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Doctor Who Official Trailer | BBC America

All of this is new to me. New faces. New worlds. New times. So if I asked really, really nicely… Would you be my new best friends? Right! This is gonna be fun.

84 thoughts on “Doctor Who Official Trailer | BBC America

  1. Doesn't matter to me. Yes, I would STILL run with the Doctor! I would LOVE to be one of her new best friends! Oh, and I love her accent!

  2. "All of this is new to me. New faces, new worlds, new times, a new vagina… so if I asked, really, really nicely… could you get me some chocolate? Because my GOD am I cramping like crazy and I swear it's the only thing that helps."

  3. i think she will be an awesome doctor! i still think the idea is weird considering the doctor started out as an older wise man but she has the doctor look. as long as the story is well written than ill be happy! i absolutely loved capaldi but sadly a lot of his episodes were very generic and decent. Cant wait though!

  4. More of a meh teaser with a side of social engineering. They would not have to ask for friends 'nicely' if they had not mishandled the transition to the new Doctor. It feels like BBC are going out of their way to be antagonistic. Her brief scene after regeneration felt more convincing than this, hopefully it's just the edits they picked for the teaser. I feel bad for Jody because I fear she is going to get stuck with weak writing plus the BBC's overshadowing politics instead of her getting a fair run like she deserves. I hope they can pull it off without killing the show. The production quality looks solid so I will reserve judgement until we see the new format because the actor is not the only change. If the educational theme turns out to be political preaching this show will crash so hard it will form a new crack in time and space. Look what happened to the new Star Trek and the latest Star Wars if you want to see that future.

  5. After the masterful job done with Missy, I'm excited to see Ms. Whittaker take over the role. New Doctor, new writers, new characters. I think it's gonna be good!

  6. I'm fine with a female doctor, but why did they dress her like Tweedle-dum wished to be an adult woman?

  7. I like the actress, I like the costume, I like her companions, I like the look. Here's hoping I like series 11.

  8. Doctor who producers were like oh this show has a diversity problem. Let's just nail it all in one season.

    Now they can't have people saying they're sexist, racist or ageist lol

  9. I have readed that the time lords just can regenerate 13 times
    Do this is the last, if Doc has a mortal accident, Doc will die forever

  10. My expectations for this season are through the floor.
    Not because of Jodie Whittaker, but because of Chris Chibnall. I can believe Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, but this trailer doesn't look or sound like Doctor Who to me.
    Chibnall's track record with DW doesn't inspire confidence, either.
    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was fun but shallow.
    42 was weird even by Doctor Who standards
    Hungry Earth/Cold Blood were eh.
    And The Power of Three was just dumb.

  11. Oh shit, a woman and two racial minorities. The right-wingers will be triggered for sure…. lol And they were already busy being triggered over the new She-Ra. lol

  12. Older doctor who fans can only dream of getting a sex change and taking 30 years off. #sympathy4thebacklash

  13. My expectations were already low but after seeing this it seems that I was far too optimistic.
    This will probably the last "doctor" before the series will be cancelled.

  14. Over the years, I've tried to get into the series. I've watched several episodes but it just doesn't hold my attention. I find myself arguing with the science aspect and abandonment of basic physics. It causes me to disbelieve the entire show. I can't help but feel that way. I want to like it, but too many errors make me think….no, this is bullshit.
    I hope this time it'll be different.

  15. I love the actress and her prior work, but this is just kinda feeling eh to me right now.

    Although, I have found the last few seasons up and down anyway so a big change could be what it needs.

  16. I so want to like this–Oct 7th I'll be there not because of the hype but because it's Doctor Who-same character.Jodie I wish you well!!!

  17. Moffat's tenure saw huge increases in American veiwship. We are in mourning for him. If I read one more article stating that his wit and allusions (the reason why I loved the last five seasons) detracted from the show, I'm going to have to conclude that my love for the doctor was a Moffat anomaly. Chibnall's promise to disenfranchise the last ten seasons and start over with new everything already feels like a huge turn off. American viewer ratings will drop dramatically if that is the case and I really don't think the BBC can afford to lose viewers.

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