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Ellen Gets a Pre-Birthday Checkup from Two Very Reliable Doctors

As you probably know,
or you may not know, but if you don’t, now you do. I have a birthday this week. [CHEERING] Thank you. Yeah it’s a big one. I have decided I’m
going to turn 60. Yeah. Because a lot of people
in Hollywood put that off. They don’t do it but
I’m going to do it. I am. And I’m feeling
great and I think it’s because I
try to eat healthy and I exercise every day. And I try to keep stress
out of my life, especially little things. Like what are they called, kids. [LAUGHTER] So I just had my physical
and normally those results would be private but since
the president released his last week, I
thought it’s only fair that I do the same thing. So please welcome my doctor from
General Hospital, Dr. Griffin Munro. [CHEERING] All right, thanks for
being here doctor. Why don’t you tell everybody
what your qualifications are? Oh, sure. Well, wardrobe gave me
this lovely lab coat. Props department gave me
this handy heart listener. Heart listener? It’s a stethoscope. No. Pretty sure it’s
a heart listener. All right, well
why don’t you just go ahead and read the results,
tell everybody what you found. OK sure. You know I’d like
to start by saying you are in incredible shape. You are as healthy as
someone half your age. I had no idea you
were turning 90. No I’m turning 60. Huh? My chart was upside down. There we go. I also found that you
have fantastic reflexes and your comedic reflexes
are off the charts. Here, I’ll give you an example. OK. Why did the mermaid
wear seashells? She outgrew her B shells. [LAUGHTER] Very good. Thank you, thank you. Now we checked your
BMI, which is good. And you’re still AAA,
which is still covered. And we did find you’re
still down with OPP. Well you know me. You know, for the next
part of this test, I’m going to need me
to remove my shirt. [CHEERING] Really? Are you sure that’s right? Ellen, please. I’m a doctor. [CHEERING] Now for the eye exam,
I’d like you to tell me how many abs do I have? [CHEERING] One, two, three What the hell is this? Is this the woman that you’ve
been seeing behind my back? Yes and we are in love. Why, what? That’s my job. Yes, but it’s my show. [SLAPPING NOISES] [CHEERING] Wonderful, wonderful. Happy birthday. Thank you. [CHEERING] That was Matt and
Finola from General Hospital everybody.

100 thoughts on “Ellen Gets a Pre-Birthday Checkup from Two Very Reliable Doctors

  1. Am i the only one who finds it cringy? Of course he's very good looking but he doesn't have to rip off his shirt to show that..I actually find men more attractive when they are clothed but maybe its just me..

  2. She really looks more like 40 than 60, how does she do that O_O

    Also Matt Cohen is so fine XDD and he never can keep his clothes on XDD

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