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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Duke Medicine Profiles: Theodore N. Pappas, MD

I'm Ted Pappas it says Theodore but I'm go by Ted and I'm a general surgeon bid at Duke for since 1988 I'm predominantly known as a abdominal surgeon and so I'll operate on most things in the abdomen but really upper abdomen so it'll be pancreas liver gallbladder stomach cancers but some non cancerous problems some patients will come to me completely evaluated elsewhere and the question is can you fix this problem the answer will be yes and we'll fix it other people come to me with a mystery and they have a complaint maybe pain maybe they can't eat maybe they're losing weight and we have to sort through and figure it out I have the resources that I can tap no matter what the patient's problem is so the wonderful part about my job is I may see a patient and realize halfway through the evaluation that I'm not the expert but one of my partners is the expert so in a very seamless way we can involve other experts at Duke and so a patient will get really the full benefit of everything we have to offer even if we don't cure them sometimes patients are incredibly thankful that they've been able to bring a problem to us and we've at least walked them through it and figured out what we have and what we can and can't do if you own their problem with them and they really feel like they're unburdened they still have the disease of course but they've unburden the mystery and the end and the terrible illness that with it and we share that with them and at the end they own it again but we've helped them through a process and that's incredibly important you

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