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Hey guys. I’m Siobhan, a second year medical resident. So how many of you guys have ever watched videos on the sub reddit group ”what could go wrong?” Basically, they are fail videos and they’re hilarious. But you know what… As a doctor, you simply can’t turn off that medical side of your brain. So I’m always thinking about the types of injuries that these people could be getting. Okay, let’s find some good ones. ”Fully grown man on a swing.” Okay, let’s see. He got his friends around him and he is tucking his phone away safely. Okay. People are videotaping him. I feel like when people are in a group, he’s more likely to amp up and do something silly like that. Oh my gosh, that makes me so nervous. I’m really scared of heights. I hate this. Oh my gosh, this is my nightmare. Okay, number one concern is for a head injury. I think there’s a pretty high chance he could have gotten a concussion. And that’s really a mild traumatic brain injury and symptoms could be anything from like a small headache to pretty serious memory issues, concentration problems. So when I’m in the emergency department, I’m looking out for red flag symptoms. Things that make me think this is more likely to be a severe head injury that I don’t want to miss. So things I ask patients about, is if they’ve had any loss of consciousness. So if they can’t remember something, I’m more concerned, if they’ve got a severe or worsening headache, if they’ve got clear liquid running from their nose or their ear. They might think ”Oh, I just have a runny nose.” But I’m worried, could they actually have a fracture in their skull and could this be spinal fluid that’s coming out of their nose? So basically if you get a head injury, you should see a doctor to get your symptoms checked out. They can decide what tests need to be done next. It needs to be taken seriously. Okay, let’s check out this next one. Okay, is she kissing or is she? Okay, I’m relieved to see that she’s smiling at the end of that. Okay, so I’m definitely most worried that she got some of that spit from the llama into her eye and maybe she could get an eye infection. In saliva there is a ton, like hundreds of bacteria and fungi that live in our mouths and all animals’. And most of the time if you’re healthy and you have good oral hygiene, it just doesn’t bother you. You don’t even know they’re there. But if that bacteria or the fungi gets somewhere else, like in your eye, you can get an infection. The difference between your eye and other parts of the body is other places you’ve got skin, which is a natural barrier, so that bacteria can’t get in there. And you’ve got all these white blood cells waiting underneath the surface that can eat up the bacteria. So we have our eyelids to blink and we have tears that wash away any particles that get in there. But otherwise, there’s not as much protection and it’s easier to get an eye infection. So hopefully this lady was able to blink in time. But otherwise, she should probably go and wash out that llama spit. Okay, this one looks like it’s about parkour. Which always terrifies me when I’m watching it, because I hate heights, but let’s do it anyway. Ah, that makes me so uncomfortable. Why would you… Why would you ever go to that height on purpose? Oh, he could have really hurt himself. Okay. What’s he doing there? Oh… Is that a rusty… That’s a rusty pipe! That’s the doctor in me, it’s like immediately ”Oh no’, tetanus!” Whether or not that’s his biggest problem. Maybe he broke something from falling, he gotta scrape himself up, but for whatever reason the first thing that comes to my mind is tetanus. So tetanus is a disease that’s caused by bacteria called Clostridium tetani. And it’s found all over the place, in soil manure, even in your saliva. And classically it starts with sort of locking of the jaw, like a spasm and it’s actually called lockjaw by a lot of people. And then progressively it has these spasms throughout the body. There’s actually a really famous painting by Sir Charles Bell back in the early 1800s. And it’s supposed to be a patient who’s having these muscle spasms because of tetanus. You can tell from that painting that it’s a really serious condition and up to ten percent of people who have it will die. That’s because you get the same spasms in the muscles that control your breathing. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to stay up-to-date on immunizations and get a tetanus booster every ten years. So there’s a really weird test, called the spatula test that helps you tell if someone has tetanus. What you do is you take an actual spatula, you put it into someone’s mouth to the back of their throat. And if they gag, that’s considered normal. But if they instead clamp down with their jaw and they didn’t even mean to, that’s a positive sign that suggests tetanus. To be honest I’ve never actually done this test. And honestly, I don’t even know where you would find a spatula in the hospital. You could probably use something else, but yeah… Hasn’t come up yet. Okay, next one’s called ”Let me do a bowling trick shot between my legs. What could go wrong?” Alright, let’s see. Hahahahahahaha. So that one, it really looks like he might have injured his lateral collateral ligament and his ego. So if this is your knee, it should work like a hinge, right?! Like, it just goes in one direction and it shouldn’t go side to side. Your knee doesn’t go side to side. So if you get hit from the side and it goes… This ligament right here can get stretched and it could snap or you can get a strain to it. Either way, that’s the most likely location of injury here. A more serious injury would be a fracture, like a break in the bone. And so you have to go to the hospital to get that diagnosed by an x-ray. But for minor injuries like a little sprain or strain, it’s common to do something called ”rice.” So you rest, you ice, you compress and you elevate the leg or the knee. But like anything else, you want to see your doctor for your specific injuries to make sure it’s nothing more serious. And you don’t want to compress it too tightly, because that can be dangerous. And you don’t want to rest it for too long, because that can actually interfere with muscle and ligament healing. So really… If you’re worried, see your doctor. Okay, last one. This is called ”Snake selfies will get me likes on social media.” Oh gosh, I think I know what’s gonna happen here. Let’s see! Oh my gosh, okay. Okay, I think that just bit his hair. He doesn’t look as concerned. He looks terrified, but it doesn’t look like he’s in pain. It must have been on his hair. Wow, okay. Oh my gosh. Just had to turn on the light. It gets so dark so quickly in the winter now. Anyway, the important question is: What are you gonna do if you are ever bitten by a snake? Other than freaking out… So according to the CDC you should 1. Stay calm. 2. Seek medical attention immediately. Don’t wait to see if something gets worse or the bite gets worse. And then don’t start to suck out the venom. Don’t create a tourniquet over the arm. Don’t drink alcohol to try to numb the pain. Pretty much just stay calm and then just seek help quickly. When you get to the hospital, it’ll be so helpful if you can remember anything about the snake. Sometimes that’s not possible, but if you know the color, what it looked like, the length, the size. We can piece together with the help of your symptoms what type of snake it was and decide if you need to have any kind of anti-veno And then what kind and what dose of anti-venom to give you. Scary stuff! I hope it doesn’t happen to any of you guys. And to be honest, I am just so thankful that there are not a lot of snakes in Canada. So we do not encounter that a lot, but could happen when traveling, you never know. So hopefully you guys had a couple of laughs and learned something along the way. I certainly know that I will never be taking a selfie with an exotic animal. So give this video a thumbs up if you like reaction videos and you want to see more things like this. Otherwise, I’ll be chatting with you guys in the comments below and see you next week. So bye for now!

100 thoughts on “DOCTOR REACTS TO FAIL VIDEOS: Injuries Explained

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  2. Being an adult male, I hate I correctly assumed you were from Canada just by hearing your name. I knew because of the Twilight books 😂

  3. maybe it'll be good to say take a photo of the snake instead of remembering the patterns of the snake. words can be really tricky sometimes. :X

  4. This was really awesome, if you can do more of them great medical intake, I too love watching fail videos being a nurse and a combat medic for over 16 years. Thank you 👊👍 all your videos are fantastic!!!

  5. 1:14 boom guessed it ( I've had experience in a hospital as a patient and hearing medical terms and googling stuff)

  6. What about the compression bandaging you apply in the case of snake bite?

    In Australia in our first aid, snake bite treatment is taught, with a compression bandage that runs from the site of the bite up the limb, and then down again. In an attempt to stop the venom spreading.

  7. What im gonna do if i get bit by a snake : NOT stay calm : go to the hospital. And i couldn't stay calm because i panic

  8. That kid was holding the snake wrong and it didn't look venomous. Also, if you're handling larger snakes you should always have someone else with you, so it was the kids' fault. Don't let this kind of stuff make you afraid of snakes!!! Overall a good video though.

  9. Omg tbh I love this type of reaction to funny videos commenting on what you think could possibly happen! Love that 💖

  10. 6:20 my response to that is my knees do go side to side all the time. I see a physio and I have patellafemoral Syndrome in both knees. The physiotherapist says that my knees are very lazy and that maybe I have been hanging out with my cat too much as he is very lazy😂. Anyways, my knees are very easy to dislocate.

  11. This video is so funny and informative as well! Keep up the good work, and also, I can't wait to be a doctor myself haha

  12. You know what's weird? I've never broken a bone in my life. It's weird because I hurt myself every single day.

  13. why are you studying to be a doctor when you are already both a well-established YouTuber and an amazing violinist? Sure you'll have more income, but you might have quite a stressful life. I hope you don't (have a stressful life), but it's always a risk.

  14. I study animal science and we work with a lot of exotic animals. it’s pretty common for people to be bitten, happens pretty much every week, luckily we only have one venomous snake and he’s quite placid. Unless it’s the venomous one we usually just clean it and keep an eye on it, my friend got bitten by a tagu the other week and it was pretty nasty but it’s healing ok now, will probably leave a pretty cool scar though.

  15. when i was little i went to the hospital for something. they put that stick in my mouth and i didnt like it so i clamped down on it they tried to take it out but it broke in half lmao

  16. Gawd I wish we had docs like you in the UK, happy, cheerful and smiling. We do have one or two docs that are kind of happy but mostly they are moody, in a hurry, dont care about humiliating their med students, dont talk to the nurses once they get past 2nd year doc status, well except for patient care of course. I was once friends with a junior doc, helped him with all kinds of things, he confided in me , introduced me to his family etc. Then one day he became a registrar (attending in Canada) and he stopped acknowledging me, talking to me, liaising with me and it dawned on me, he is too high up the medical heirarchy to talk to a mere staff nurse. I promised myself I wouldnt put myself in this position again and kept my distance from juniors. Don't let that happen to you!

  17. So I've mentioned this before that I have a brain injury and whenever I see someone hit their head I can almost feel that pain and I think like "omg he could have a bad injection get him to the ER and get him some doc attention and pain meds omg!

  18. Well…I'm glad I had my tentnas booster (along with a few others) yesterday even though I had a panic attack and fainted at least 5 times which yes is stupid but I kinda hate injections

  19. I dislocated my left knee cap it’s been 4 months and I still have the injure I was trying to get on a balance beam and fell and a ambulance came to get me

  20. 1:20 I don't think he suffered a concussion. I think he actually died, but of course reading it on the internet doesn't mean it's true.
    It certainly looks like it could have been fatal.

  21. Camels and llamas don't spit saliva. The hack op some stomach contents.
    It is a thick, sticky, nasty smelling stuff meant to blind predators long enough for them to escape.

  22. Can you imagine how unpleasant it would be to have a full body Charley horse while at the same time you are unable to breathe?

  23. 5:40 In some areas the wooden stick used to hold your tongue down is called a "spatula." I'm sure that is what they mean.

  24. 6:10 If this happens to a person under 18 you have to put them on dialysis. I learned that from your video in kid knee failure.
    Not sure why, but you said it so it must be true.

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  28. That first guy, ouch. I'm glad I checked this out. I'm getting ready to start bike riding again and I have ran into a few smaller snakes on the road and trails. The one on the road did try to bite when I pass right in front of it. I was going fast so barely saw it. I just lifted my legs up and kept going. It was small but man that was a mad little snake because I heard it. There was a video of a guy jumping off a wall into the water and hit the concrete and busted his head open. I saw that years ago but I have never forgotten that video.

  29. I Have 2 Stories One O Them Is One Time At A Horse Event One Of The Girls Have Have Broken Every Bone In Her Face (Expect from the jaw) And The Skull, Seconed Happened Two Weeks Ago A Friend Of Mine Fell Of A Playground At A School Event, She Ended Up Having A Dislocated Shoulder And A Frauterd Collarbone (We Belive About The Collarbone), So She Had Sugrey To Put The Shoulder Back In Place. About My Friend Its Very Unfortued Cause She Play Netball With Me So Now We Have A Differnt Girl Who Last Time She Played She Was 7 or 8 lol

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  34. PS: A spatula in medical terms is a tongue depressor. They just use the terms interchangeably and also there are lab spatulas as well which are about the size of a dentists inspection mirror.

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