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Did Ruger Care About This Gun? – TGC News

This week on TGC News, 80 percent goes modular,
Wilson tries to go cheaper and lots of gundustry news! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Since its Black Friday week, can’t believe
that’s a thing, I really need you guys to do me a huge favor. When you’re shopping online this year, please
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25% discount so that’s a good place to start as well. Okay enough self promotion, how about some
news? First up this week is something I posted about
on instagram recently. It’s called the GST9 and its from a company
called 80 percent arms. And long story shorter, it’s an 80 percent
glock type frame, stop yawning, because its modular. That’s the key to this one. Basically, the bottom of the grip and part
of the backstrap come off the gun and can be adjusted based on the length that you want. The 2 sizes are sort of a Glock 19 and Glock
17 length. Not only that but the shape of the grip itself
appears that it could be very comfortable. It’s actually nicely rounded as opposed to
holding a 2×2 like most Glock mag fed guns. The MSRP on the frame itself is 120 bucks
but its on pre-order right now for 80. However, you do have to buy a jig and some
tools to complete it which costs you another 20. 80 percent arms also sells a full kit with
a complete slide precut for an RMR and it also comes with an Alphawolf fluted barrel,
and all of the other trinkets to finish it out for 750 msrp and 700 on preorder. But again, you need that jig kit as well for
another 20 bucks. According to their website, they say that
they cannot legally include the jig kit as part of the frame kit, and that they need
to be purchased as separate items. It’s super annoying and even more reason that
the ATF is a waste of tax dollars. Sorry guys, I know you’re watching. Anyway, I’m curious to hear what you guys
at home have to say about this new modular frame. Is it something that gets you excited? Or are you sick of does it take glock mags
jokes? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. Next up this week, some new handguns. First, Ruger released a couple new versions
of their Security 9 called the Security 9 Pro and Security 9 Compact Pro. What makes these different than the original? Is it the trigger? Maybe a cool color scheme? Maybe they added some rad new features? HAHA nope. Night sights, a manual safety, and it ships
with 3 mags instead of 2. LOL there is nothing pro about this. I feel like some bean counter at Ruger wanted
to squeeze more dollars from the line and they said screw it just put sights on the
gun and throw in another mag. I’m not saying its a bad gun, but for 170
dollar price difference, they could actually do something cool to the gun to make it worthy
of the pro name. In more handgun news, Wilson Combat has just
announced a more affordable line of pistols called the American Combat Pistol or ACP line. Ed Brown did something similar with their
EVO line earlier this year. The basic idea is to bring features similar
to their high end guns in a package that is more affordable for “average” people. I say that because these are still going for
upwards of 2500 bucks. The way they get there is through offering
less options than their full builds. Let’s unpack what you get. First off, it’s still a Wilson Combat 1911,
which is definitely a premium gun. You can get them in Full, Commander, which
is your medium size, and the compact in either 45 or 9 mil. Other than that its a fairly standard Wilson
gun. Hand fitted, clean finishes, etc. The big standout with this gun is what they
are calling the eagle claw texture on the grip which looks pretty aggressive. I’m curious to see how that feels in the hands. Either way, if you want to get a Wilson but
can’t swing 4 and 5 grand for the fancy ones, this might be your ticket. How about some gun industry news? For the 7th month in a row, the NICS background
check numbers are above what we saw for last year. Despite the feeling of a trump slump still
continuing I think the movement of gun control on state level threats might be driving sales. 300,000 over last year. We shall see if that trend continues through
november and december. And speaking of state level nonsense, Stag
Arms has announced that they are getting the hell out of connecticut in favor of moving
to Cheyenne Wyoming. They also announced a new president of the
company. Chad Larsen who was previously under the Aero
Precision roof, is the new leader and I am very curious to see where the brand heads
under his direction. Stag has had an interesting past over the
last decade and I’m hoping that this is a step in a new direction for them. I’ve actually talked with Chad a few times
and he’s a really smart guy, so it should be a good move. Also out of New England, American Outdoor
brands, the parent company of Smith and Wesson, has turned a 180. It wasn’t that long ago that the holding company
was changed from Smith and Wesson to AOB and here we are not that much further along and
they have announced that big blue is splitting off as a separate publicly traded entity. I suspect this is because of the highly political
nature of the gun industry affecting the way American Outdoor brands was looked at by traders
that didn’t want to invest in guns. Time will tell if this is a good move for
the brand or not. And another one out of New England, Sig Sauer won a 10 million dollar contract with the US army to produce 300 Win Mag ammo. The contract will go until the end of september
2024 and is another feather in the cap for Sig and US military contracts. And now for our segment called Patton’s Armory
where I grab one of my personal guns, and tell you guys about it. This is a 300 Blackout build that currently
I am lovingly calling DooDoo Brown. This is an old school sig brace, is before
SB tactical split with Sig. This is Sig-sauer marked, it’s brown, you
won’t see these anywhere. The receiver has this cool kind of like Louis
Vuitton laser etching that you won’t be able to see super-well, but also has the TGC logo
on both sides on the upper and lower, and that’s coated Brown. It’s got the Holosun optic up here, an ALG
rail, The B5 gripstop out front, and an NG2 next-gen square defense can on the end because
reasons, why not, it’s blackout. But really this one is just one of those cool
builds that I was able to put together. I really enjoy tinkering with AR’s and this
is the result of one of those. Also, shout out to the counterfeit Raptor
charging handle that I have in here. It’s just a cool gun, that’s it. No other reason to show you guys besides,
I like it, lol, that’s it. And that’s a look at one of my guns, and if
ya wanna see more, let me know in the comments. And that is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider supporting us via the links in
the video description! We would really, really appreciate you using
the affiliate links from our huge list that will be at the top of the description this
week because it’s the holiday season, and because everybody LOVES shopping this time
of year. And as always, thank you all for watching,
we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Did Ruger Care About This Gun? – TGC News

  1. Assuming the Glock U looking sights you showed are the ones it comes with, that's nothing new my current Sec. 9 has that.

  2. 9:16 "Smoove

    A brother that's so damn cool

    Never get played for a fool

    Now it's my turn to rule

    Yo, man, doo doo brown!

  3. Wait, who the hell was that weirdo in the Kinetic's ad? Looks like Jon but NOT!!!! My world is crumbling and my fragile mind blown……Thank you Jon, your the best 😉 Lol

  4. do the links only give you $ and not a discount on orders, some say if they give discounts but not all. just trying to figure out how it works

  5. I have used Stag Arms in the past, and to me they have gotten better. Tighter tolerances where needed and reliable nice looking guns.

  6. I was excited to see the direction Ruger went after Bill Sr passed. He was a great guy, innovator and made some great guns but later on Ruger seemed to be doing really good stuff, e.g., Ruger Precision Rifles, etc. Then a couple of years ago it seems like they chose profits over quality as their handguns got less accurrate, at lest the polymer ones, and less interesting. It seems now like they are doing just as you suggested in making cheaper, not better. I know the market has been hot for inexpensive handguns, but I'm old school and still subscribe to the old adage, only accurate guns are interesting. With Ruger resources, they could have been the guys who came out with a P365 or other new and exciting gun which is both quality and accurate. I'm not in the market for cheap for cheap sake. I know some are, I'm not.

  7. Im such a terrible viewer, I buy stuff from these places every week and I always forget to click on these links sorry. Ima do better I promise.

  8. I never bought a Glock because of the grip it is just not for me. I was wondering how the grip is on this 80% . I have seen a few with a much better grip. See if you can get one to test and give us an idea of what other pistol that the grip angle is close to . Thanks.

  9. Love your channel, so please take this in stride. Not a fan of the first 20% of the video being a way to make money. I fully understand you need compensation to continue this awesome content. Keep up the great work.

  10. The 'PRO' in Ruger Security 9 PRO stands for Properly Reamed Out because, hopefully, this version of the Security 9 won't have brass shaving issues.

  11. $750 and you still have to build it. That's funny. Or I can get a lot of really good guns for less. CZ, Beretta, FN etc. And I am wondering if Wilson is selling cheaper guns since no one is buying their overpriced guns.

  12. Former LEO here. Sorry, off topic. Does TGC believe in surrendering their human rights to money-grubbing "gun rights protectors" and politicians who claim more rights over your life, liberty and property that you or your Creator do? I wasted too much money paying to be a Lifetime Member of the NRA only to watch them and your president "take" my and your rights away. Does TGC really stand for fundamental liberty or are they more concerned with you buying stuff from companies that give them a kick-back? Bring on the hate.

  13. 80p builder is a lot better an elite-19 with the window cut and rmr cut out in any color for around 500-550ish is a no Brainer.

  14. Increase of background checks could be the result of more states eliminating private sale. Not necessarily a good thing.

  15. This bodes poorly for S&W, they are being viewed as a liability financially. American Outdoor is apparently pulling a Chic-fil-a and dropping why people actually care about them.

    I will support Smith, but my accessory and chicken sandwich purchases will go elsewhere.

  16. Looks like the Wilson combat put a ruger P series grip on the 1911 in this video. The eagle claw grip you mentioned. Looks like a Ruger p85-89 etc etc grip 😆

  17. If someone can spend thousands of bucks on a Wilson pistol, more power to you. My budget is closer to Hi Point or Ruger.

  18. does Stag need help packing? be glad to run up and give them a hand!! now if we can get the rest to send a message with packing up and letting the eagle fly as they leave!! Wilson please! you can do your own cheaper and as to the Glock modular ENOUGH WITH GLOCKS!!!!! especially $750.00 for that kit! hell Jon you can go out and buy a new fully built Glock cheaper than that!! Glock has done enough damage to the industry as it is all we get anymore is striker fired poly frames thanks to Gaston Glock!! it's the Ford model T of the gun world anymore!! any caliber and size you want as long as it's poly framed and striker fired!! old Gaston needs to get off his laurels and do something new!!

  19. Y’all should cover the new McMillan Z-1 stock. Universal out of the box for any R700 style receiver. Ergonomic improvements and a great bag riding or ARCA rail fore end.

  20. It looks, more and more, that Thanksgiving Day is becoming Black Friday Eve… People are less interested in spending time with relatives, more worried about saving money on crap they don't need to buy.

  21. Want to bring that Frankenstein monster called the Security-9 to life without having to use ridiculous gimmicks? Put the LC9-EC9 type striker setup in it. Done. No fu$%*#@ around, no carrot dangling, no nothing. Then they'll have a true competitor in the field. It's not like it's a cost hangup considering they put that striker in the EC9 and sell it for $200.00 all day. Ruger knows how to do it already.

  22. I'm so sick of everything taking Glock mags, that I now have that feature on my no buy list. Glock mags, although good, tend to be the most problematic mags from the major LE grade manufacturers. The only reason companies make guns that use them is because of how common they are. The only reason they're so common is marketing.

  23. I like the honesty that you have in giving the verbal thumbs down to things you dislike unlike most Guy Fieri-esque reviews where all we hear is "this things is the bomb". I have seen the Security 9 before it was called a Yeet Cannon and it cost much less. Also the Ruger American pistol is also hideous.

  24. If you're a fan of FPS Russia and appreciate the content he provided back in the day, please consider signing the petition to pardon him and restore his second amendment rights.

  25. On the 80% Glock Frame I'm calling BS. Polymer80 included a jig with their frame. Also after getting on their website it looks as if you have to buy the jig to get the slide rails..

  26. How do they stack up against your Salient glock 19s? I notice you show less and less of them these days. Did your relationship with them fall out when you picked up an Agency. I'd love to see a head to head Salient vs Agency on what you like and dislike on each.

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