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100 thoughts on “Do SSRI’s cause sexual dysfunction? | Kati Morton

  1. Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng) helps it. Too much Serotonin will decrease Dopamine. You'll need to get your dopamine levels up if your on a SSRI. Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is a good choice because it increases norepinephrine and Dopamine levels.

  2. i know some of the meds mess with estrogen and in males that can cause ED and its not necessarily from serotonin

    that is great that the vlogbrothers sponsored this video to bad they fucked up vidcon and i wont let john live it down but on the 25th i will give him some advice to make it so more people go to next years vidcon

    i have a good amount of the details figured out john will just have to agree to them and maybe get more help next year

  3. I came off my antidepressants a few days ago because I didn't think they were working and I know everyone says not to come off them without talking to your doctor bc side effects etc but I've actually felt better without them?!? What does this mean???

  4. Hi Kati! Is it still considered self-harm if it's only done out of anger or frustration? I find that when I'm very angry or frustrated, I find much more relief in harming myself (usually by scratching myself or slamming my head against a wall) rather than expressing it in other ways. Is this normal behavior? If not, what could this mean? I have a history of depression, social anxiety, and OCD.

  5. Hey Kati! I was wondering, how do you know you've found the right therapist. I've seen multiple throughout the last two years because I hadn't found the right fit. I've seen this one person for the last two months and I think he may be the one, I feel super comfortable, really challenges me, and calls me out on negative thinking. I'm still somewhat doubtful, could this be due to my past experiences? Thank you so much! #KatiFAQ

  6. Kati, I'm going to the doctor for a physical next week. What will happen to me when they see my cuts?? #katifaq

  7. this was so intresting.hey kati I have an issue and a question.i had a friend at school and I used to tell him everything coz I trusted him and he never told no one . then I Added him on Facebook and he would ask of I would play truth or dare and I would we found this fun and then he would get board and ask if I wanted to play dirty truth or dare he would ask sexual questions of Me and this was so weird to Me I would ask him to stop and he would then he would be repetitive keep asking me to play dirty truth or dare and I would play so he would stop asking he would ask sexual questions like how many times so you want me to insert my cock into you and I didn't like this . he hasn't just done it to me but other girls in my school . I have asked my friends if they will message him because I can't so we can talk coz I feel really guilty about what he did I feel I l led him on but my mam and dad say it's not my fault and that he is the one asking the questions and you shouldn't feel guilty but I do . my friends say that I am not responsible for their involvement I feel like I am . I want to make this stop and I don't know how . I feel like this is the start of grooming as he gained our trust was really nice and understanding then took advantage asking sexual questions and teachers say this is normal . I tryed to talk to him the other day about what he had done to me and how it had effected me but he denied his part in it and he said you apologies so you must have done something but people say I haven't . but now every time i leave school I feel anxious that he is waiting for me what could I do to stop this anxiety and the guilt I feel about it all and how could I make this stop for my friends and me so we feel safe thanks kati your awsome .xxx

  8. As someone who is recently coming off of Zoloft aka Sertraline after 3 years, I've noticed that achieving orgasm is far easier and more pleasurable. I don't seem to feel as numb. Obviously this could just be how it interacts with me but yeah that's what I've noticed.

  9. Kati, my doctor recently changed my diagnosis from depression to Bipolar type 2. I've been on Zoloft for years and she says that while also starting Depakote, I have to get off Zoloft because it's not useful for bipolar patients. is this true, and if so, why?

  10. Ssri's cause severe brain damage with long term use. I am among hundreds of thousands of people who have been destroyed by these drugs. Please think again before taking.

  11. Unfortunately I have never had a Dr. Who cared . The response has always been isn't it better that your doing well on your medications. Nothing is perfect and the the fact your doing good should out weigh the side affects. I have yet to find a Dr. Who cares

  12. kati its not sex isn't everything, these meds help peoples brains to function, sex is the last thing on the mind that they should feel concerned about, esp if you are depressed or have anxiety.

  13. Kati please do a video that explains the difference between SSRI and SNRI. I've been on two SSRI's and I want to consider SNRI

  14. Hi Kati, thnx for treating this annoying side effect in a serious and informative way.

    As for the dopamine part, I know that stimulants – that are meant to increase dopamine levels – may also have sexual dysfunction as a side effect. The stimulation of the "reward" circuitry involves task motivation, unfortunately not libido or sexual arrousal.. To me it means that, before taking a pill, I must decide between doing chores and having fun for the next few hours 🙂 .

  15. in my humble opinion, SSRI's are developed to suit more people on the autistic spectrum disorder because we have different brains that are networked differently. its often those who are not on the ASD who are complaining and moaning nonstop with the medication, doctors, blah, blah.. Katie please do a favour and tell them to chill the hell up. Some people are actually OK with these psychiatric medications and with their doctors. Doctors are trained professionals who deal in science, its the impulsive nature of humans who can't tolerate a pill and who stigmatise creating a general paranoia for others not to take them. Life ain't around forever. I'm Just saying.

  16. Anti-depressants gave me major sexual dysfunction. I couldnt ejaculate, it was a real drag. I took myself off them because i wanted to cum during sex and masturbation. This is common problem with anti-depressants.

  17. Enjoyed the video Kati! love the yellow shirt as well. im interested in hearing more about the different effects of SSRI's i've been on i can count 3-4 different medications after my first medication stopped working, (obviously over a amount of time) i dont feel different being on medicine anymore. sometimes i even feel anxious (which i know if a side effect) is there a posibility that i've become Immune to SSRI's in general?

  18. I have OCD. This year it got really bad, especially because I had a lot of disturbing intrusive thoughts of violence, harming myself and others, and those of a sexual nature and I fell into a bit of depression as a result. I currently take two anti-depressants, agomelatine (25mg every night) and escitalopram (40 mg daily). In my case it actually increased my sex drive because my mood is not so shit.

  19. Wait, so SSRIs reduce dopamine. And dopamine is involved in learning and forming new memories… I hope I'm just seeing a connection because I don't know enough about the neuropsychology
    Anyway this is a super clear explanation, to this day I always thought that it just increased the amount of serotonin in the brain but this explains so much!

  20. YES THEY DO!!! I've come off them now and I'm glad, 1. They weren't helping and 2. It totally effects your sex drive

  21. Not to get all TMI, but I've been on Zoloft for a year or so and my sexual function has actually improved.

  22. I'm wondering if it all depends on your sexual function before having been on medication as well as how your depression/anxiety affected your sexual dysfunction. If your depression made it difficult to be interested in sex, would your sexual function improve? If you had an unhealthy relationship with sex because of anxiety or depression, would it change that?
    As someone who has always been mentally blocked due to anxiety and depression, it makes me wonder how an SSRI would impact that

  23. I had this, but not how you'd think. I was on one of the 'prams (don't remember which) and getting an erection was not a problem. Having an orgasm was though, so sex became, tricky. Then I went to try to explain it to a male doctor who was "well I've just turned you into a porn star, where's the problem in that". Second try, female doctor and she swapped me straight away. Now on a fluoxetine and none of those effects happen. Keep trying till you find one that works (that's med and doctor). Great vlogs x

  24. F U C K.. Y E S ! ! !
    After seeing a psychiatrist for the first time I was prescribed Sertraline and in the first 1-2 weeks of taking these pills. Me and my girl noticed how much it was messing with my sex drive. When I finally managed to get an erection. It was all fun and games till I found myself not being able to ejaculate. I quit the pills asap. I'm back to normal now. I talked to my psychiatrist and was prescribed new pills. But I'm good. Im not taking them. Seems like in order to not get anxiety it means I need to accept other side effects that are worse lol

  25. I'm 10 years on 60 mg Cymbalta (an SNRI) and I totally identify with this. Viagra 100 mg only helps a little bit – not always. I basically have to go off Cymbalta for a couple days (not really recommended, just my experience) in order to have a sex life…and then with the help of some Viagra. So I believe that these type of meds basically curtail or deaden sexual function. Rough on marriage – but a tradeoff for being un-depressed.

  26. I CAN RELATE. What will you say, too, after 5+ YEARS LATER on Big Pharma's concoctions? They are not healing you or FIXING THE ROOT CAUSE. These work bc they SHUT DOWN ALL your cerebral functions. Say goodbye to ALL THE WONDERFUL FUNCTIONS, while giving yourself a chemical lobotomy. They take your healthy brain- and kill it.
    I need to tell you all.. You are not You anymore. Can you feel your soul disconnecting yet? You seek these answers, Only bc you are STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE the effects of chemicals.

    Get off ALL MEDS now. A year from now, you will be healed. It's worth the Pain. Better than a year goes by, and you are WORSE OFF . Which is a 100% certainty. More drugs will be RX'd, to handle NEW SYMPTOMS.
    Who helped me understand? Watch the Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan's videos.
    *That is not a Plug to promote anything or anyone. I don't know her. But, the insight is tremendous & it's shocking how BIG PHARMA gets away with Negligence, & shutting down our Executive Functions. We wonder why we cannot Think?? Remember??

  27. I have been on SSRI's since 1991. I was 17. I'm now 42. In the last 5 years I've lost my sexuality completely and my emotions. I was put on them for germ phobia because I thought I was catching stomach bugs. It turned out to be IBS. I ended up losing my sex drive. I started trying to trigger those emotions that I was lacking by thinking of certain times when I felt good, songs, etc. I was triggering a few seconds of the old emotionally intact me. I had to keep doing it though. It became a compulsion because without doing it, I was going back to being emotional dead. I was obviously using a type of meditation using thoughts to stimulate the chemicals which weren't working. The drs gave me MORE SSRIs to stop the thinking rituals. The sex drive and emotions went away even more so I was doing more thinking. They gave me higher doeses. 26 years later my penis is numb and dead. I have no romantic feelings. The SSRIs gave me so many problems. Both from the side effects of them including pssd and lots of obsessions, depression and anxiety and from the fact that they messed up my thyroid which has just this last week been found out. I haven't been able to do anything I wanted to.
    I wanted a family and I wanted to make a career out of my music. Instead I have never been able to work and the effects of the ssri made it impossible, with the self esteem problems and appearing drugged, having no job, not being able to function with flu like feeling and complete confusion, to meet the opposite sex to start with.
    I started playing guitar when I was about 7 but even as a toddler I took my toy guitar everywhere. I never went out with friends growing up because I stayed in taught myself to play. As an adult I became a world class player but I could never actually do anything with my ability because of the illnesses from the ssri. FRUSTRATING. I write music too and play several other instruments. Although I missed out on working in music, I still played at home and if I was up to it, a jam night ot open mic here and there. It was still a therapy for the illnesses caused be the ssri including the PSSD.
    Now a mystery illness has robbed my of the use of my left hand. Nerve problems. Possibly to do with the same C fibres that carry pain and sensation which cause the genital numbness with SSRIs. Now I can't express myself with my art and use it as therapy. I turned to junk food and put on 9 stone. (For the Americans, there are 14 pounds in a stone). I went up to 22 stone. The skin on my face is permanently like chipping off candle wax with eczema now. I've had to go on a diet so now I can't use food to cope either. I don't drink or smoke.
    I can't feel love or crush type feelings.
    I can't feel any sexual feeings. My penis is like rubber. I can't do my music. My dad, who taught me to play and who used to play at jams and open mics with my has now got ALS/motor neurone disease. He wanted me to perform at his funeral but I won't even be able to do that now with the hand problem. I want to die the whole time.
    Everything that makes me me has died inside. That's what 26 years on SSRIs has done. For something I should never have been put on them for to start with.
    1991 – 1995 = Fluroxetine, Clomipromine, Sertraline.
    1995 – 2017 = Paroxetine. Lithium was added for a while in 1996. Risperidone and Zispin too. Jan 2017 I started to come off Paroxetine and was put on to sertraline to help the withdrawal. I am now taking myself of the sertraline too.
    Complete PSSD.

  28. Ugh on ssris you lose sex drive, ability and feeling…trying to have sex on anti depressants is a lost cause ime

  29. I feel like Zoloft has noticeably decreased my sex drive. It can be really hard especially when you're in a committed relationship. I feel guilty a lot of times, too.

  30. i have no reaction in my brain anymore towards the opposite sex. dead and gone .I have no sexuality anymore. anything is forced and I get very limited from it and the connection is gone. these drugs ha e ruined my life. WHY!!!! is this drug not off the fucking market. monet, population control mmm and they say placebo does better than ssri
    fucking up lives. fuck phyciatry

  31. All the commentators are women.From my reading this seems to be the case. (Mind over matter). On Effexor 12 years, male, soon 65. I wish my sex drive would go down since I'm no longer married…..but I plan to get off SSRI's now.

  32. Will it come back?!? I miss masterbating although I have only been taking it for a week and I hate it! I want kids in the fuckin future and it's hard to make that happen if you have no sex drive. I'm a 21 year old female and shouldn't be having sexual issues period this is ridiculous. Sex is more important to me sorry, I'd much rather find a more natural route

  33. Sometimes certain medications get over-prescribed. When should someone who is hesitant to take medication know that they should go on medication? Do some Dr.'s prescribe to quickly? How can a patient know if they can trust their Dr.?

  34. Yes, and i dont think they are sutable for daily use. They mess with long term memory and motivation, if your internal voice is being more negative or critical and doesnt seem to want to shut the hell up, take one to get a break from it. My gp made very little effort to explain in real terms how these work. Now i have a year that i didnt do very much i think, and dont really remember.

  35. dopamine is the main signalling function for sex drive, SNRI/SSRI skew the brain chemistry towards serotonin and away from dopamine…

  36. Kati Morton, please oh please don't comment on these things unless you will help us out here with return comments, shame on you.

  37. I was on Prozac from 14-24 and between that and the trust/emotional issues that caused me to go on them in the first place, I really don't have a sex drive or any desire for sex/sexual relationships. In fact, I only discovered recently that people masturbate BECAUSE they're sexually aroused/frustrated. I did it the other way around, thought I should masturbate because that's what people do, then forced myself to get aroused and once it was over felt hideous and grossed out.
    Needless to say, not anymore.

  38. I am 17 years old and i got prozac from My doctor because of depression and anexiety , but since i have quit taking the drug My sex drive is stil completly destroyed , which is wery sad to happen in such a Young age, i fell that My life is destroyed i Will never be able to get Married and hawe family , so i Will soon take My life saddly that is the only solution , sorry for bad english.

  39. Antidepressants ruin my life. Please don't take antidepressants. It was make yourself anti emotional, anti sexual pills. My life is totally collapse and I'm feel like a zombie.

  40. I was on a generic version of Prozac, came in White and Blue pill and was pretty Awesome, tbh. I swear they put Viagra and time released Ecstasy in this version. It was nothing like actual Prozac. It worked faster and honestly I was slightly addicted to it. I got it from a hospital pharmacy, but I believe CVS carries this version of Fluoxetine as well.

  41. Good content. Also, SSRI's may increase NADPH oxidase which produces superoxide which interferes with pro-erectile NO produced by cGMP in the erectile tissue. And, the CNS may experience neuro-plasticity due to SSRI exposure making the subject more dependent upon it. I've noticed so many drugs seem to be "pushed" to help Pharma and give MD's a quick fix for patients. We did not evolve to live like we do today. Peace.

  42. Try (NoFap) don't watch porn 90 days. With using L-Tyrosine and antioxidant supplements.
    Then tell me please what happen .
    And Try (Liver detoxification ) too

    Thank you 💛

  43. Maybe:
    I think there is something happen to the stomach after using psychiatric drugs , then , that decreasing the dopamine levels to be low??

  44. I'm 62 and using 50mg of sertraline (generic Zoloft) daily. Yes, I have noticed a mild decrease in interest in sex but there's still PLENTY of drive remaining for a normal sex life. Sometimes I've wondered if it's really a decrease or do I just not feel the need to self medicate with sex as much. Either way I'm happier, so don't let the fear of side effects stop you from trying these drugs if your doctor thinks they will help.

  45. When I stopped SSRIs my sex drive skyrocketed and I couldnt last more than a few minutes. Unfortunately I didnt get to see whether it levels out over time as 3 months after stopping I had major anxiety/depression relapse and started back on the meds. Sexual function back down to 70%. Cool.

  46. Without belittling the significance of sexual dysfunction, I find it shameful that there was not one mention of the greatest danger of SSRIs!

  47. I took 10mg of Seroplex (I think it's called lexapro in the US) and beside making me pass out after I took it, it also made me almost impossible to have an orgasm and if I did (for science lol) it was not pleasant.

  48. It took a few years to really mess up my sexual function. But now it's completely screwed up for good thanks to long term use of SSRI's. I noticed it happened gradually, over many months but it has definitely been severely affected now. ! The damage is done!

  49. Depression. Unable to feel worthy of a partner whilst depressed. Prescribed SSRIs – able to get a partner but unable to have sex – lose partner. Depression. Prescribed Mirtazapine – get really overweight. Unable to find a partner. Depressed. Really fucking suicidal… This is HELL.

  50. I take lexapro and experienced very bad sexual disfunción. I had taken maca powder for anxiety in the past and remembered it made me really horny. Started taking it and we’re back in business!

  51. SSRIs can cause PERMANENT sexual dysfunction. When I started to tape off of Prozac I slowly lost all sexual functioning. A couple of weeks after the last dose my penis went numb. I can put an ice cube down there and I can’t feel. It’s been a year and I still have no sex drive and I can’t feel my emotions. Just a heads up to anyone considering ssri medication. I really wish my doctor had told me about the side effects of ssris before he prescribed them to me.

  52. There are a few ways to boost your libido, no matter if you think you're too far gone or frigid. There's one alternative found in Ava Fortsmire's website that may do the trick for you.

  53. Why not cite the studies you’re basing your video off? You’re basically paraphrasing what you found from studies you read so it’s important to at least link them in the description if not mention them in the video

  54. i took seroquel ,and effexor, seroquel lowered my dopamine i was still able to get aerection anorgazim, on the otherside with efexxor(ssri) it was hardly possible to get arection (a lot of machanical strenght) , and the orgasm i felt nothing. tell us why. i guess that serotonin has to do more with the orgasm.

  55. I'm surprised you fools that this drug may treat depression and may lead to suicide. This will cure you from depression and you are in a depressed state how you can have sex

    … First treat the depressed then fucked

  56. thx for the info and the 'talk to your doctor!' bullshit at the end… could have saved this latter to avoid many viewers being triggered… you know, the ones who already 'talked to his/her doctor' and not getting any help… because it is simply impossible to help with this .

  57. Yes, SSRI have side effects like delayed ejaculation in male, this is reason that it used as treatment of premature ejaculation.

  58. 1 couple of pills and I am a zombie. No emotions, no sexuality and no ability to think.
    I am young, had my whole life in front of me, took them for OCD. Don't take this poison.
    Half a year later I am still destroyed. You have been warned.

  59. If you are a young male in your 20's, identify as an N-type in the MBTI, have OCD, and normally have very high sex drive, are very anxious and nervous person, and hyper-emotional… SSRI's will totally wreck you, it's the most common pattern for the most severe PSSD-sufferers. You have been warned.

  60. I've been on Zoloft for a long time, maybe five years now? For me, I'm still able to have an orgasm, it just takes more stimulation than it used to. A vibrator helps. This has not gotten any more difficult over time. So… your mileage may vary, and toys/extra getting into the mood may be useful.

  61. They just prescribed me zyprexa with prozac zyprexa 5mg at bedtime and prozac 20mg in the daytime any thoughts on this combo?

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  63. Im 23 yo from Italy, i used citolapram and after 3 weeks i woke up with erectile problems and libido disappeared.. its been a month without taking the drug but i still have problems, my erections seem to improve a Little bit but the situation Is a complete disaster..i Hope to recover during the next months ..

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