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Energy of Abundance – Love, Light, Bliss, Health and Material Wealth – Guided Meditation

ENERGY OF ABUNDANCE Please find a comfortable sitting or lying
position for you and relax. Put one hand on the center of the chest in the area of thymus
gland, where are also located your heart and the center of your soul. Put your other hand
below your first hand, down to the area of the ribs on the left side, just below the
chest, where the energy of your soul is active. Now channel the energy, and get completely
comfortable. Now imagine yourself in front of the Archangel
Rafail, surrounded by a green light to sit right in front of you. With your thoughts
ask Rafail to take you up to the level of the Creator, the level of Divine Love, where
you will be able to contact your soul. See with your inner vision how golden light
ball emerges from the chest of the Archangel, and slowly floats and stops in the space between
you and the Archangel. The ball is growing, and growing and its light
covers you and Archangel. Now you can see that you and Archangel are placed together in a golden light ball. Archangel Rafail is moving his hands towards you, and you lay your palms on his. Now you are holding hands of the Archangel and you know that you are beginning your trip. Now, looking at the Archangel you will perform
together with him three deep breaths and with each breath in you will climb upper to the sky
and so easy and simple will get to the seventh level, the level of the Creator. You will
find yourself in the heart of God. Relax and watch right in the Archangel standing
in front of you. Feel that you are safe and taken care of within the beautiful energy
of the ball. Hold hands with Archangel Rafail. Now make a deep breath in and began to become
aware of your lifting up. You are already in the infinite space of the Universe. Exhale now. Repeat breath in once again more slowly and
be aware you are now higher and higher every moment. Exhale.
Breathe in again, for the third time, looking at the Archangel and exhale. You are now in
the field of Divine love, in the field of Creator. All around you is a pure white light
with a slight blue sky. Stop here. Establish normal breathing rhythm. Feel on
every inch of your skin and feel inside you, a clean white light and energy of Unconditional
love. Breathe in this white light and recharge with it your body, your well-being.
You are all alone in this beautiful field of pure energy and you feel wonderful, like being
at home, where you are always welcome and where you are unconditionally loved and accepted,
where your every request will be answered. Archangel Rafail and energy ball now disappeared,
while you enjoy the new environment. Now you feel completely safe and calm. You feel the
quiet joy that is slowly spreading throughout your being. You are surrounded by pure white light with
a slight blue sky. Now you are breading into your lungs a Divine light and charge your body, charge your well-being, recharge yourself with energy of Unconditional love. Charge yourself with well-being of every kind. Tell yourself in your mind: God please, move
into my heart unconditional love right now. You feel how gently clean white energy, with
blue glow, flows into your chest and begins its eternal circulation. In your chest it
creates a pleasant vortex and continues its eternal movement.
Energy is changing its color from white to pink and embroidered with the finest gold
particles and you can now clearly feel her warmth and harmonizing force that’s running
throughout your being. Now speak softly, so that you can hear yourself,
while staying in a state of complete peace, the following request:
Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator of all that is. In the name of what I am, that what
I am, I (now tell your name) am asking you to please connect me with my soul, and let
me understand all her needs for care, poverty and powerlessness. With gratitude for everything
I obtained, let out from me anything that does not serve my development and let it be
sent to the Holy Well. Please release from me all obligations, beliefs, pledges, oaths of my parents, ancestors and my spiritual family regarding poverty, denial, helplessness,
which are part of me and that do not serve the supreme development of my soul and send
them to the Holy Well. I am asking for blessing from the God, ancestors, parents, and my spiritual
family for the abundance of love, light, bliss, health, and material wealth. I ask to connect
the energy of my soul with the energy of abundance. From now on, and forever, and at the same time I can progress spiritually and get closer to God and Divine Love. THANK YOU Creator for this day and time (say day, month, year, hours and minutes).
IT IS DONE. IT IS DONE. IT IS DONE. You’re still in the field of Divine love,
at the level of the Creator, surrounded by bluish-white light. Now intentionally ask Archangel Rafail to
appear and to guide you down to the physical level. Now you are back in the golden energy
ball, along with Archangel Rafail. Now you will do three times inhalation and
exhalation, which will bring you back to the physical level. Breathe in slowly and deeply
and while exhale please see with your inner vision how you are getting back to Earth in
golden ball, together with the Archangel Rafail. Inhale again and breathe out. During exhalation
feel how you are going lower and lower. Now do one more deep breath in and while keeping
the focus on the exhale, feel that you are back to the Earth.
Now you are back to the physical world, firmly grounded. With your inner vision see how the
golden ball you were flying with, becomes smaller and smaller. See how it stops in the
space between you and Archangel Rafail and returns to the center of the Archangel Rafail chest.
Express your gratitude to the Archangel. Make a deep breath in that awakens you completely.
Now you can open your eyes. ENERGY OF ABUNDANCE

25 thoughts on “Energy of Abundance – Love, Light, Bliss, Health and Material Wealth – Guided Meditation

  1. +well Being Academy
    Very peaceful thank you. really relaxing just what i need right now. and i so love the smiley square winkngYellow square, im a big kid i just love things liike that. thank you.:)

  2. the music overrides the voice… can't hear what is being said and has a heavy accent which also makes it hard to understand.

  3. Excellent guide… love it… I use this meditation quite often.. from the prayer words, are you a Theta healer too… ?

  4. Hvala na predivnoj muzici, svakodnevno sam na Vašem kanalu. Ne govorim engleski te nisam sigurna da tekst meditacije koju ću ovde napisati je adekvatan prevod ove meditacije. ali sam poželela da podelim sa Vama moje obraćanje predivnoj Abudanciji:

    Predivna Abudancijo, ja stremim biti slična tebi, bezbrižna i ispunjena verom.
    Pomozi mi da zamenim novčane probleme na radost i zahvalnost.
    Pomozi mi da otvorim ruke u susret nebesima, da mi nebesa pomognu.
    Zahvaljujem Tebi, na Tvojem vođstvu, darovima i pokroviteljstvu.
    Ja sam iskreno zahvalna Tebi i ispunjena radošću.
    Ja sam spremna da idem dalje i da odahnem od novčanih problema, jer sam sigurna da si Ti u potpunosti preuzela brigu o meni ovde i sada sada i kasnije.

    Ovaj prevod je sa ruskog jezika i frekvencija pokreće Energiju Novca, može se izgovarati više puta dnevno i pokreće priliv novca i materijalnih dobara u naš ovozemaljski život.

  5. This is the most wonderful meditation i have ever experienced… i cried tears of joy, release, love and compassion… it was overwhelming , but cleansing.. this has done something to me i cant quite explain just yet… your voice soothed me. Thank you, bless you. NAMASTE.

  6. Dear friends from Well Being Academy, this is the most inspiring meditation I ever heard!

    Thank you for making this. You made me cry!

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