ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

A couple of weeks ago, we
introduced a new segment called “Can You Do That.” It’s a thing, where
tWitch and I have to guess whether an
audience member can actually do what they say they can do. We met a young man with a
talent that blew us away. Take a look. My name is Christopher
Joyce I’m from the Bronx. And I’m a caretaker
for my father. What can you do? I do a handstand on weights. [CHEERS] No. How? Woo! Wow! Oh! Oh, my God! I was so impressed. I wanted to learn
more about him. From the Bronx, New York, please
welcome Christopher Joyce. That was amazing. Thank you. I mean, when you said you could
do that, I didn’t picture that at all. I don’t know what
I was picturing. But have you always been
this naturally strong? Well when I was younger, I
wanted to be really strong. You know, I’m from the Bronx. So it’s tough there. Yep. So they have these
competitions, where it’s like Bronx versus
Brooklyn versus Queens. Staten Island. And they do like,
who could do the most pull-ups, who could do the
almost push-ups, handstands. And I wanted to be
different and original. Right. So I went to the gym,
and I started practicing on dumbbells and barbells. I wanted to be the best at
that, so I did it every day. Wow. And you– I don’t know what
could be better than that. So how often do you
train and workout? What do you do? I train Monday through Fridays. And I rest Saturday and Sundays. And I train 5:00 AM every day. Because at the gym, you
know, it’s more freedom. And I can grab more
weights without no one, you know, having a problem. And my dad, you know,
he’s sick and everything. So I like to come back
before he wakes up. So it’s better for
me to go earlier. And then, when I come
back, everything is good. I get to take care of him. And then, I take a nap. And I train again. So I train twice a day. Oh, wow. And I train at home
for my second time. And how many push can you do? I used to could do 200 straight. But now because I’ve been
eating a lot, and stress and everything, I can
only do like 130 straight. Oh, only 130. Oh. Wow. Slacking off. Wow. So you said your caretaker– what is wrong with your dad? My dad, he has a
rare spinal problem. Uh-uh. So it’s kind of forcing
him to be paralyzed. So the doctors recommended
a surgery to try to help. And so, you know, we’ve just
been taking care of him. And it’s pretty tough. Because that’s the person that
I first did my push-ups with. That’s the person I raced
with when I was younger and always looked up to. And to now see him
weak and stuff– Yeah. –you know, makes me sad. But my mom, she
always tells me like, Chris, just use your
pain as motivation. And so I’ve been trying
to like go for my goals more and train more again. And yeah. Just– Because you’re a
full-time caretaker. Yeah. I’m a full-time caretaker. But what’s your ultimate goal? What do you want to do? My ultimate goal is
to be in commercials and to inspire
people who is also like me, who comes from similar
backgrounds, who, you know, have it hard, who don’t
have all the resources. Yeah. And I want to showcase my talent
in commercials and other places to let them know
they can do it too. Yeah. Well, you should do that. For sure. All right. We’re going to take a break. And you’re going to
perform when we come back. OK. All right. We’ll be back. We’re back with the very,
very strong Christopher Joyce. And all right. Just something’s happening. I don’t know what. But do something. OK. I’m going to start
with this stairs. All right. OK. Oh, start with the stairs. Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING – KANYE WEST,
“POWER”] No one man should have all that power. The clock’s ticking, I
just count the hours. Stop tripping. I’m tripping off the power. You short-minded
thoughts is Napoleon. My furs is Mongolian. My ice brought the goldies in. Now I embody every
characteristic of the egotistic. He knows. He’s so gifted. I just need time alone
with my own thoughts. Got treasures in my mind
but couldn’t open up my own vault. My childlike
creativity, purity, and honesty is
honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts. Reality is catching up with me. Taking my inner child,
I’m fighting for custody. With these responsibilities
that they entrusted me. As I look down at my
diamond encrusted piece. Thinking no one man should
have all that power. The clock’s ticking, I
just count the hours. Stop tripping. I’m tripping off the power. [CHEERS] What! [APPLAUSE] Now, I’m going to
try to do treadmill. [MUSIC PLAYING – KANYE WEST,
“POWER”] At the end the day, I’m killing it. I know damn well
y’all feeling this. I don’t need your,
I’m on my own. Where the bad, huh,
where you hiding? I got the power, make
your life so exciting. [APPLAUSE] Oh, my God. Oh. Oh, my God. All right. So here’s the thing. You said it was your dream
to be in a commercial. So the sports and
active nutrition brand called Pure Protein
loves your story. And they’re putting you
in their next commercial. No way! No way. Yes. You’re going to be
in that commercial. Oh, my God. And they also want to
help out with your bills. So they’re giving you a check
for $20,000 along with that. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. It’s such a [INAUDIBLE]. We’ll be right back.

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