ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Dr. Michelle Chui, Improving Medication Safety

[ Music ] My research primarily focuses
on trying to identify ways to decrease medication errors,
both from the perspective of pharmacists as they dispense
prescriptions, and patients as they take prescriptions
as well. I feel very fortunate to
be able to collaborate with the Pharmacy
Society of Wisconsin, they are really the
trailblazers when it comes to advancing patient care
in community pharmacies, which is where my research
primarily takes place. These pharmacies are
pretty much my laboratory. So there’s a lot of
basic scientists here who do their research
in laboratories. These community pharmacies
are actually my laboratories. One of the reasons
why I came to UW is because of its graduate program. Its graduate program here in social administrative
sciences is really one of the best in the country, so
I feel very fortunate to teach in a class that is consistent
with the research that I do. You will learn to
collaborate, you will learn to partner with people. Everyone talks about
collaboration, but what no one ever
talks about is that it’s actually much
more difficult than it is to just talk about it. You would find us to be good
role models for doing that. Second, our graduate students
just have a lot of fun together. They behave as a family
together, that’s also important, because graduate school
is a very family-oriented environment, and
you really do need to have your colleagues
supporting you, because you’re going to
have good days and bad days, and those colleagues are going
to help beef you up on the days that you’re discouraged and
really celebrate with you on the days that you’re
really doing well. I attend lots of
national conferences, some of them focused
in pharmacy and some of them focused in engineering. And usually what I
do is I start sharing about all the cool things
going on in pharmacy related to medication therapy
management, lots of different
initiatives that are going on in community pharmacy,
and people start asking, well, where are you from? And as soon as I say
Wisconsin, they immediately go, ohhh…yeah, Wisconsin. [Background Music] You guys
are always ahead of the pack. [ Music ]

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