is it necessary for the school district of Los Angeles County to formally weigh-in on a completely unrelated news story call your parents were there I know right what are the odds I want you home okay I'm so concerned about what's going on I'm sending you home by yourself LA River is the setting for part of a movie or TV show that is set in la clé shit come on jeez can overreact much if this is how you handle it every time one of your clients ends up in the hospital he must be super great at digging human size holes in the ground by now what a strange place to park I mean I know this isn't exactly a trip to the mall but stopping there means nothing else can go through and you still have to come further out to turn around and go back it's literally the worst possible place to stop and park your car unless you're going to back out of there and set up some sort of force bullshit there it is me man even when this show finally decides to zombie it's boring as hell I have no idea but at least this show eventually make sure and explore all the details of what happened since we came all this way back to the beginning of it all instead of immediately just becoming another escape the zombies Gore fest right right we tell it to get you Barbara you're raving about flesh blood and viscera I'm not sure that I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work they're local hey there girlie how you don't sweating like a pig actually in yourself yes I did it I killed a vet I hated her so much it the Fiat flame flames flames instead of being cyber bullies maybe we can all be cyber buddies think about this what is the most exciting thing that can happen on TV or in movies or in real life somebody's a gun

50 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With Fear The Walking Dead "Pilot"

  1. Frasier has 37 Emmys from 107 nominations. They're talking about bringing it back now, too. Can we take it down a peg with some sins?

    Besides the pilot, let me recommend S2E4 Flour Child, S1E24 My Coffee with Niles, or S5E21 The Ski Lodge.

  2. I have one of those windows right in front of my toilet in my br. Sucks, always worried some kids on a schoolbus gonna pass by seeing me wiping my butt n scar them lol. I live in a trailer if that tells you something.
    Btw do The Walking Dead!!!! Or more of FWD. But ill be waiting for the og series lol. Thx!

  3. I agree. People would immediatly know if a zombie apocalypse was up. I mean everybody has seen at least one zombie movie. Especially in our day and age. Not to mention how fast social media and stuff spreads information.
    Nice video 😀

  4. 7:03 why does he fall to his knees after being shot? we see in the walking dead universe that anything other than head trauma will have no effect on walkers. sure a bullet will push it back slightly since it is force, but falling to knees happens when you are hurt or clinging to life

  5. I cannot express how happy I am that my favorite critic has decided to go after TV shows now instead of movies.

  6. 5:52 This isnt really a sin. Those Heartbeat and pulse sensors can register if it is removed or if the patient is dying.

  7. Fantastic takedown! I wanted this show to be something special but the path it took was so random and scattershot I dropped it halfway through, picked it up again and fell in love with the family-drama-amidst-the-apocalypse, and THEN they went and pulled such a tremendous Stupid that I gave up for good.

  8. Madison was so Annoying and Naive to the point I was about to stop watching the show several time because of how Dumb and Ignorant she was !

  9. You need to do a Jojo's bizarre adventure TV Sins. It has a lot of fans that would come out of the woodworks to see it on your channel. I guarantee it.

  10. Remember Chernobyl? How long did they keep that a secret? Even if movies and tv shows want to make us believe, they would never tell the world if there is a zombie outbreak. Never.

  11. "Time of Death 5:15 PM, Tom if you would?"
    "Thank you, Nurse scrub the brains off the wall and get the body ready for her family."

  12. You really feign surprise that a school district in California would go out of its way to prepare a PR political statement about some random unrelated event?

  13. The pronoun game isn't a game when it comes to zombies in THIS universe. there aren't any zombie movies or lore so when they don't say what it is. it's because of reasons!

  14. The guy who plays Nick (Frank Dillane) is the son of Stephen Dillane (Stannis on Game of Thrones) you may know that but when I found this out it blew my mind!

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