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Duke University School of Medicine Match Day 2017

So today feels like, remember when you were six years old and it’s Christmas Eve night and you have to go to sleep before you can open your presents? That’s really what today feels like. It’s very exciting to be here. I think the last four years of med school have been very challenging and tough, and today is the culmination of all that. So I’m really excited to see where I’ll end up and where all my classmates will end up too. I’ve been involved with their admission, way back when, and I’ve interacted with them on and off throughout their four years, and so it’s really exciting for me to see their dreams and aspirations come true. It’s really a privilege for us each year, to open the match list and to see the incredible feats that you have accomplished. But today is really opening the envelope and finding out how that all works. So there is certainly a a build-up and an excitement to go through the process and successfully match at a top program. Three, two, one! Open your envelopes! As well as being an exciting day, it’s a day that’s kind of reminds you of the responsibility of being a physician, and we’re all going toward this residency that comes with a lot of work. I read it, and I got my first choice. I’ll be going to UCSF! University Texas Southwestern for psychiatry. I’m goign to UPenn for emergency medicine. Today, I matched in dermatology at Duke University. There’s you know, for me seven years ahead of me that are going to be very tough but also just as exciting, and so I’m excited and I’m really glad that this day has finally come.

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