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Do Your Assumptions Affect How You Treat People? | Reverse Assumptions

– Travis tell me what you do for a living? – I do a number of things, I’m mostly, I’m a freelance video editor. I am also an illustrator and
sometimes and actor as well. – So Scott, – Yes. – What do you do for a living? – Nothing. – Nothing? – I’m retired. For 40 plus years I had a
private dental practice. I’m a dentist. – Lauren what are three
things that you’re absolutely passionate about? – I would say writing, dancing and traveling. – What are your passions in life? – I love spending time with animals and especially horses,
ever since I was a kid I was always with horses,
always in the stable. – Tell me about your family life. – I have one brother and three sisters. And my parents are still married. I grew up on a little bit of farm and we did a lot of things
together, worked together, played together and it was a lot of fun. – Dad was a stinker at times
but he was also a fun stinker to be with. He and I eventually earned
our pilots licenses together. – Lauren tell me some things
about your family growing up? – We’re very close, that
was one of the hardest parts of moving away for me ’cause
I’m very close to my parents. – What was your, growing up time like? – Well I’m super lucky because
my parents are very relaxed and chill. They’re not very strict. – Travis are you in a relationship? – I am not currently in a relationship no. I’m out there trying to date but I’ve had several online dating
accounts on a variety of sites in the past and I get frustrated and give up on them and then I try again. – I’m a widower and but god sent me to somebody
else and somebody else to me and we’ve been married now for five years. – I could try. I think she is probably fairly petite, 5’4′, 5’5″, something in there. Picturing longer, maybe
should length or longer brunette hair, probably fairly straight. I think she’s probably 24, 25? I would say she’s wearing
jeans and like a blouse not a t-shirt. – He has a mustache, I think he wears glasses. I think you’re 78. I feel he’s probably wearing like loafers. He’s definitely not from California. I think Alaska. – I think he’s 5’10”. Short brown hair. 30, 31 years old, I think he’s like a t-shirt
and jeans kind of guy. He doesn’t have glasses, like converse. – I see her hair kind of up, 22, I don’t see her in high heels, I think a low heel, soft comfortable shoes. I heard a little something
that sounded to me like a North Dakotan with a
little Germanic touch there. – You’re really good by the way. – Nice. – Can I see? Oh my gosh. – She wanted me to drew Wonder Woman so that’s why you’re dressed in a but. – [Lauren] You did great. – It was a quick sketch so. – Oh it’s good. It’s really good. Nice to meet you in person now. – You too. – I feel like you got everything right. – [Travis] Well I got close I guess. – I mean I would love to be 5’5″ not quite there yet. – Close, how tall are you? – I’m like five feet. – Okay. You kind of were a little
off on the height too so? for me so it’s alright. I’m 39. – Okay wow. – Well I said 24, 25 I think. – Yeah. – Is that close? – Yeah, I’m 23. – Oh wow. – So very close. – Oh my god you are wearing converse. That’s crazy. – Oops. – Hi. – Hi, you don’t look
like what I had pictured. – Yeah. – I can’t say why but where did you grow up. – Sweden. – Yah sure. I should have known that. My grandmother was from Sweden. Great grandmother, excuse me. Great grandmother, yeah. I guess that she was in her early 20s. – 23. – That’s early. – Yeah. – Well I spent a logging season in Alaska but I think Washington
State as my birthplace. – 78? – 76. – Wow, that I am good
at this, no, kidding. – [Scott] Yes you did, you’re good. – For me I mean mostly
assumptions people make about me are based on looking at me but I mean I get, there’s
all kinds of assumptions people make about just my
abilities or my inabilities to do certain things, people
assume that I’m helpless or that I can’t, I don’t live by myself and I don’t date or I can’t date or that I’m not interested
in that or whatever. And again just based on looking at me there’s a lot of
assumptions about my ability to do things. – [Lauren] You prove them wrong. – Yeah. Try. – [Lauren] Yeah. – Without seeing the person
you’re interpretation of what you’re hearing
can be really distorted. Knowing that you’re Swedish, I can hear it but it just wasn’t that. You speak very Americanized. – [Saga] Oh wow, that’s
what I’m going for so that. – Well you’re doing good. – Well you’re so great. It’s so nice to meet you. – I’ll stand up so it’s easier. – Ah thank you. Oh, so wonderful. – It was nice meeting
you and talking with you. – You too, it was very
nice talking with you. You look kind so I got that one too. You look very kind. – I have a kind heart. – Yeah I could hear that. – Thank you. ♪ Soul Pancake ♪

100 thoughts on “Do Your Assumptions Affect How You Treat People? | Reverse Assumptions

  1. I'm sorry but if I was the lady with Travis I would've snickered immediately after hearing him talk , so sorry Travis 🙁

  2. It’s so funny watching people trying to guess where I’m from. One time this guy was literally trying to convince me I was white just cuz I had green eyes… no ik where I’m from thank u

  3. People assume that I eat a lot of cheese and olives and stuff like that coz I’m Greek 🇬🇷

    They are not wrong 🥗🧀🌰

  4. Wow. Scott was very specific in his guess regarding Saga's place…..North Dokotan with a German accent. He must have either spent tome in the state or knows people from there.

  5. No one is gonna talk about that one guy of the name was travis en the other guy was called scott?
    I mean……
    TRAVIS SCOTT¿!!!¿¿!
    Edit: pretty good vid btw😂

  6. I love Travis voice! Not cause I think it’s cute, (that’s a lie) cause I wish. It was mine (that is true)

  7. My favorite part was when she said you look very kind and he said he had a kind heart and she was like I could hear that ❤️

  8. Who's heart melted in a good way when they hugged each other it was heart warming (get it, melted and warming? No ok good I'll stop)

  9. I am just like Saga I love horses and I am always at the barn with my horse❤🐎❤🐎❤🐎❤🐎❤

  10. People treat me like a five year old because I'm deaf, so they automatically assume that I'm dumb. 🙁 I can't control it.

  11. i want to join this thing and i want to know what will people assume about me and i also want to see what my mind assume about people without knowing them. please if there is any way to enter tell.

  12. Not being rude but I don’t trust the Swedish girl. Something about her made me go ‘oooh’ ; not in a positive way. I’m weird & have never (yet) been wrong about my impressions of others. Some say I have a weird gift but I dunno…. Just something under her surface sketches me out…I detect she’s untrustworthy.

  13. Travis is so cute 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. what assumptions
    the first guy sounds like eric the midget
    and i wouldve guessed it was eric come back to life

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