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Deck a Day – how to do deck workouts

hey how’s it going just want to quickly
talk about how to complete the deck-a-day day workouts so there are three
different ways that you can do deck-a- day workouts. the first is with an app on
your phone and I’ll post links to the apps that we use in the comments section
there are two basic ones and what you do is type in any exercise at the suits of
cards and it will auto shuffle and give you a card and so when a apart pops up
you do whatever exercise this for the hearts and the club for the clubs and so
on so if you have a deck a day or a deck app on your phone that’ll take care of
all of that the second way you can do it is old-school with an actual deck of
cards you assign the workout to the suits which I post in the Facebook group
every day and then when you flip a card over you do the number of reps that the
card says send so if you had an eight of hearts and hearts with squat you need to
do eight squats and so on it gets a little bit trickier when you get up to
the face cards but we do Jack’s are 11 Queens are 12 Kings are 13 and then aces
are 15 and there’s no 14 just there’s not the other way that you can do it if
you don’t have a deck of cards and you don’t have an app on your phone or you
want to do a video on your phone so you can’t use the app is you can do numbers
and so today I don’t have a deck of cards and I don’t want to use the app
because I want to take a video and so I’m you’re just going to do the numbers
and so I’ll do 15 of each of the exercises and then I’ll sip 13 of each
of the exercises and then I’ll go down to 12 and so on all the way down until I
get to 2 which is our last the last card so that’s the way that I would do it
with no cards all these workouts require no equipment and so you can do them
anywhere and if you want to make the exercises harder you can add in weights
but it’s not a requirement you can scale up and do different exercises different
creation of exercises to make it more challenging but you can also scale it
back and so something like burpees for example you can add in the push up and
the jump or you can take the push up out and just do the down part kick your legs
out come back up so you can modify to meet where you are at right now and also
challenge yourself and modify the exercises to challenge yourself as well
so that is how you do the decade day workout challenge in terms of the cards
if you have any questions feel free to drop them below thanks for joining me
it runs from Thanksgiving Day until New Year’s Day and I’m very excited to help
everybody you know feel great during this eating season and this challenging
time of stress and parties and travel and things like that and also to get a
jump start on their workouts and their fitness for January first there is no
reason to wait until the top of the year to get after your goals and so thanks
glad you’re here and see you

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