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Duke University School of Medicine: Charting the Path Towards Inclusive Excellence

diversity inclusion is a driver of excellence and that's what we're really trying to convey across the School of Medicine we've been focusing on how we create the type of climate where all of the differences coming together really have the opportunity to be successful that there are no barriers that shouldn't be there preventing people from being able to optimize their talent having a diverse an environment is critical for the development of our students our faculty I think it also increased our ability to be more creative more productive I think this is a great place for minority individual to get the role models and mentoring that they need in order to achieve successful Duke is a place where innovation is really the driving force both from the sciences but also in coming up with new ways of making teams more effective and diversity is integral to that this cold medicine has been very forward-thinking in terms of incentivizing this type of cultural change we have multiple diversity inclusion councils some related to race ethnicity gender sexual orientation and gender identity we're also making sure that as an institution all departments have to focus on diversity strategic plans and so that is a huge huge commitment to the institution to ensure that we are not just seeing it but we actually are helping our departments and everyone else within that faculty staff etc are engaging in effective ways to be able to address diversity inclusion within their specific areas every interaction that we have with another individual is a cross-cultural interaction even if we come from the same ethnic or better religious background we can have different perspectives and so there it's important to find out about the person as an individual and I think it's important that everybody feel included and valued in a setting it brings out the best of each individual and it also brings the best to the institution as diversity strategist one of the most exciting initiatives I've been involved in has been addressing cultural competency education within the medical school we have been looking at how is cultural competency taught among the various schools within the School of Medicine including the physician assistant program the MD program and the physical therapy program and what we're trying to do is come up with a list of best practices so that we can promote cultural competency cultural humility and also address issues such as unconscious bias in health care I feel that it's very important to be a voice in the health system regarding marginalized groups I try to emphasize to my colleagues and faculty members importance of diversity in our program I do a large amount of recruitment and also serve on the admissions committee in the capacity of diversity to maintain a diverse population of students for our program I was actively involved in the recruitment of graduate students from diverse backgrounds and we were very successful in that areas of the 20% of our students come from a variety of different ethnic and racial backgrounds and also from different sexual orientations and so we created a type of environment that made it very conducive for people wanting to apply for many years I felt like I was part of the hidden minority as a member of the LGBT community the culture here has changed to more an inclusive environment so I feel very comfortable of being Who I am in the workplace one of the biggest unique aspects of Duke is that being different makes you fit in it's a great thing to be different and to have different experiences one of the biggest things about Duke that drew me here and drew a lot of people here I think is the people for sure I'm constantly amazed when I talk to my fellow classmates about all the things that they've been through and different and unique experiences caring about them just kind of enriches my experience here I think Duke is a great place to learn if it rains because of the diversity in the community is so much you can learn from from the people around you there's a large amount of support especially from the School of Medicine for minority and diverse students to kind of come up and be optimized I'm looking forward I feel that being different is a good thing that I bring a unique perspective unique approaches and I think that that is really valued here at Duke I think someone should consider coming to Duke if they want to do science at its highest levels but then be in a place where diversity in our community is celebrated one of the interesting things about Durham if you look at the demographic information is that Durham is very diverse it has a high population of african-americans high population of Latino Americans people from various backgrounds so I think that Duke in particular is a great place to learn how to take care of patients no matter what they look like we have a very supportive leadership to the Dean of the school and through the office of diversity and inclusion so I think this will be a great place for someone that is really to stay in academic medicine and achieve success and we also ensure that the training and the curriculum also incorporates a health disparities component so that everyone regardless of what aspects of the School of Medicine they may belong to can be aware of and responsive to the health disparities and health equity exist within that community we look for that diversity because it adds value to our programs it's really about bringing together the best people in order to get the best results so we welcome people who are willing to have the perhaps uncomfortable conversations in service of being able to deliver on excellence you

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