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Dr Pisios on finding the simillimum ( correct homeopathic remedy)

Homeopaths want to give their patients the
best treatment possible. However they often have problems in finding
the correct remedy. When a patient is feeling unwell and is given
a homeopathic remedy, there are 3 possible results: He may feel sad if the remedy was
not the correct match to his problem. He may feel relatively happy if the remedy given
was similar to his problems. He will feel very happy if the remedy given was the simillimum
/ correct match. Let’s say that a patient has 5 mind symptoms and 5 body symptoms. If
you give a remedy that makes 2 mind symptoms and 4 body symptoms disappear, have you found
the simillimum? No! Then you give another remedy, a complementary one, that makes the
other body symptom disappear without affecting the mental symptoms. Did you find the simillimum?
No, of course not. We say that Homeopathy treats in a holistic way. Holistic means treating
the whole, not the parts, because the whole is not the sum of the parts.
Imagine a tree. With every remedy given that is not the simillimum, you are cutting some
branches, but the tree continues to grow. The same thing happens with the disease. However
if you give a remedy that cures the last 2 mind symptoms, and it has the potential to
cure the 7 symptoms already cured by first remedy, then that’s the simillimum.
Also that’s the correct holistic treatment because the remedy by treating the whole,
cures the parts too. It’s like putting a toxic liquid at the root of the tree and it
subsequently disappears with all its branches. You address the root of the disease. Snake
remedies work in that perfect way and work for a large part of humanity. You only have
to know their essence and their pictures to match them with the right patient. The patient
will be healthy and happy for long time.  Also, if he has a small relapse, the same remedy
will be needed.To find out more about these snake remedies go to:

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