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Doctor Admits KETO is Worst Diet in the world (WARNING: Ninja Level Sarcasm)

– Hey, this is Doctor Berry. In this video today I
want to make a confession. I want to admit some things to you and I want to warn you against listening to anything else I have to say. Because I’m going to admit today that the keto diet is the
worst diet in the world. I was silly to ever
recommend the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. I based my opinion on common sense. On our DNA. On how we’ve lived for
the last million years on this planet and on lots of research and that was all silly. I shouldn’t have done any of that. I should have just followed what the expert opinion
is and just shut up. But I didn’t do that and so now I’m going to admit to you today that the keto diet is the
worst diet in the world. Now if you haven’t
subscribed to this channel, please don’t subscribe to this channel. Because all of my other
videos on this YouTube channel are based on research and common sense and our ancestral heritage on this planet. So obviously I didn’t consult an expert panel for any of my videos. So therefore, they’re stupid
and you shouldn’t watch them. So, don’t subscribe and
definitely don’t share this on your social media. Okay, the U.S. News and World
Report recently came out with an article, and it’s
all over their website, the best diets in the world. And they rank them from best
to worst and the ketogenic diet was dead last and I’m glad they did that. I think they were right
because the ketogenic diet is stupid and you shouldn’t follow it. The way they did this is, they didn’t really think
about the human species and where we came from
and what we’ve eaten for the last hundreds
of thousands of years. That didn’t really factor
into their opinion. They didn’t really look at any studies. They didn’t look at any research,
any meaningful research. What they did was, they just
convened a panel of 25 experts and they asked their opinion. What are the best diets? And I want you to rank
them from best to worst. And these 25 experts were happy to do this because they got the exposure of being in U.S. News and World Report. All the books they’ve written, the diet plans they make money off, the websites they make money from, they all, you know, obviously
they were happy to do that. And, well, I don’t mean they were happy to get that exposure. I mean, they were happy to help
us to correct our ignorance. That’s what they were happy to do. And it’s weird because they
had six M.D.s on their panel, medical doctors, but everybody
knows that medical doctors aren’t capable of giving
nutritional advice. I mean, take for example, Shawn Baker. He lost his medical license because he gave nutrition advice. Basically, he’s an orthopedic surgeon. You may or may not have heard of him, but he had the audacity… I mean, he was an orthopedic surgeon. He’s supposed to cut off diabetic feet and diabetic toes and diabetic legs. That’s his job. So dude, shut up and do your job. He, however, started talking to diabetics and said, hey you know
if you change your diet, if you went high-fat,
low-carb, carnivorous, if you went, you know, ketogenic
you could save your leg and not have to have me chop it off. I mean, you know, I’m
sure he had his reasons for telling the patients that. I don’t know. I mean, he got paid to chop legs off. Yet he for some reason chose to try to teach patients how to keep their legs. That’s stupid, right. So, he wound up losing
his license over that and he should have, that’s good for him. He should have just listened to the expert opinion and shut up. The, what about Gary Fettke in Australia. Another orthopedic surgeon,
he got tired of chopping off, you know, diabetic legs and feet and toes and getting paid well to do that. And he started counseling patients, hey, you should just stop
eating lots of whole grains and low-fat milk and you
should really, you know, not eat so many carbs and
your diabetes would get better and you could keep your
toes and keep your legs. And he’s been put through
hell down in Australia because he had the audacity
and obviously the ignorance to defy the expert opinion
and actually give his patients information about how to
keep their extremities. I don’t know what he was thinking, really. And then, what about Tim Noakes
of South Africa promoting the Banting Diet, which
is high-fat, low-carb and he’s been in a world of
trouble and rightfully so. Dr. Noaks, you should just shut up and go by the expert opinion,
what’s wrong with you? And I’m going to do that from now on. I’m not going to go by the research and what actually works for my patients and things that actually lower their A1C and their triglycerides. I’m just going to go by
what the expert opinion is. And because that’s what
I should do as a doctor. I shouldn’t think, you
know, I shouldn’t think in research and stuff. And there’s a couple of
doctors who are, you know, on the verge of being
in trouble any day now. Dr. Jason Fung, he’s a nephrologist and rather than just shut
up and write prescriptions for people who have kidney
failure and manage their dialysis for them as they go through
the end stage of renal failure and die their miserable deaths
they’re destined to die, he, I don’t know, thought
it would be a good idea to counsel these patients. To counsel them and say, hey,
you stop eating all the carbs your diabetes will get better and your kidney damage will
stop and then you won’t have to have kidney failure
and kidney transplants and dialysis and all that. He’s on the verge of getting
trouble and he should. You know, that’s stupid, he should shut up and go with what the experts tell him. And then this other guy, he’s
a cardiologist, William Davis, you may have heard of him. He wrote a book called
Undoctored, which basically says, don’t listen to the expert opinion. You know, I’m going to tell
you, I was a hard doctor. Blah, blah, blah, whatever, whatever. Shut up, Dr. Davis. Just go with what the
expert opinion is, okay? Do your job, write a bunch of prescriptions for these people. Do a bunch of heart caths. Put in a bunch of stints that
have been proven not to help, but that’s okay, because
that expert opinion was that they did help. That’s what you should do and
me and Dr. Fung and Dr. Davis, we should all get in trouble, also. And be spanked by our government
and our medical boards because we’re obviously not listening to the opinion of the expert panel. So, I don’t know why they
had the six doctors on there. They should’ve just had
dieticians and nutritionists and other researchers who
are trained in schools that were sponsored by, you know, beneficent, benign corporations
like Kellogs and Kraft and, you know, huge, big food basically. Because who knows better what
we should eat than big food? Because they’re big food. I mean, they know about food. And so, you should listen to the dieticians and nutritionists, who’ve been trained by big food. That’s who, really, should set our diet. And then also corporations
who’ve been in business for decades helping us lose weight. You know, like Weight
Watchers and Jenny Craig and people like that
because they obviously know about food and weight
loss because that’s what they do for a living. So, anyway, the seven
categories that the expert panel went through to decide what
were the best and worst diets, they went, they decided how
easy a diet was to follow because a keto and
intermittent fasting diets, it’s very hard to
follow, nobody can do it. I mean, never in the history
of humanity has anybody followed a high-fat, low-carb, you know, with intermittent fasting. No humans have ever fasted, ever. I mean that’s dumb to
even suggest such a thing. And then, no one’s ever eaten, you know, almost no grains and no low-fat dairy. No one’s ever done that
and been healthy, right? I mean, regardless of what history and the research tells
us, the expert panel said, that’s really never happened. The next thing was the diet’s ability to produce short-term weight
loss and the diet’s ability to produce long-term weight loss. And then the next one was very important, nutritional completeness. We’ll get back to that later. But I think that’s probably
what carried the most weight in the experts’ opinion about this. Next, is the safety of the
diet and this is something I’ve been ignoring because
I’ve had so many patients die on the ketogenic diet
and so many patients whose diabetes got worse on the ketogenic diet and patients who have had
heart attacks and strokes. I mean, people are dropping like flies on the ketogenic diet. So, I should’ve thought
about this earlier. One of the categories
was the diet’s ability to prevent and manage diabetes. Another one was the
diet’s ability to prevent and or manage heart disease. And that was it, that was their criteria. There was no criteria
at how good this diet is at correcting, long-term
correction, of obesity. They didn’t really feel
like that was important and I agree with them because
they’re an expert counsel. I mean, I should listen to them. Obesity is not, even
though it’s a risk factor for every cause of morbidity
and mortality in humans, I shouldn’t worry about obesity. And they also didn’t
worry about how you feel on a diet, like if your
mental clarity is better, if you have more energy,
because all that stuff’s dumb. Who cares about that, anyway? They didn’t factor that
into their decision. And then all the other
benefits of the diet, how it lowers your triglycerides,
how it lowers your A1C, how it actually can
improve your liver function and get rid of fatty liver and get rid of fat in the pancreas. All those things are dumb. Doctors shouldn’t focus on that. They should just listen
to this expert committee. And so let me tell you the
diets that you should start following immediately
based on the expert opinion because that’s all we should listen to. The best overall diet,
number one was the Dash Diet. Number two was the Mediterranean
Diet and we’re going to talk more about that in a second, because the Mediterranean
Diet that these experts are actually promoting is not actually what Mediterraneans did and do eat. It’s basically their interpretation of what a Mediterranean should be. But that’s irrelevant, we
should listen to the experts. Then the next one was
the Flexitarian Diet, which I personally, that’s my favorite because it rhymes with
vegetarian, therefore obviously it’s gotta be healthy, right? So, then the next category
was best weight loss and that’s Weight Watchers was number one by far and away number one. Number two was the Volumetrics Diet, which I haven’t heard a lot about. So I had to research that
before I made this video. Next is Jenny Craig. So those are the top
three for weight loss. And I’m sure they’re meaning long-term meaningful weight
loss that actually affects your health because that’s
what people really care about. But that doesn’t matter
what you care about, it matters what the expert
opinion was from this committee. Another category was best
for controlling diabetes. Number one, Mediterranean Diet. Let’s call it the pseudo
Mediterranean Diet because no one in the Mediterranean actually eats this diet, but
we’re gonna call it that. Number two was the Dash Diet,
you know, that’s a big deal. And then the Flexitarian because
it rhymes with vegetarian, that was the third in that category. The next category was
best at heart health. Best diets for heart health. Number one, far and away, the Dash Diet. Number two the pseudo Mediterranean Diet. And then number three, another diet near and dear
to my heart, the Ornish Diet. Because it’s been proven
time and time again by tons of meaningful
re-, well, don’t worry about research, that’s irrelevant. Just worry what this counsel told you. These expert people, they’re the experts. I’m not an expert. You’re not. Shut up, just listen to this panel. So, let’s talk about the big winners. Weight Watchers, now you should
do the Weight Watchers Diet. Weight Watchers Diet was founded in the ’60s, in the 1960s. And I know for some of
you guys in your twenties, you’re like, God that
was like, forever ago. They had black and white
TV and crap back then. Yes, they did. That was way before my time, but yeah, that was a long time ago, right? And so, when Weight Watchers
came out in the sixties, if you look at the
statistical data for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, immediately when the Weight Watchers Diet caught big, immediately the curve started doing this and obesity started to take a nosedive. The incidents of diabetes
and heart disease and stroke, just, they nosedived. Because the Weight Watchers
Diet is so awesome. People lost the weight,
they kept it off forever. That’s why there’s no
obesity in America today. And Weight Watchers also big in the U.K. And in Australia and in Ireland and if you live in one of those countries you also know that obesity
is not even an issue anymore, since Weight Watchers came on the scene. They really just turned
the tide on obesity and it’s no longer anything that doctors have to worry
about, according to this panel. The next big diet winner
in these categories was the Dash Diet. Dash Diet was originally conceived, it was a very low salt diet, you get it? Dash, dash of salt. It was meant to decrease hypertension and thereby decrease heart
disease, heart attack, and it failed miserably
in every meaningful study to do either of those. It maybe lowered blood
pressure a point or two, but when you look at the overall decrease in morbidity and mortality,
it’s non-existent. But that doesn’t matter, so shut up. Don’t listen to your brain on this. Listen to this expert panel. The Dash Diet says eat
lots of whole wheat, drink lots of low-fat milk and since it came out in the ’90s there’s been another plunge in obesity, in heart attack, in
stroke, in diabetes onset. I mean, the reason
there’s no such thing as pediatric type two diabetes these days is because of the Dash
Diet and Weight Watchers. They eliminated pediatric obesity and all the morbidity and mortality that goes along with that
because of these diets. They changed the world. The next is the Ornish Diet. Now, Dr. Ornish is a,
I think, a vegetarian and so lo and behold he
thinks that’s the best diet. Very, very low-fat and
almost meat-free, animal-free and he started pushing
this diet back in ’89 and those of you guys who are, you know, in your teens and twenties
and thirties back in ’89, you remember, when you walked outside and you were like, God, people
are losing weight like crazy. It’s ridiculous, what’s going on here? It was the Ornish Diet that’s what did it. That’s why the obesity
epidemic took a nosedive in ’89, ’90, ’91 was because everybody was following the Ornish Diet. Everybody got lean. People stopped having all
these heart attacks, diabetes, type two diabetes just
went away as a concern. If you were practicing
medicine back in ’89 like I was you were standing around
with your script pad waiting to write insulin prescriptions. You were like, where are
all the damn diabetics? I don’t know, they’re gone. So, thank you Dr. Ornish, for turning around the
obesity and diabetes epidemics back in ’89 with your diet. Now, just, Scientific
America, you know the, they’re a pretty prestigious
popular scientific magazine, they came out with this
article, sometime back, about how Ornish had
made up a bunch of crap and had kind of misled and misspoken about a lot of the statistics and stuff, but nobody from Scientific America was on this expert counsel. So, you shouldn’t listen to
that stupid Scientific American article, I mean, who reads
Scientific America anyway? I don’t know. But regardless, it doesn’t matter because the expert counsel said that you should follow the Ornish Diet. So you should do that, Okay? And then the Flexitarian,
I mean, that’s my favorite. It rhymes with vegetarian and it basically is a vegetarian diet
and it basically says, if you’re just an idiot and
want to add a little bit of meat here and there, that’s fine. You can do that, it’s
not the end of the world. But the Flexitarian Diet,
I mean, and then also the Volumetrics Diet, they propose eating lots of fruit, lots of grains, and eating super super low-fat. And so, you may notice that
all the diets that won, kind of follow the eat
lots of carbs, eat low-fat, eat lots of whole grains, they’re all kind of
like that, aren’t they? So the Mediterranean Diet,
I forgot to say this, basically all the research
done on the Mediterranean Diet was done in post-war Italy and Spain. When, you know, the
countries had been destroyed after World War Two. And there was nothing to eat
and so everyone was starving. You know, grown men weighed 130 pounds because there was nothing to eat. Because everything had been blown up. There was no production. You couldn’t make anything. You know, you had to start from
scratch growing things again and so they thought that
would be a great time to study the Spanish and Italians and figure out what the
perfect diet for humans were. But the problem with this diet is, well, it’s a problem for me but
not for this expert counsel, was that they ignored the French and they called it the French paradox. Which means we don’t
know why it’s that way. We can’t explain it, but just ignore it. It doesn’t make any
sense, it doesn’t matter. But the French eat tons
of fat and cook everything in butter and they live right
on the Mediterranean Sea, but somehow we don’t include
them in the Mediterranean Diet. In the true Mediterranean Diet, even in Spain and Italy,
it’s very high-fat, tons of olive oil, lots of meat. I mean they, so yeah, but
don’t worry about that. Just follow the pseudo Mediterranean Diet, which is what this panel says to do. So, let’s go back. You remember the criteria,
the seven criteria. One of them was, one of those
was nutritional completeness. And basically every one of these diets follows the Food Pyramid or the MyPlate from the federal government. That’s what it follows. And so in order for a diet to be complete and have nutritional completeness it must include whole
grains, lots of whole grains, and lots of low-fat dairy. It has to include that, otherwise
how would all the farmers who grow wheat and all the
farmers who have dairy cattle how would they, well it’s really
not even about the farmer, I love the farmers, what it’s
about is the huge corporations that farm the farmers. That’s what this is all about. How would ADM and all these
other huge corporations, how would they keep their
board of directors happy if we started saying, hey
stop eating whole wheat, it’s really not that great for you. Stop drinking skim milk, it’s really not that great for you. I mean, that could affect
the national economy and regardless of
whether it helped obesity and type two diabetes or
not, that’s not the point. The point is we want
these huge corporations to be successful so we can
be successful as a country. If our life expectancy is going down and our rates of obesity
and type two diabetes are skyrocketing, so what? That’s irrelevant,
that’s the price you pay for prosperity people. So you need to listen to these experts and stop listening to
people, to doctors like, Jason Fung, a board
certified nephrologist, don’t listen to him. And don’t listen to William Davis, a board certified cardiologist. And don’t listen to me, a board
certified family physician. Because we are not telling you
what the expert panel said. Therefore, what we’re saying is dumb and you shouldn’t listen to us. Okay, now if you enjoyed
this video, please I beg you, don’t share this on Facebook
or Twitter or Instagram because you’re just gonna
turn other people onto the ketogenic diet and it’s obviously the worst diet in the world. So, why would you want to do that? And then if you really enjoyed this and you want to support me more personally and give me a buck or something, definitely don’t support me on Patreon because if you do, I’ll just
keep making lots of videos about the ketogenic diet
and intermittent fasting and all the positive effects
it has on human beings and why would anybody want that? Because that’s not what
this expert panel said. This is Dr. Berry and I apologize. Please forgive me. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  42. This is one of the funniest videos from Ken Berry. His sarcasm about the alternatives to current treatments for diabetes, current recommendations from medical authorities on what is a healthy diet, the keto diet, fasting, and obesity are hilarious.

  43. WOW ! So just what are you trying to tell us? That achieving good health isn't cost effective for big business? Thank you for your input. You are indeed a modern day medical activist! I was back there in the 70s and fortunately ate organic and tried to weed out what was truly healthy. The one aspect I liked best about the Mediterranean diet was the olives/olive oil/ oily fish/garlic/fresh vegetables/ real cheeses/ lemons/ organic meats. Thank God I followed my internal cravings!! The one thing I will miss, is dredging a crusty rustic bread through a dish of rich olive oil…Oh, I was in my 20s in the 70s . I will try Keto Dr. Ken.

  44. I’m pissed that as a 67 year old woman, I feel better, sleep better and have begun to actually lose weight! That’s it I’m going back to Dr. Ornish!!

  45. I am your follower hands down but a little bit too much sarcasm, I don't know what triggered that video , maybe just let the bad comments go, you are great!

  46. I absolutely love this video, had me in stitches, so sarcastic & right up my street.
    Thank you so much for teaching me about the ketogenic diet, nearly 4 weeks in & it's completely changed my life. Thank you. X

  47. I'm a borderline diabetic & I have to keep track of my sugar levels 4 x's a day. I also have other medical problems that are out of control ie; my asthma & COPD are constantly out of control & it's left me & my Dr feeling frustrated. I've been very obese since I was 9 yrs old & I'm now going on 51 in December of this yr. I was seriously considering the keto diet till I heard you talk about it in this video here on YouTube. I'm weighing in at 275 lbs & during the day my sugar levels spikes up so high that I'm shaking very badly & after 5 pm my sugar levels plummet so low that I have to drink a lot of orange juice just to try to stablise it. I have tried a lot of different diets & none of them have worked. I'm also a heart patient with unstable angina & bradycardia problems at night. I also have epilepsy & obstructive sleep apnea & I have severe edema in my hands & feet which is very painful often times. I'm right now trying to quit smoking & I have tried the patches & chantix & other "stop smoking" products that's on the market & nothing has worked. I live in Kentucky. Can you please help? My name is Sunny Noll. What causes the pins & needles feeling in my hands & feet & why is this happening to me so often?

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